As Cubs battle for title, I have quietly been fighting a battle of my own

The news knocks you down at first.  There is no way to avoid it.  But there is only one thing you can do.

You get back up and get ready to fight.

That was the only thing I could think of when those ominous words hit me hard.

“You have cancer.”

Specifically, it is a form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  I wondered how I was going to tell my wife, my family, and my friends.  And I am sorry I did not tell all of you.  If you saw me this spring in AZ, then you saw me at a time when the cancer had already invaded my body.

We think of fighting cancer as if it is something tangible we can fight physically, and while the image I posted is that of Jon Snow getting back up, on his own, determined to go down swinging, the truth is it really isn’t that kind of fight.  Like what eventually happened in that scene, Snow did not have to fight alone.

My next thought was that from a physical standpoint, cancer cannot truly win.  It can only fight me to a tie because if I go down, it has no choice but to do down with me.    The only way it could “win” was to take away the things that I loved — my passion for life, friends, family…and, of course, the Cubs.  If I did not lose that passion for life — if I stayed strong, optimistic, and confident, then that would also bring hope and peace to the people in my life.  I was not about to let them see this thing get me down.  It could take my glorious beard and head of hair.  It could  sap some of my physical energy.  But it would not take away my zest for life, my dignity, or my joy in making others laugh.  It would not take away my curiosity for knowledge, art, or the way good music stirs my soul.  I did not even let it take away my love for an occasional scotch.

“Geez, your strong”, said one nurse.

One friend said, “Knowing you and your fortitude, it’s the cancer I feel bad for.  Kick the shit out of it”

And as I myself am fond if saying, “If you’re going to try to beat me at something, you better bring your lunch.  Win or lose, I am going to be here all day.”

But I also knew I could not do it alone.  The doctors and nurses I have are among the finest in the country.  My friends and family were there to support me in any way they could whether it be financially or just helping me with the little things when the chemotherapy occasionally left me a bit too tired to do what I wanted to do.  My excellent staff of writers have helped tremendously with the blog.  And though I am not a religious man, those who said they would pray helped too.  I know how much this means to many and it made me feel good that they would share their most deeply held beliefs with me.

At the same time, I am something of a private person and so I did not want to say anything right away.  It’s even hard for me right now.   For me part of my survival meant retaining my identity.  I didn’t want to be the guy with cancer.  I still wanted to be a husband, a friend, a brother, a son, a confidant, the guy who always had a story to tell.  The guy you called up and said come over and have a drink while we watch the game.  I wanted to keep working and so I continued to walk to the ballpark and attend games.  And to all of you, I still wanted to be the best Cubs writer I could possibly be.   I did not want to lose that.  And so I said nothing.  I just wanted to be John.

When all of you were so generous when Chad set up a collection, it meant a lot to me that you did it– especially because you did not know.  You did what you did because you appreciate what I do as a writer everyday, even if I have written a bit less than usual this summer.  It meant you appreciated me for who I am and what I can add to this world. Thank you for that.

And it brings me great joy to tell you all that it has worked so far.

I had been scheduled for 6 chemotherapy sessions plus radiation treatment.  I have progressed so quickly that the chemotherapy has been discontinued after 3 sessions.  I am not yet in remission, but a  big, full-blown white hot lymphoma has been reduced to a tiny smoldering ember.  I will undergo three weeks of radiation and the hope is that will be enough to eradicate what little of this malignant invader remains.

It is still not over, but I have it on the ropes and I have no plans to stop swinging until this thing is down for the count.  But until then, the best thing I can do is continue to be John.  Just John.

And thank you for helping me do that these past few months by reading, commenting, and rooting on the Cubs with me.  You will never know how much that has meant.

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  • Clearly this cancer didn't know who it picked a fight with. You got this boss.

  • In reply to North Side Irish:

    Ha! You got that right. Thanks!

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Hang in there my friend. And to paraphrase something once said often to Jon Snow, "You know nothing Cancer!" Continue to kick cancer in the butt John!

  • In reply to YouCannotBeSerious:

    Haha! Something like that. Works for me. Thanks!

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Hang in there John I had lung cancer 31 years ago and I beat it and you can beat this. Don't be shy in talking about it as it can help to discuss it.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Damn straight John, screw cancer, it picked the wrong dude to mess with

  • In reply to Steve Flores:

    Thanks, Steve.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    John I just wanted to say that I've read a lot over the past couple years and truly love what you've done with this blog. I wanted to say to you that Jesus Christ is God, He loves you, He died for you, He can and will heal you of your cancer. I ask of you to read the Gospel of John in the New Testament and let it's Words fill you up and heal your body, mind and soul. God is real my friend, call upon that name, Jesus. Forget religion, call on God. First time poster, God blessed YOU and go Cubs

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    Best wishes for a speedy recovery John!

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  • John, Best of luck to you in this fight. If anyone can beat it it is you. I will be praying for you and your family. Even though we have never met or talked on the phone I consider you a friend. I will be coming to spring training in 2017 an hope to get a chance to meet you, shake your hand and give you a hug. Perhaps we will be watching the defending World Champions. Take care my friend. Onward!

  • In reply to cubbybear7753:

    Cubbybear7753, we will again travel to Mesa, let's plan a huge victory times 2 party for John and our Cubs. John, thanks for sharing the most private of matters. We owe you so much and are sending our prayers and wishes for a speedy and full recovery.

  • In reply to Third Generation:

    Count me in!

  • In reply to Third Generation:

    Thank you. Look forward to seeing you!

  • In reply to cubbybear7753:

    Thank you! Definitely come and say hi! Look forward to meeting you.

  • Wow... Just John.... that's terrible news backed up by great news. My Uncle beat the same thing last year. You can definitely beat it as well. Stay strong, and keep up the great work.

  • In reply to vegascubsfan:

    Thanks for sharing and congrats to your uncle. It is inspiring to know that others have beat it too.

  • I read your blog every day. I rarely post, but you and your writers have enhanced my understanding of, and enjoyment of, baseball immeasurably. I did not think that was possible. Thank you.

    As a reader, I feel as if I know you. That happens rarely, a testament to the love you have put into this blog.

    Please accept this readers wish that you achieve a full recovery, and live a wonderful life surrounded by friends and family. You deserve it.

  • In reply to JB55:

    JB55, well written and exactly what I was going to say. John has told us just enough about his life that reading him seems like a letter from a friend. Good luck and a speedy recovery.

  • In reply to RTGrules:

    Thanks, RT!

  • In reply to JB55:

    Thanks JB for those very kind words.

  • Good luck John. My family knows cancer, too. But when is the next prospect list... Just kidding. Go Cubs & go John! Prayers!

  • Best of luck, John. We need you around and on duty come World Series time!

  • In reply to TWH13:

    I'll be there! Thanks!

  • Thank you for sharing such personal information to your Denizens. Hugs and prayers John. Best wishes!

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    John, my wife just finished chemo and radiation in May. This past year has been a living hell. Glad to hear you are doing well. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

  • In reply to Ron U:

    Congrats to your wife and best wishes for continued good health. Always good to hear inspiring stories. Thank you.

  • Best of luck John. Nothing has allowed me to enjoy the Cubs more than the information I get from this site. We're all behind you and wish you all the best. Sweep the leg!

  • In reply to hawkmcd:

    Haha! Yes, sweep the leg! And thank you for the kind words!

  • This column brought me to tears. We're all fighting with you, my friend. Thank you for having the courage to write it, and share with all of your followers. You've got a helluva "family" here on Cubs Den, and we'll keep rooting you on. Go John and go Cubs!!

  • In reply to copinblue:

    I also have had a hard time ready this through the tears. Hopefully we can all celebrate a World Series victory, together. See you in the bleachers.

  • In reply to willycat:

    We WILL all celebrate a WS victory :)

  • In reply to copinblue:

    Thank you, Chad for all you have done. This place is like family. Go Cubs!!

  • You got this thing licked, John. And a whole lot of people cheering you on!

  • In reply to Denizen Kane:

    Thanks! That always helps!

  • I don't comment much, but have been here for many years and greatly appreciate all your passion, insights, and love of the Cubs! You've made this whole Cubs rebuilding time exciting and survivable.

    I send along big healing energy and healthy thoughts to you!

  • In reply to Morgzie:

    Thank you Morgzie, I appreciate those thoughts and energy!

  • Best wishes for a prompt and full recovery, John

  • In reply to emiliosdad:

    Thank you!

  • John, I am so very sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family as you fight this and I have no doubt that you will win. We have quite a nice community here and it's all because of you. Stay strong and fight the good fight. I know that you would not ask for another fundraiser to be set up but I hope that one will. I will definitely contribute. Cancer took my mom in 1977 and anytime I have a chance to help kick it's ass I'll gladly do it.

  • In reply to lets go cubs:

    I know I can find that 40$ prepaid Visa that I got back from the tires I bought earlier this year. Just what else was i going to use it for?!?

  • In reply to lets go cubs:

    Appreciate that. We can all use all the help we can get.

  • John, as saddened as this news makes me, I am equally delighted to hear about your progress. I pray for your continued recovery and ultimate victory. Ironically, I wouldn't be a Cubs fan today if I hadn't lost my son to cancer. Win this one for Gerard!

  • In reply to AZBobbop:

    Will do! Thanks.

  • Hang in there and stay strong!

  • In reply to worldjordo:

    Will do! Thanks!

  • My thoughts are with you John. May healing find you and may you find solace knowing you have a bunch of people you've never met pulling for you.

  • In reply to cubby23:

    It does bring solace indeed. Thank you.

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    This is bad, but as bad as hitting only .200 with RISP? Really John?
    Of course I'm just kidding, but laughter is always welcome and the more you get the better you'll feel. Years ago Norman Cousins was told he had cancer so he started watching lots of comedies--Marx Brothers, Candid Camera programs, etc. You should google him and read about it.
    We're with you John, and anything we can do just let us know.
    You can kick it like a Robbie Gould field goal (not last year's Robbie but the one from years before) and you'll win.

  • Nicely done Sir. That was a badass article. I come here every once in a while and always get something out of your site. Didn't expect this. Nicely done!

  • In reply to Varmit County:

    Thank you. I like the way you put that :)

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    Thanks for sharing it with us John. Lot's of emotions flood us with such news and I'm sure your team (family, friends, doctors, etc) will help carry you through. Been fighting my own battles with the progression of my Muscular Dystrophy. Thanks for the smile when you wrote:
    "If you're going to beat me at something, you better bring your lunch. Win or lose, I am going to be here all day."

    I really liked it and might steal it for my own. Take each day as it comes my friend and enjoy it for what it is. It's one day closer to witnessing history when the Cubs win the World Series this year!

  • In reply to bocabobby:

    Thanks, Bobby. You may certainly adopt my saying! Best wishes to you. We'll keep on fighting.

  • So sorry to hear that you have had to go through this, John. But glad to hear that you have battled successfully thus far. Hope to have you back to 100% soon. Your writing is something this Cubs fan is thankful to have found. Stay strong!

  • In reply to criggilyk:

    THank you and will do!

  • You keep hanging in there, John. Cancer schmancer!

  • In reply to midwestlefty:


  • Thanks again everyone. Would love to do so personally but I don't think I can keep up! Please be assured I am reading each and every one of them.

  • John, you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. Some things should be kept private. We Denizens know you, but we do not KNOW you, apart from a few.

    Excellent news that the treatments are progressing so well. Get well soon...

  • In reply to CubsFanInNorway:

    Thanks, Norway and you are right. It is private and I appreciate you understanding. The time just came when I felt it was worth sharing. I hope it helps inspire others. Thank you for the well wishes.

  • Best of luck and God Bless, John. We have never met, yet it is funny how people can learn to appreciate one another through blogs like this - even when maybe things are seen differently.
    So glad to hear that things are looking more favorably. By the time Dexter sees the first World Series pitch, you will be at 100%. Keep on keepin on, my friend. You'll be fine.

  • In reply to cubbustible:

    I plan on being fully healthy and well into a new playoff beard by then :)

  • John, I am very sorry to read this. But then again also happy to hear about the progress you've made. When something like this happens, you realize that health is really the most important thing. I'm pulling for you. Peace, brother.

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    My thoughts are with you. I rarely post but I read your blog and share it with every Cub fan I know. Take care!

  • In reply to Brian McAndrew:

    Thank you Brian.

  • Cmon, you've survived years without a Cubs title and this thing thinks that now when we're so close that it has a chance? Not only did it pick the wrong person, it picked the wrong time. It never stood half a chance. Keep up your spirits, John, and I'm sure some days are hard and some easy, but we're all here each day regardless. You're doing great not going gently into that good night because you're still in the noon-day sun of your life. Best of luck!

  • In reply to ChristianP:

    Haha! That is a good point.

  • You will be in my thoughts and prayers John. Cancer has touched everyone's life at some point and it is not easy to deal with. It sounds as if you have the correct attitude and support system to defeat this thing. Best of luck to you.

  • In reply to Les Izmoore:

    Thank you...and I like the play on words in your handle :) Inspired by van der Rohe or Browning?

  • John, I'm buying you a Macallan 18 next year at spring training when this is all behind you.

  • In reply to JimmyLeeMcMath:

    Deal! That is a great one. CLassic.

  • Very scary but ultimately encouraging news, John. Keep up the great work, both personally and professionally. May the Cubs continue to win to keep a smile on your face.

  • John
    First reaction is sorry you are going through this. Reading your posts for the past three years, I have no doubt that this will be a memory in the near future. Here is to watching many Cubs parades over a long lifetime. Best of luck.

  • Thanks. looking forward to seeing a few parades!

  • Cancer can win a battle against a single person, but not a team of Denizens.

    I for AM a religious person John, and I will gladly add you to my prayers. May you have the strength and courage to continue your battle and may God walk and fight with you along the way.

  • In reply to IrwinFletcher:

    I join with IrwinFletcher offering prayer support for our friend and comrade, John!

  • In reply to Tennwolfeman:

    Thanks to both you and Irwin. I really appreciate that.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Tennwolfeman:

    IrwinFletcher, Tennwolfeman and me. I don't really have much else to add John. I read the column daily and have found my love of baseball and the Cubs greatly increased. You, the staff and the community of commenters are incredible. I have learned so much about the game from all of you.

    We also have never met and yet know of you through how much you share in this column. I will most assuredly pray for God to bestow his perfect healing on you and your family.


  • In reply to Wolfrider1t:


  • I had some sister-in-laws fight cancer and lose. The big Cub fan
    in heaven is in your corner. The very best to you and your family

  • fb_avatar

    WHOA, John. My favorite thing about your writing is how you keep us all in the proper perspective. During a winning streak or losing streak you keep us from getting too high or too low. But this news puts a lot more into perspective.

    While I have never met you I, like many others, consider you a friend. Someone whose thoughts are always worth considering. You have set up a community of people who don't always agree but where civility reigns. If you can keep that spirit going through this then you will, no doubt, come out on top.

  • In reply to Joel Mayer:

    Thanks, Joel. I think it's that perspective helps. Just who I am...calm and cool on the outside but tough as nails on the inside :)

  • John: Cancer is one more thing we have in common. I know you will fight...and win. I have to tell you, having written several books about our Cubs (years ago) and followed most everything of significance written about the Cubs, I can honestly tell you that I regard you as the best Cubs writer of your generation. You are a walking insight into baseball,
    a man happily addicted to the Cubs. You are a family man and, through your posts, someone I genuinely trust and like.
    I do pray. And now your name goes to the top of my list. We need you, brother.

    Jim Langford

  • In reply to HankSauer rules:

    I didn't know you were Hank Sauer rules! Thanks for the kind words and prayers, Jim.

  • Sorry to hear that John but thrilled that you have the cancer on the ropes. Keep fighting! A Cubs World Series wouldn't quite be the same without being able to read your words and thoughts along the way.

  • In reply to Zorb:

    Oh, I will be there! I am not missing out on the fun! Thanks :)

  • fb_avatar

    I have not been as active on the site as I have in summer's past, but I'm glad I checked in today. It is strange to feel so impacted by this news from someone I've never met, but that speaks volumes to your online presence here as well as basic human compassion. Sending you my very best wishes now and for the rest of your battle! Good luck, John!

  • In reply to Jonathan Ley:

    Thanks, Jonathan. Good to hear from you.

  • fb_avatar

    Good luck on that. As someone who's non-hodgkins, Folicular Lymphoma, I'm pulling for you!

  • In reply to Drunken69dragon:

    Thank you and my thoughts are with you. Let's beat this, shall we?

  • When I met you outside Sloan Park this spring and then again on the backfields, I did wonder about your health. I'm so glad to hear the good news.

    My mother beat breast cancer. My father beat prostate cancer. And you've got this on the run.

    You may not be the religious sort. But you can't be a Cubs fan, at least a diehard Cubs fan, without a tremendous amount of faith. You have that in buckets and that will get you across the finish line into remission.

    Thanks for your blog. You contribute to 1000s of people because of it. And I look forward to meeting you again... next spring.

  • All my best. Thanks for sharing.

  • If my wishes, thoughts, and prayers could heal you, you would be 110% already. However, a positive attitude is the most powerful medicine. Keep up with the right attitude and the right results will follow. Soon this will be nothing more a story you can tell over a glass of scotch! Best regards to you and your family!

  • In reply to nukee:

    Thank you. Like we all say around here, we can only control the process...and good results often follow good process :)

  • I'm sure you already know this, but there are bound to be several well-wishing comments in the spam bot folder...

  • In reply to Quedub:

    OF course ;) Got yours out and thank you!

  • STFD. *gently, yet purposefully pulls car over to the side of the road, after a workday not nearly as important as yours*

    I am sorry to hear that you are going through this, John. I am not sure what to say, you need to know that i WE care. Please let us know how we can help. Joe

  • In reply to rickmonday:

    Thank you, Joe.

  • You got this, John! I'm sorry to hear this news, but grateful you let us know so we can root for you. You have all your readers and staff behind you.

    Not sure you can answer this question, but I wonder what difference it makes for you to be in Arizona now in terms of care available, environment, etc. Maybe none.

    Is NHL similar to what Jon Lester had? I can envision Lester on the mound about to clinch the World Series and you cheering him on, with both of you having beaten an even bigger opponent.

  • In reply to seattlecub:

    I think it is what Rizzo had, actually. Though there are different kinds of NHLs.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Y'know, Rizzo was my first thought, but I did a little Internet research and changed my mind. The Internet is never wrong, of course! :-)

    Regardless, both players are profiles in courage, and I expect to see all three of you celebrating the Cubs' WS win!

  • Best of luck, John. You mentioned it was difficult to wtite. It wasn't much fun to read, either. I think just about everyone has some personal experience with the bitch that is cancer, I know I do. Keep fighting, we have too many good years ahead of us.

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    Yes, we do!

  • So glad to know you're doing better. That was the best news I've had in a while, and you're right, cancer really picked the wrong guy.

  • In reply to Jared Wyllys:

    Oh yeah, wrong guy indeed :) Thanks, Jared.

  • John, Stay strong and get well soon.

  • So, in 1997, I tested positive for HIV.

    Prior to that I had helplessly watched hundreds of my friends - and hundreds of thousands of people of whom I never knew die of this malicious virus with no cure or advanced medicines to prolong life.

    I know what it feels like to hear..."you have cancer."

    It's been 19 years now John, since that moment in time, where hearing those words stunned me into disbelief and believing it was my death sentence, like those who came before me. It didn't help that back then knowing that many people believed gay men deserved it and didn't care enough to do anything about it.

    Today, my HIV is undetectable, I run/walk a 5k, 3 days a week and it's now become secondary to my normal aging medical issues and I live my life everyday,,grateful for the advanced Antiretroviral drugs which allow me to still believe that in my lifetime....I'll hear Queen singing in Chicago (on the Northside!) in October.

    Be strong John. And thank you for this haven.

  • In reply to Skidoorunner:

    Thank you for sharing. That is great news. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Had a similar diagnosis recently myself, John. It must have been very difficult write this but reading thru it was truly inspirational. So glad to see your up for the fight. Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to shake your hand next spring. Good luck, brother and we'll keep you in our prayers.

  • In reply to NoDoubtAboutIt:

    See you next spring, look forward to it!

  • This is quite a shock. I will be pulling for you along with everyone else. You are a wise and courageous man. You will win this.

  • In reply to BudMan:

    Thank you.

  • John,
    So sorry to hear this news, but it sounds like you have it on the run. My prayers are for you and your family and the medical people treating you. See you in AZ for the fall league.

  • In reply to AZBOB:

    See you this fall, Bob.

  • John, like so many others here, my thoughts are with you. I know this fight as I have survivors in my family and some who lost their fight. I also have several friends fighting their own battles right now. In addition to that my wife works for the American Cancer Society and she sees this horrible affliction daily. I'm glad that your doctors and support system has helped you in this battle and I'm so glad the news today is so hopeful and positive. We're all in your corner. You got this.

  • In reply to TC154:

    Thanks, TC. Appreciate it. Will keep up the fight and thanks for the support.

  • Prayers up for you!

    You might be encouraged by this story of Elaine Gibson who was completely cured of Stage 4 non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. If you haven't watched the TRUTH ABOUT CANCER documentary series (google it) it is well worth a shot.

    Here is her story

  • In reply to TheCHISportsFan:

    Thank you and I will definitely read that story.

  • Best wishes for a continued speedy recovery! Thank you for sharing your story, and for your continuing awesomeness on this site!

  • In reply to Mom2futurecubs:

    Thank you. Very much appreciated!

  • It has already been shown by the comments of these denizens, that we all stand up for you, John.

  • In reply to Alabama Cubs Fan:

    Thanks, Bama.

  • fb_avatar

    If an algorithm brought me to Cubs Den, is it god working? Who knows but I'm grateful for you, your writing & all your perseverance.

  • In reply to martywine:

    Deep, man :) And thank you for the kind words.

  • Best wishes for a speedy recovery John.

  • In reply to GSmit:

    Thank you, Gage.

  • My prayers are with you and a complete recovery. Your blog (along with your wonderful co-writers) is absolutely a ray of sunshine for so many of us diehard, long suffering Cubs fans. May those good vibes you have given so many of us be reflected right back at you 100 fold, because that's how giving works.

    I'll share one quick story. I have an aunt who learned she had malignant breast cancer. She went through the full chemotherapy treatment, and there were quite a few days there where she wasn't feeling very well. But she wasn't the complaining sort, either, never said anything about it. Just only concerned with how to get better.

    Well, it's been over 20 years now since she got the cancer, and she has been cancer-free ever since then. She is in her 70's and still very, very strong. She is very active and as mentally sharp as she always has been (she was a nurse). This is only a new challenge for you, John. One that will have unique learning points and challenges, for sure, but may also bring new aspects of life and living you have not encountered before.

  • In reply to HefCA:

    Thank you for the kind words, the encouragement, and the inspirational story, HefCA.

  • John, thanks for sharing. As someone who is in pastoral ministry, my prayers are with you. I appreciate you!

  • In reply to David23:

    Thank you, David. I appreciate that very much.

  • All the best John! Stay strong...

  • In reply to Naf023:

    Thank you! Will do!

  • Very sorry to hear you have to go through this. Stay strong and continue to kick ass.

  • Thanks for sharing John. After fighting cancer for five years my wife has now had a whole year away from Chemo. We are doing well. Congratulations on minimizing the the amount of chemo. Keep that chin up and enjoy the good in life! I'll keep you in my prayers John.

  • In reply to Bilbo161:

    Thanks, Bilbo. Many of you have made me feel as if I am indeed not alone. I appreciate it.

  • good luck john ! and this is why i hope the cubbies win one and the sooner the better... for all those people who have waited a lifetime and might not have next year... you can see how precious time is... c'mon cubs ! and go john go !

  • In reply to razor23:

    Thanks. And I plan on seeing a few titles :)

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    yw... and i hope so !

  • Very sorry to hear about your battle. I know of 2 people who have had the same cancer and beat it. I am confident you will as well. I haven't meet you yet, but I respect your writing and the way you treat others and am looking forward to the day we meet and share a beverage and a memory or two.

  • In reply to Cphil:

    Thank you. I appreciate the kind words and the inspiration. Look forward to meeting you as well. I am always up for a beverage.

  • John--thanks so mich for posting this thoughtful piece, and for sharing with all of us. I love the idea of a Spring Training meeting; have wanted to go for years and...if Visiting Wrigley-world West isn't quite enough, the meet-up with you and Cubs Den will be. Thanks again.

  • In reply to Steelydav:

    That would be fun to set up. The hotel bar/lounge next door is probably a good place if we do that. Hard to find people at the park :)

  • fb_avatar

    Keep writing and fighting!

  • fb_avatar

    John, I just found out today that a very good friend of mine has cancer, and that was just after I read your statement. Both of you are fighters and I have no doubt that you will win.
    I worked in a library for 30 years before I retired last November. One of the best things about it was getting to know so many patrons. I would really see a cycle of life also. All of a sudden someone would come in or take out books on cancer, strokes, or any of a number of diseases. Then come in with no hair or with a cane or caregiver with them. But then months would go by and little by little they would come in with more strength and with time you would never know that they had been sick.
    It was a good lesson learned every day that taking it day by day they suddenly add up and all of a sudden it's in the past.
    You can do the same thing, and I can't imagine how gratifying it must be to have all this support from literally all over the world.
    You have a community that totally supports you and your family John. You are an integral part of our daily lives and will be for many, many years to come. Good Health to you.

  • fb_avatar

    In our thoughts and prayers. Continue to be strong.

  • Take care John, Non Hodgkins Lymphoma has both very good survivable rates, if caught before quadrant migrations, which I am confident you are well informed, brother in law survived for 35 yrs fathered 2 now graduated, but mother who let it go too long didn't last three, so take care. Big medicine now on horizon for much of oncology

  • In reply to rnemanich:

    Yes, thank you. I am indeed well read on this. Appreciate it. Have heard of some of the new stuff.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    Of course we expected nothing less than for you to be well read and researched. That's why we follow you. Just keep on Johning!

    This does prove that statistics are only part of the game, though, and the real, present human attitude and approach carries great weight on expected outcome.

    You're an inspiration! We love how you see things in the big picture and I came to stay for your providence!

  • In reply to Christopher Wolff:

    Thank you, Christopher. I really do think my even-keeled demeanor and perspective helps here

  • Fight, claw, scrape, punch, and cheat. Oh wait, that would make you a Cardinals fan.
    Just like the Cubs this year, continue kicking ass, and good things will eventually happen.

  • In reply to cub since 89′:

    I'll do it the Cubs Way :)

  • Hi John, you are a true inspiration. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you next April in Mesa. I will buy you a scotch champ. Will be cheering for the knockout! God bless!

  • In reply to Bigsky:

    Thanks, BigSky! I will happily share that knockout when it happens.

  • OMG! Godspeed, John, godspeed!

  • In reply to pkm613:

    Thank you.

  • Hey John, glad to hear you've already got a 3 run lead. We're behind you 110%. In the words of Devo: you've got to whip it, whip it good!

  • In reply to TheMightyGin:

    Ha! Am certainly doing my best. Thanks.

  • Thank you for sharing this John. You have done such a great job of bringing Cubs fans from all over the world together by providing great insight with your articles. You have also given us all a great web page where well thought out discussions can be had without them devolving into personal or political attacks. I can't thank you enough for how much I appreciate having this blog to go to for up to date Cubs info. I'm very happy to hear you are progressing well with the treatment. I wish you & your family the best & look forward to your take on future waves of players & being able to see many Cubs titles

  • John,
    I can't think of a better time than celebrating your cancer remission and a Cubs World Series victory party at the Lou Malnati's Phoenix location in early November. It would be fun to turn the southwest into a sea of blue. Keep up the good fight. Us in the Den are wishing you the best.

  • In reply to Rock:

    Hmm... that sounds like a pretty good idea. Thanks, ROck!

  • John I will keep you in my prayers.

  • In reply to John57:

    Thanks, John.

  • I had this very cancer, diagnosed in 2011. I thought I had a hernia and they found it when they did a CAT scan. Actually it was really obvious in a scan. Didn't have to be a radiologist to see it. It was all over the place.

    I had quite a few courses of R-CHOP to get rid of it. That stuff killed it so good that it messed up my kidneys a little. It just shows up in labs... doesn't really affect me other than I never take any drugs that are hard on them.

    I had a Rituximab reaction right off the bat. That was the weirdest thing... I can only describe it as feeling the heat coming right up from your feet to your head, then getting thrown into the coldest snow bank ever. Just uncontrolled shivering until they gave a shot that stopped it. They slowed down the drip and I was ok after that.

    Five years on and I just watch for any signs, visit my oncologist every six months. At least I don't have to get those PET scans anymore... man, they suck.

    Join me in remission, buddy. Then we'll raise a toast...
    Here's to dying from something else!!

  • In reply to hoffpauir6:

    Hey hoffpauir...all those big names and acronyms are all to familiar to me right now. Very happy that you pulled through. Pet scans do suck. I have a hard time being still for so long. And will do. Loo forward to that toast!

  • Keep fighting John! I know I don't post much but read all the time. So thankful for you and all your great info/insights. I know you also live close to Sloan here in mesa so please let me know if you need anything and I can help. I live 2 blocks away from riverview. Cheers to a full recovery and many years of Cubs baseball!

  • In reply to cactuscubbies:

    Thanks, Cactus. I appreciate the offer.

  • Lost my dad 1 1/2 years ago. Keep fighting and you will win. Hate 'effing cancer!!!! And the joy you bring to all of us will be rewarded with a World Series Title. God Bless you, John.

  • I'm very sorry to hear the news about your fight with cancer, John, but I can tell that you are putting a beat down on it. Looks like cancer has about as much a chance as a fat fastball thrown down the pipe to Rizzo or Bryant! Keep fighting and you have tons of us in your corner pulling for you. Get well soon.

  • In reply to Pura Vida:

    Thanks Pura -- appreciate the baseball analogy too!

  • God lord, John... Talk about a shot to the gut. Both for you and your family.

    My health also has taken a sharp left turn in the last year. Mine is rectal CA. Chemo has helped beat it back... however unpleasant the process.

    I'll add my very best wishes for you in the short term, while you receive treatment, and for the long term.

    As so many others have said, you've created something very special here. It's one the foremost places for informed, civil Cubs discourse.

    Please be well, young man. The playoffs will be here soon. Your health, and your writing, will be most welcome additions to our playoff coverage.

  • In reply to MoneyBoy:

    Thanks and good luck to you, MB. We'll keep on fighting and celebrate a Cubs WS together soon.

  • fb_avatar

    John, thank you for sharing the news with us. Thank you for your trust. Beat that thing! I will think about you and while not a religious man, like you aren't, i'll hope that you be alright.

    John, espero que saias vencedor desta luta! Nunca desistas! Estarás no meu pensamento!

    Um abraço from your portuguese friend.

  • In reply to Alexandre Farripas:

    Muito obrigado, Alexandre! I appreciate the kind words in both languages.

  • Sending you best wishes, John. I attempted another post but it looks like the spam filter got it.

  • In reply to Pura Vida:

    Spam sucks;) I got it.

  • Hi John,

    I've been stalking the site for several years, learning lots about baseball and feeling like I've gotten to know many of those who contribute to the dialog. I'm not sure why I've haven't participated in this smart, engaging forum until now. I've been a Cubs fan for longer than most  (I still have my Glenn Beckert mitt to prove it), and it's become a daily part of my routine to check the updates, follow the threads and revel in the camaraderie. I feel like I know you and the guys. 

    It's with far more than selfish considerations that this forum stay lively and vibrant for years to come that I wish you the speediest of recoveries and the single-maltiest celebrations of improving health, lifelong happiness and sustained Cubs success. It's rejuvenating to know that during our most difficult times, we can always close our eyes and think about baseball... or open them and read Cubs Den. Take care, sir.

  • In reply to WrigleyRay:

    Thank you Ray. I appreciate you commenting and sharing those kind words.

  • I didn't know what was going on with you John, but figured that I would find out when you wanted folks to know. I'm a cancer survivor so I understand the sorrow and fear. I'm not religious either, but I'll say a prayer for you. The world needs to keep guys like you around as long as possible, because you have a warm and kind heart. And a gift to so many Cub fans.

  • In reply to 44slug:

    Thanks 44. And congrats on surviving, I plan on joining that group soon.

  • fb_avatar

    I have read this blog for five years and this is my first comment. For all the regular commenters above there 3 times more of us silent folks for whom your work has become an important part of every day. You've created the best place for a cubs fan on the internet and while we'll never meet - heck I'll probably never comment again - I felt genuine concern for a friend reading your post. Fight on friend.

  • In reply to Tom Roseberry:

    Thank you, Tom. Appreciate the kind words and your readership. I will certainly fight on.

  • John, filled with admiration. Thank you. Prayers.

  • Of all the many, many people who write about the Cubs, I have learned the most about the game from you John. I read your writing every day (and comment infrequently). You are extremely knowledgeable and respectful towards your audience despite the fact you know more about baseball than anyone else here..

    Continued good luck in your fight, and I would be honored to treat you to a ballgame in my Aisle 433 seats when you are in town next.

  • In reply to North Side Pat:

    Thanks Pat. That is high praise. I appreciate it. And I would be happy to take you up on that offer some day.

  • Best of luck John. Cancer is such a crappy thing to deal with. My mom was told she had paritoneal cancer in Feb. of 2015. She fought like crazy but sadly passed away this past Feb. at age 62. Your blog was read many times by me in hospitals and waiting rooms. I love to hear stories of people beating cancer and look forward to your post saying you are 100% cancer free!

  • Thanks! And I love that handle :) Hopefully I can write that announcement soon.

  • fb_avatar

    You got this brother! We will all be lifting you up in prayer through this.

  • In reply to Andrue Weber:

    Thanks, Andrue.

  • I very rarely comment but I felt I should let you know that I start my day every day with the Cubs Den. My work day usually starts with my boss and I talking about what John wrote. I have been a life long crazy Cubs fan and have been to many Cubs sites but once I found the Cubs Den I found a home. The in depth coverage is unmatched. My boss and I have said numerous times that you are the best Cubs writer in the country. I will be praying for you as you continue your battle. Thank you for making my days better. God bless you John!

  • In reply to Rsanto10:

    Thank you for those kinds words and sharing that story. ALways nice to hear those things!

  • fb_avatar

    John, we've never met, but I believe in you. You've forced me to through the dedication and passion you live with. I know you possess these traits as surely as Javy possesses a cannon, because how else does a guy make a living from loving the Cubs? :D You will be in my prayers. You inspire me and many, brother!

  • In reply to Tyson Wirth:

    Ha! Thanks, Tyson!

  • As the beloved Cubs fight for the title, it is appropriate that you fight your own opponent. I don't know you but I enjoy reading your stuff and those of us who bleed Cubbie Blue appreciate your love for the boys in blue. You have an entire Cubdom sending you strength. Keep up that fight like our team is doing. You got this!

  • John i am a long time reader and this is my first time to comment. Your blog has become a daily part of my life. I love your work and insight that you give us through the year. And i was blown away to read your post today. You have become such an important part of so many peoples lives. It feels like we have all been thru this Cubs rebuild together. And just like this Cubs rebuild keep the faith, never give up and look to the future. It sounds like that's what you have done in true die hard Cub fan fashion!!!
    Thanks again for all you have done in your blog and I'm looking forward to all the excellent work you will be doing in the future!

  • In reply to KerryO:

    Thank you for commenting Kerry! Looking forward to the day when we can all celebrate that World Series together, hopefully this year!

  • fb_avatar

    John I remember when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at forty-two. I was speechless but I decided to not let the diagnosis stop me from my goals.
    You obviously have the fight in you to get the best possible outcome. Never stop fighting.

  • In reply to Todd Stroger:

    Thanks for sharing that, Todd. That kind of inspiration from someone who has been through it always helps.

  • fb_avatar

    John I read everyday and love this blog. You and your guys make this the best place for anything Cubs, to come to. Stay strong, have faith. My prayers I will add to others here.

  • In reply to Hal McCarty:

    Thank you, Hal. I appreciate that very much.

  • John, Your positive attitude has been obvious since I first read Cubs Den years ago during The Dark Ages! I see it still.

    As one good turn deserves another, I will keep a positive thought for you.

  • In reply to IVYADDICT:

    Thanks, Ivy!

  • I admire your courage and can attest from personal experience that your attitude is the right one. When you let illness stop you from being who you are, you've lost. I know you won't let that happen. Thank you for continuing to contribute at a time when it's all too easy to withdraw. You have the will, the best of modern medical treatment, and legions of fans and friends who are lifting you up in spirit and in prayer.

  • In reply to Cliff1969:

    Thanks for that, Cliff. I will keep that attitude.

  • The fact that during this whole process, none of us daily readers of the blog could notice any change whatsoever in the great content and insight presented here, is a testament to the professionalism that you and the other writers exhibit, everyday. Thank you for the tremendous job you did with the blog while going through this. The progress they've made with Lymphomas in the past 15 years is amazing, this will be just a bit of a speed bump for you- stay strong!

  • In reply to Cuyler:

    Thank you, Cuyler. I appreciate that. i was trying to keep things seamless and the staff really helped me do that. Much credit to them. And I promise you I will stay strong.

  • fb_avatar

    Cancer made a huge mistake stepping into the box with John Arguello on the mound.... Time to show off that mean Change-up you told us about.

    As others have said were behind you all the way, John. I feel like I'm hearing this news from a friend or mentor. Thank you for sharing this sensitive information and I wish you the absolute best.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    Thanks, Marcel. Great to hear from you as always. That change-up is so slow it will make anyone get tired of waiting it out :)

  • John. Thank you for sharing. You will conquer. We will celebrate With Oban, Talisker and Lagavulin In very short order. Working with the world class Cancer Centers in Houston, we see the tremendous advancements in the medical community that allows brave patients take cancer head on And Win.

  • In reply to TexasCubsFan:

    Thanks Texas. The medicine just keeps getting better. They were already telling me there will be even better meds coming very soon.

  • In reply to TexasCubsFan:


    I am headed down to Houston in September for the Cubs weekend series. Any chance you will be at any of those games?

  • In reply to cubbybear7753:

    Cubby bear. I'm going to the Friday and Saturday games. Undecided if I'm going on Sunday to see the Cubs or Bears play the Texans. Minute Maid Park is a nice stadium.

  • fb_avatar

    Reading your article, I was struck by how closely your journey paralled the Jon Snow story this year -- complete with Chad playing the role of Tormund. A blow that staggers you, fighting to reclaim your life, and rebirth at the end. All that's left is kill Ramsay for good. And Sansa "Stacey" Stark will be there for that. (Do you think she'd be willing to dye her hair red?)

    You've shown a lot of courage and class throughout the process. I think you've demonstrated to a lot of people how to deal with bad things and I know we all hope that we now have two things to celebrate in the fall.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Ha! I like the parallel. And thanks. Sansa (Stacey) liked it too.

  • Best of health to you John. I know you got this!

    I'll always remember the first day I stumbled upon Cubs Den. It was the second day of the 2013 draft and I was trying to find info on some guy named Kris Bryant who we had drafted the day before (I mean how could we pass on Jonathan Gray?! lol). At the time I was interning in Milwaukee as a 19 year old in college. From that day on I almost always pull up Cubs Den around lunch time for a nice break from work/school.

    Your great writing and in depth knowledge took my passion of the Cubs and my love of baseball to a whole other level. You truly are the best baseball writer I have ever read. Keep up the fight, and before you know it, we'll be partying in the fall!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Peter Chicago:

    Every word of this is true, finding Cubs Den is the greatest website discovery I have ever made. You are a fantastic writer, and despite that you my be an ever better analyst of the game itself. The detail you put into your work is amazing, Thanks John!

  • In reply to Peter Chicago:

    Thank you, Peter, for those kind words. It is always nice to hear stories like that and am so glad we have been able to find so many like=minded Cubs fans out there!

  • John no one would ever think of you as the guy who has cancer (maybe the guy cancer should've known not to mess with). You've put together the best site out there for all of us Cubs fans to get our Cubs information. You picked a top notch staff to go along with your own excellence and the community of commenters to make a site that is truly amazing. I look forward to reading and occasionally engaging in the conversations each day. I'm glad to hear you've got cancer on the ropes and look forward to the day you knock his a** out.

  • In reply to Teddy KGB:

    I appreciate that, Teddy. I am looking forward to the day I can share that news with you all.

  • John,

    I have seen what you are going through. I found your website by looking for Cub information when my brother sick fighting cancer. Rooting for "his Cubbies" was one of his favorite things. The information in your articles gave us the attention shift when we needed it most. Unfortunately he lost his fight at the age of 37 in 2013. I know you will beat it and you have hundreds of people rooting and praying for you !!!

    Southside B

  • In reply to SouthsideB:

    I am sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you for sharing and the prayers.

  • fb_avatar

    John I have been following your writings for about 5 years now and I am looking forward to at LEAST another 25! You're in my thoughts and best of luck overcoming this sir!

  • In reply to Brandon Halford:

    I'm planning on another 25 myself!

  • fb_avatar

    Cub fans are used to having to overcome difficult challenges and obstacles, what is cancer? Best of Luck John. You are a strong and very insightful man and writer and cancer is going to have a hell of a time taking you down. My prayers coming your way John.

  • John,

    Like many others, I rarely post (in fact only once before). With that said I have been reading cubs den for probably 4-5 years now and it has become part of my day (well, multiple parts of my day as I generally check the site 4 times or more a day:) The entire site is amazing, but I absolutely never miss anything you write. You are an incredibly talented writer and I feel so fortunate to have one of my favorite writers actually write about a subject that I am passionate about. You, and your staff, bring so much joy/happiness to all of our lives and I want to make sure you understand this. In a world filled with so much junk, negativity, hate, etc, it is so comforting to come to a site where we can all just enjoy the simple things of life (well maybe the cubs are not that simple, but in the general scheme of things we can call it less complex:). I hope you know the effect that your site has had on many of its readers, myself included. I wish you a full and speedy recovery and will indeed send some prayers your way. Gods speed!

  • In reply to cdubs:

    Thanks, cdubs. Appreciate the kind words and prayers.

  • fb_avatar

    I seldom comment but, like many others, Cubs Den is the first thing I turn to in the morning - wishing you all the very best from down here in New Zealand - I'm not religious either but I raise my glass to you in a heartfelt toast to your triumph over this adversity...
    Here's to this year and many like it - cheers

  • In reply to KiwiBob:

    Thanks KiwiBob!

  • I knew something was amiss and hoped it wasn't serious.

    Not a big fan of real life when it rears it's less than pleasant side. John, you, your blog and your writers open the door to a rational dialogue every day. That isn't found in many places on today's interweb. It's obviously appreciated by those that visit the Cubs Den on a regular if not daily basis.

    My very best thoughts to you and yours. Looking forward to hearing about that ember being put out.

  • In reply to Cubmitted:

    Thanks, Cubmitted. I will post that news soon!

  • John I don't post very often but I know one thing, you are far stronger than any cancer. I know you will kick it's ass and defeat it !

  • In reply to Steve Flores:

    Thanks. I will beat this.

  • John,

    Long time reader, infrequent poster. Cancer is a real b*tch. You have innumerable Cubs fans in your corner supporting you as you wage, and win, your battle.

    An Irish blessing for you John: May you live as long as you want,
    And never want as long as you live.

    Good luck and Godspeed.

  • In reply to ErnieB:

    Thank you, Ernie.

    And by the way, my wife ordered me one of those DNA tests and I found out I was 1% Irish. That definitely was one of my favorites results.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Aren't we all just a little bit Irish? Thanks for all the tremendous writing you have done and thanks in advance for the championship related prose to come. And Go Cubs!

  • fb_avatar

    You got this. Keep fighting!

    I haven't commented in a while, but still check regularly (a couple times a day). Thanks for all you do!

  • In reply to brober34:

    Thanks Brober!

  • I'm not a frequent commenter but definitely a frequent reader. Sorry to read this tonight but glad things seem to be moving in the right direction. I'm a rum guy, not scotch, and own a rum bar in Seattle. If you ever make it up here, some top shelf rum is waiting for you. One have to have a drink with me and we have to talk some Cubs. Thank you for your great articles through the years. Go Cubs and Go John!! You will be flying your personal "W" flag soon!

  • In reply to Hairdogg:

    Thanks, I like a good rum once in awhile too. Any recommendations?

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    El Dorado 12 year and 15 year is delish. Plantation Rum is all great especially Jamaica 2001 if you can find it.

  • In reply to Hairdogg:


  • John, your strength and determination came through very clearly in your article. Best wishes for continued strength as you administer the final blows to your opponent. I look forward to many years of your writing and analysis as you cover the Cubs dynasty and multiple World Championships!!!

  • In reply to DecaturCubFan:

    Thanks, Decatur. Hopefully that run starts this year!

  • john, cancer killed my mother-in-law 12 years ago. my wife still takes it personally. my sister-in-law is fighting it now. we have a family friend who has beaten it back twice. once In her thirties and once in her forties. we know what you are going through. I will be praying for you. glad the prognosis is good. kick the hell out of it.

  • In reply to DLROBERTSON:

    Thanks, Dale. Will do. The best of wishes to your sister-in-law.

  • My thoughts and prayers go out to you John!

  • In reply to Ringer:

    Thanks, Ringer!

  • Who woulda thought that a crazy little blog page on a crazy chicago-oriented web site would be the best thing to happen to Cubs fans next to Theo! Fight the good fight, John. We need you!

  • I can't speak for others, but your writing, your passion, and the culture that you have created allows me to participate in, has helped me get through tough times, but nothing like what you are dealing with.

    If it wasn't for you and this community, this season wouldn't be nearly as fun. You and your team give so much joy to so many people it's incredible. As a government teacher, this forum is a perfect example of how I would want my students to interact. In an age of mean tweets and trolls, it's therapeutic to have a refuge where one can ask questions and have a civil disagreement, with logic and reason. Thank you John, thank you.

    F*** cancer!

    Does this count as strike one? If so, it was well worth it!

  • In reply to 2Toes:

    Haha! No strikes for that. And thank you.

  • John, this is difficult for me to read about you. That's my problem entirely. I am thankful that you shared this with us, as we are a community here. You have set the example for deportment and behavior here and it has made this the most respectful and intelligent community of Cubs fans I have had the pleasure to be a part of. You give of yourself here and your love and dedication truly shines through. Thank you so much for what you give to us. My prayers are with you.

    I feel like I am going all over the place with this post and for that I apologize. This brings up a lot of feelings for me and it is difficult for me to sort all of my thoughts out. I'll just close by saying, vaya con Dios!

  • In reply to JoePepitone:

    Thank you for those kind words and prayers, Joe. I will get through this.

  • fb_avatar

    Hey John, I've always loved your blog. I have complete faith you'll beat this. Please take care.

  • In reply to Dan Gilman:

    Thank you...and I will.

  • John,
    Thank you for sharing and I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I speak for everyone here when I say we are all pulling for you so hard. You have a true gift in your writing, with your ability to bring us up to date on a team we all love so much with excellent analysis while also bringing out emotion and humor. After finding this blog 2 years ago, I never go back to "established" sources such as the Chicago newspapers. Cubs Den is an incredible enjoyment and source of insightful information. It's one of the highlights of my day every day.

    Going through a battle with cancer - I can't imagine how difficult this must be. But hopefully you feel some comfort and inspiration from all of your followers on this blog who are thinking about you and rooting so hard for you. It sounds like you are really fighting and battling cancer, and based on what you have shared with us, so far the results are comparable to a hybrid pitching performance of Rick Sutcliffe in the summer of 1984 compared with Jake Arrieta in August and September of 2015! Cancer in the batters box doesn't have a chance against your stuff. You are a brave and courageous man. Hang in there and keep fighting. You are in my thoughts!

  • In reply to Bill Buckner #22:

    Thanks Billy Buck! I like that analogy!

  • Beat cancer on both sides of the ball. Beat cancer the way the Cubs beat the Reds on April 22.

  • In reply to Dingerpalooza:

    I will make it say, "Enough already!" :)

  • Wow, I guess I am coming to the fray late. I don't know you as well as many here, but I surely appreciate the education you have given me. Being a Cub fan is a little different than other fans. We don't put on a Pittsburg, or Yankees, or Cardinals hat, jumping on the bandwagon to be "cool" when that team is a winner. We stick together regardless of the odds, year after year, through every slap in the face or derisive remark. The head cover never changes when the "cool" breeze shifts. I wouldn't want it any other way.

    I have had 2 cancer loses in the last 2 years, 5 in the last 7 years. One was brave and a battler and lived 5 years with pancreatic cancer. I wish they had all had your vigor and fighting spirit. It bodes well. I think you are about to close this one out, up 3, top of nine, only 3 outs to go to fly the "W". I believe it!

  • In reply to Quasimodo:

    That is so true. Cubs fans are a loyal bunch.

    And though I am optimistic I will close it out, I am not taking anything for granted. Thank you.

  • Nothing but a midseason slump. As you always say, John, it all about good process and I'm sure you got that down, so you're about to go on a long winning streak!

    You're the best at what you and I wish you all the best. Peace.


  • In reply to TTP:

    In a way, that is how I look at it. A temporary "slump", but keeping that routine I will eventually find my way out of it. Peace. And thank you, TTP.

  • John, I have been reading your blog daily for over 5 years and like many have done tonight I am commenting for the first time. Thank you for sharing your personal battle and thank you for all you do. You have built something unique here and I am so appreciative of it. I work in the medical field and reading your blog is a stress reliever for me. Keep up the fight! You are cherished by many.

  • In reply to Doc Holliday:

    Thank you, Doc. And when it comes to NHL, I'm its Huckleberry :)

  • John, wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Prayers have been sent...

  • John this story touches me deep and to read these responses I think shows that this place you have created goes well beyond baseball. Thank you for sharing with us all that you do. Best wishes beating this challenge, we are all pulling for you.

  • Good luck John! I like many of the people who commented before me don't comment often but would like to thank you for everything you do. I love every article and can't wait for your perspective on a Cubs World Series win!

  • Hey John,... I don't comment here terribly much, but i've been reading and relishing this blog since it began. When it began i was also writing for ChicagoNow, ostensibly writing a blog about my own battle with cancer. What i found was that i didn't want to write about it. I didn't want to think about it. I just wanted to defeat it.

    It wasn't the same battle - i had a tumor that was 99% benign, but just malignant enough to warrant three hardcore rounds of chemo (M-F, 8-4; one week on, two weeks off, with boosters). And what i did was bury myself in my new Blackhawks beat gig at The Heckler (this was late 2008, after an awful end to a Cubs season, but we all knew something was brewing on that west side ice). Chemo sucks, but distraction definitely helps.

    What this blog has done goes beyond good writing or scouting. You've had such a huge influence at such an important time in Cubs history. You, John, and the other writers here have made US better, smarter fans and we, in turn, have preached to others that YES... The rebuild is good. Have patience. The Cubs are coming.

    Winning isn't always pretty. I shaved my head, too. And beard. And it grew back stronger.

    And just like the Cubs came back strong and are winning this battle you will win yours. And when that happens, you, me and Rizzo will have to meet up for a drink. Cheers.

  • In reply to Dan Bradley:

    Thanks Dan for those very kind words. Great to hear you have won a battle of your own -- nothing is small when it comes to our health.

    This blog has really gone beyond what I expected. I hoped it would have this kind of community, but that it has been realized is incredible. And I will take you up on that drink!

  • John,
    I wish you all the best in life full of good health and happiness. You will beat this. All your readers, including me will be rooting for you. Although we have never met, you touch our lives with your writing talent and your good nature. I look forward to reading your future articles for years to come. God Bless you!

  • In reply to Trey Mcfreakin Nut:

    Thank you, Ted.

  • John,

    Good luck with your fight against this evil disease; though as dogged as you seem to be, it should be the disease receiving the best wishes. You can and will triumph.

    It is through your blog, depth of knowledge and big-picture enthusiasm that I learned about all things Cub.

    I'm from Wales, UK, and the closest I'd got to the Cubs was the brief clip of Wrigley Field in Ferris Bueller... Even then it had no significance.

    I remember being asked by my Iowan partner to go to Spring Training and responding so many times "why do I want to go and watch nothing games..."

    You created the burning fanaticism within me when you kept many of us going through the years of discontent - especially 2011-2014. When many were complaining that we hadn't signed up Fielder and Pujols, I was able to give a klnowing smile thanks to that big-picture that the blog had educated so many of us about.

    I was told that meeting you at KC Cougars and buying you a beer created a bigger smile than the day that Soriano signed the ball he'd fouled to me.

    Good luck and I look forward to buying you the next beer and many future beers in Mesa.


  • In reply to Hustlelikereed:

    Thank you. I hope you can make it back out some day. I actually enjoy the spring as much as I do the games when it comes to just baseball -- but definitely not the same atmosphere on the backfields :)

  • fb_avatar

    Positive vibes coming your way...long time reader...First time poster...thanks for all the hard work over the years...You got this

  • In reply to Tony McAlister:

    Thanks, Tony. Appreciate the post.

  • Sounds like you have gone through a lot but your toughness shines through it all. Thoughts and prayers are with you, John. You're the best.

  • In reply to xhooper:

    Thanks xhooper. Very much appreciated.

  • Keep punching up and I hope you continue to progress in your fight.

  • In reply to dbone:

    Will do! Thanks, dbone.

  • Wow, John......I don't have many words. I would think emotionally, just in that itself, it has to be a bitch but you do have an advantage few have in fighting something like this......
    the knowledge in knowing that what you do in everyday life brings so much joy and happiness to so many and that you are not alone in your fight, that others are genuinely concerned for your well being and progress. Not many facing this have that, so many fight alone and that is sad.
    You have 2 options: either you beat it or it beats you.....I put my money on you. Onward.

    John Calvin

  • In reply to Wickdipper:

    Thank you, John. And I would bet on me too :)

  • As a cancer survivor myself, I wish you the best and you will be in my prayers.

  • In reply to Hagsag:

    Thanks and congrats and best wishes to you as well, Hagsag.

  • You don't need luck. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • In reply to CubsBuck22:

    Thank you. I may not need it but I will take some good luck too :)

  • I woke up to read this. Not the way I wanted to start my day but your attitude, the numerous well wishes---many from survivors---and my own personal knowledge of improved treatments and results all made me more optimistic. You are our leader and our friend. Stay strong.

  • In reply to Hubbs16:

    Same, not the news I wanted to read this morning. But, it sounds like you are doing great. My wife works in oncology for a living and she's noted that those with more fight seem to do better in the battle. John, it sounds as though you have tremendous fight. And if it's anything like your passion for the Cubs you'll kick this disease no problem. Best of luck and Go Cubs!

  • In reply to PtownTom:

    Oh yeah...definitely a fighter. Thanks for those encouraging words.

  • In reply to Hubbs16:

    Thanks, Hubbs. I am hoping I won't even need those newer treatments, though I was pleased to hear the way radiation is administered is much more precise these days.

  • John, you're in my thoughts and prayers. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

  • In reply to Corbi296:

    Thank you.

  • Best news I've heard in a long time.

  • In reply to Michael Ernst:

    Thanks, Michael.

  • John, I think you have more fans than the Cubs! I have read this blog for about 5 years now and, as a veteran of pre-1969 Cub years, I know how lost I would have been without it during a very difficult but incredible time for the Cubs. You were and are there for us. It is nice to see so many trying to be there for you. You deserve it. I don't comment much because your other commenters are much more knowledgable than I am on baseball although I am learning a lot. I think the thing I am much impressed by is your ability to find other gifted writers and create an environment they can thrive in. May the Lord bless you and keep you. Keep on keeping on.

  • In reply to cubster:

    Thanks, Cubster. I will keep on, keeping on.

  • Sorry to hear the news, my prayers are with you. I've only been following your blog for just under three years. You and your writers are the most knowledgeable and first place I go to for Cubs news. Also, your commenters are the only commenters I look forward to seeing their posts. I appreciate all the hard work, you got this beat.

  • In reply to chicagoconniver:

    Thank you for that!

  • fb_avatar

    Hey, does anyone have a link to Chad's collection for John?

  • In reply to Christopher Wolff:

    He has taken it down. Thank you for the thought. I appreciate that.

  • John,

    Good luck on your recovery. Your blog is the best on the web.

  • In reply to VaCubFan:

    Thank you, VA!

  • John, I've been a reader from day one but never commented before. It has been so wonderful to have had you guide us through the Cubs rebuild. Your understanding of the Cubs philosophy,and the compelling way you communicated it to us has made me feel like Theo himself was taking us along for the ride. Thank you so much for the great joy you've been bringing us every day.

    I wish you a full recovery. I hope that knowing you have so many of us Cubs fans supporting you will add to your fight. All the best, John.

  • In reply to Yuji Fukunaga:

    Thank you, Yuji. I appreciate your kind comments.

  • John, keep grinding. That filthy pitcher's arm is already tired and you are about to knock him out.

    As you can see from all the supportive comments, you've built absolutely the best community on the web. We're all with you. I've been with this site 5 years now and you've brought to us an immense insight into the entire rebuild, an impressive team of passionate writers, and of course this community.

    Less comments from me over here in Japan recently, but I continue to be an avid reader. A bottle of Japanese whisky for you once you kick this thing!

    Rizzo and Arguello for co-MVPs this year.

  • In reply to TokyoCraig:

    Haha! I dunno about MVP. I am definitely more of the grinder type -- but that serves me well here :) Thank you.

  • Thanks for telling us this, John. We are all part of your "outside" family. I will pray for your full recovery.

  • In reply to cubs1969:

    It really is like our online family, isn't it? Thank you for your prayers.

  • Hi John, long-time reader, first time commenter. Just wanted to echo what everyone here is thinking - best of luck in your battle, and with your attitude and support of everyone here, I'm sure you'll prevail!


  • In reply to chris93372:

    Thanks for commenting Chris -- and these comments have indeed giving me an extra gear I didn't know I had.

  • fb_avatar

    John, ever since discovering Cubs Den I have loved the passion that comes from these stories. I hope faced with the "Cancer verdict" I have the same resolve you have. Being Cubs fans since before the 1969 season means we are optimistic by nature - never give up, I hope to continue reading your blog till the Cubs win their second World Series in our lifetime. I bet you look younger without the beard!

  • Glad to hear you're doing so well w/ the Chemo.

  • In reply to Oneear:

    Thank you.

  • John,

    I too am a long time reader, first time commenter. I love what you do here and pray everything goes well. Stay strong and kick cancers ass!

    Go Cubs!

  • In reply to nacaboose:

    Thank you and I promise I will stay strong --- especially with all this support coming from everywhere. It's humbling.

  • John,

    I love you brother. Great article. I am thinking of you.

  • In reply to Torcosign:

    Thank you!

  • fb_avatar

    I've been a consistent reader here for a few years now. I'm just not much of a writer so I stay away from the comments. I found the love of a game that I lost as a little kid through your writing. I'm 29 and with the hustle and stress of life that is something I never thought I would find again. I thought I was simply to busy.
    As many of the people above pointed out already you have a gift. Your love for the game is infectious and it pulls people in. I feel like old friends and I envy the ability to do what you do thru pen and paper. Keep your head up, there are so many here in your corner pulling for you.
    Thank you for sharing.
    God bless!

  • In reply to Bp2130:

    Thanks BP, I appreciate your comment and the kind words.

  • Best wishes, John. I hope your progress continues and this is nothing more than an blip and afterthought down the road, although I do have to imagine going through this does change a person at some level.

  • In reply to Eric:

    I hope to put it past me soon. I am not the type that looks back often. but I do imagine this isn't something that is ever completely off your radar.

  • fb_avatar

    Keep fighting the good fight. My son was diagnosed with Burkitts NHL in Feb 2014. He is currently in remission and loving life.

  • In reply to Scott Zivkovich:

    That is great to hear Scott. Always great to hear stories like that! My best wishes to your son's continued good health.

  • Keep up the fight John! You got this!

  • In reply to Ozzie24:

    THanks Ozzie!

  • John,

    You're in our thoughts & prayers and you best believe we are all in your corner rooting you on daily!

    Wishing you well and I can't thank you and your team enough for this incredible online Cub community that you'll have built.

  • In reply to drockttu:

    Thank you, drock.

  • John, I wish you continued strength of body and soul. You are a bringer of joy and enlightenment. Upon reading this, my first thought was that I only wish I could chip in and take some of that pain for you so you didn't have to. After seeing so many people share their thoughts and their histories, I wish I could take on all of your pain for all you.

    You are a community builder. We all come from across the globe, waiting with anticipation for your posts, sharing our thoughts and building common bonds. We derive joy from what gives you joy. We all know we will be enjoying this passion for many years to come. Your writing and those of your compatriots on this site really connects with all of us.

    Thank you. Go Cubs. Be Well. Godspeed. Much Love. Saude!

  • In reply to Gator:

    Thanks, Gator. I am already strong and optimistic, but all of your words have given me an extra boost -- and that can only help as we get to the stretch run.

  • fb_avatar

    I wish you all the best. You have brought together quite the community of Cubs fans here and I want to thank you for all that you do and have continued to do even as you fight your own battles. While most of us don't know you personally, we all feel some sort of attachment to you. I even feel like I know the sound of your voice even though I have never heard it. You just come through your writing.
    We all have had an encounter with cancer, unfortunately. We all just hope this story is one of overcoming some difficult obstacles. I am pulling harder for you than for the Cubs right now. I know you can beat it. Keep fighting.

  • In reply to Joe Martínez:

    Thank you Joe, as a writer, is always nice to hear your voice comes through on the page. And I will keep fighting.

  • fb_avatar

    Way to go John! Kick some ass!

  • In reply to Dan Strickland:

    Thanks, Dan.

  • John - keep on fighting the good fight. Listen to your doctors, get plenty of rest, and keep right on beating the cr@p out of that cancer.

    I've got a 27 year old niece who is gearing up to take on a cancer batter of her own - just diagnosed about a week ago. We've all had somebody we love and care about who've taken on this battle - even if we've not had to slug it out ourselves.

    Take care - and continued success. There's some fantastic treatments coming online & hopefully this is a battle we'll all be better equipped to win than we used to be.

  • In reply to drkazmd65:

    Thank you -- that is very much what I have been doing. Whatever they say and while I am still active, I realize there are times when the body says that's enough for now. so I am getting much more rest than I usually do.

  • John, My father (also named John but went by Jack) dealt with cancer years ago, so it is something I know very well. I wish you nothing but the best and I am very glad to hear you are doing so well!

  • In reply to JHickman1969:

    Thank you!

  • John - I'm so sorry that you've had the unfortunate luck of getting cancer, but I'm happy to hear that you are kicking its ass! I've been a constant follower of this blog since my sophomore year of college ( 2012-2013). At that time I was obsessed with the minor leagues as it provided one of the only glimmers of hope for the cubs. I was linked to some of your articles from cubs tracks over at bleed cubbie blue. I loved almost every article as most of your topics included in depth detail on the cubs minor league prospects, and I have been glued to this website ever since. Whenever I want to read about the Cubs I come here first and foremost. This blog is by far my favorite blog and it will continue to be my favorite. You and the rest of your staff do a tremendous job. Keep on fighting this awful disease and continue to kick its ass. I'll be looking forward to reading the next article on your cancer because that one will be about you remission.

    I know you're not a religious person, but I'll be praying for you.

    Get well soon!

  • In reply to JLynch2247:

    Thank you for the kind words and prayers, JLynch. I do appreciate that very much.

  • John,

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I know you will beat this. Get well soon!

  • In reply to Ryno23:

    Thank you, Ryno.

  • John,

    Glad to hear you are in a good place for your own stretch run. I can only hope to have your strength when faced with adversity. Thanks for all you do.

  • In reply to LetTheKidsPlay:

    Thanks. I think we all have strength when faced with this kind of adversity. Just have to reach down and find it.

  • John,
    So sorry to hear this. That is a word that no one wants to hear!!! You will fight and win this battle I know for sure!!!!! I've never meet you but consider you a friend just like everyone else on this site!! This a family here and no one ever wants anything to happen to a family member. My thought and prayers are with you and immediate family!!! Gods speed my friend!!!!!

  • In reply to Jer Bear:

    Thank you, Jer Bear! Appreciate that.

  • John,

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You will be in my prayers.

    Stay strong! You can do this!

  • In reply to RizzlyBear:

    Thank you. I can and I will.

  • fb_avatar

    Whip cancer's ass!

  • In reply to Eli Roth:

    Will do!

  • I feel bad....for these cancerous cells. It picked the wrong person to mess with.

  • In reply to npinzur:

    Indeed they did! Thanks, Noah.

  • Over the last few months, you hinted that there were other things in your life that you had to deal with, and I was hoping it was a boil on your ass or something less benign. I'm sorry to hear about your struggle with cancer but happy to hear you are already making progress in defeating it. I will keep you in my prayers.

  • In reply to Senator Blutarski:

    Haha! Thank you.

  • John, long time reader first time commenter. Cubs Den is my favorite place to go for anything Cubs related (and the best place to go in my opinion) I really appreciate all the hard work you and the staff put into this for us fans.

    In 2008 I was a 17 year old college freshman with a basketball scholarship when I was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma cancer. It was a very difficult time, I had chemotherapy and radiation and eventually surgery to my leg that cost me my ability to play sports anymore. Like you, I kept it mostly to myself and some of my family because I didn't want to lose my identity either. I just want to say that I can relate to what you're going through and from what I can tell about you through this blog and your Twitter account, you will beat this and come out on the other side an even stronger man.

    Prayers and best wishes to you from here in central Illinois as we eagerly await seeing you wave your own "W" flag in victory over this temporary setback.

  • In reply to brian23chicub:

    Thank you, Brian. These stories are always inspiring. Wishing you the best and congrats on winning your battle. I hope to do the same very soon.

  • Like John Snow you've built an army of loyal followers not because you asked for it but because you lead from strength, knowledge and respect. Your army is behind you all the way.

  • In reply to good4you:

    Thank you. That is a nice analogy. I appreciate it very much.

  • fb_avatar


    You are in my prayers..That the Lord our God will heal you and grant you and your family healing and strength!


    I won't pretend to know John's financial situation while going through this but a little extra from friends and family (which I think we are here) never hurts.

    This is a previously set-up gofundme account for all the hard work John puts in.

  • fb_avatar

    My dad was given 6 months to live while I was in high school. He beat the cancer and he lived for another 17 years!!

  • In reply to Bob from Salem:

    My dad is a survivor as well. He's as tough as nails. Going on 12 years, I think. Thank you for sharing, Bob!

  • John I am so very sorry that this has happened. I have been a Cub fan since birth and your website has provided me the best Cub info in 45 years of being a fan. I really appreciate what you do and it hit me hard reading the news. Stay strong and know that we are all praying for you and pulling for you. May the Cubs keep winning as that surely helps.

  • In reply to ElvisSanto:

    It definitely helps! Thank you.

  • Hey, John -

    I just want you to know that in the online world:

    - you are my favorite Cubs writer
    - you are my favorite sports writer
    - you are my favorite writer
    - this is my favorite blog
    - the online community that you have built here is my favorite online community

    Because of what you are doing here, don't hesitate to ask for our help, to lean on us, to share with us - anytime, ever. We are here for you.

    You matter. And that's why I know you're going to beat this.

    May the blessings of all enlightened beings be with you, to heal you completely, and to give you all the courage and strength you need.

  • In reply to HackWilson09:

    Thanks Hack. That means a lot. I've always been someone with inner strength and courage, but all of you have definitely have helped me reach another level.

  • John,

    Add me to the list of folks who religiously read your blog without commenting. Love your blog!

    I wish you the best in your fight. Sounds like so far so good. Stay positive!

  • In reply to West Coast Cubs Fan:

    Will do! Thank you for your kind comment.

  • The 2012 / 2013 timeframe was a time of professional transition for me, allowing me to re-engage on prior interests. It was about that time, I "discovered" Cubs Den and you and your insightful take on a game and a Team that I greatly enjoyed as a kid (I'm in my mid 50's now).

    Several years later, your site has substantially upgraded my understanding of the Game as its played today as well as introduced me to a few of tomorrow's Cubs. I am so grateful for your "labor of love" and the community that you've attracted.

    The news you broke yesterday greatly saddened me, but your fighting and confident spirit uplifts me. I am hopeful that you will overcome this personal challenge and continue to instill a love and appreciation for all things Cubs for many others.

    In the meantime, you are in my prayers and thoughts. As much as I love the Cubs, they pale in comparison to people, especially individuals like you that I consider as a friend.

  • In reply to Good Captain:

    Thank you, Good Captain. You have been a part of this blog so long that you and so many others certainly feel like we are friends -- and no doubt we'd get along should our paths ever cross. I know this started off as bad news, but I hope that in the end it is as optimistic as the rest of my writing.

  • John, Your fight against cancer and ability to keep going forward is the definition of a true hero. The strength you have shown in beginning to push the cancer to remission is incredible and the prayer that will come from me and everyone here will hopefully provide further enforcement to your already incredible resolution.

    There is not a person here that doesn't admire you and consider you a friend, whether we ever meet or not. You have touched us and helped us all engage in civil discussion and truly created a great place for all of us. Your current efforts inspire us further and demonstrate an unbreakable spirit that will keep you going as you overcome this monster. My thoughts and prayers will be with you daily from here on out.

  • fb_avatar

    When I saw this article, I suspected what was coming. Like others, I breathed a sigh of relief when you mentioned your great progress. It's been amazing to get a glimpse of just how widespread the Cubs Den community is from this. Now break out your Chapman fastball and close this one out!

  • Like so many others here, I rarely post, but read the blog religiously. The coverage here is better than the papers, and there's a community of like-minded folks who care about the Cubs and each other. But I had to say something after seeing your article today.

    I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through, but glad to hear that the recent news is so good. You will beat this thing! You have to. I can't help but think of Adam Fels today, and how I wish he could be writing the recaps after some of these games this year. He deserved to write about something like the incredible victory over the Mariners after having to write about so many games when the Cubs were bad. And you've got to be here too when the Cubs win it all!

    You and the other writers have made Cubs Den a special place on the web. We are rooting for you and praying for you to overcome! God bless!

  • I am sorry to hear this news, John. It brought me back to my experience with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2004-5. I went through 6 chemo treatments and 4 weeks of radiation. I was able to keep working part-time and that activity was important to my sanity during the long and boring reality that was my treatment. I would have gone bonkers had I been forced to stay home; sounds like you are like that too. My cancer is gone and shows no sign of coming back. I hope and pray that will be your experience as well.

    I say “boring” because I felt passive during my treatment. I wanted to FIGHT cancer, to BEAT cancer. But there was little I could do, beyond showing up for my treatments. Then I remembered an interview I read with a Cub pitcher years ago, I am not sure of his name. He said he did not try to beat the batter. He remembered what he knew about the batter’s strengths and weaknesses but focused on what he could do. The challenge was to do what he did best, focusing on each pitch being the best he could make it. What the better did was beyond his control.

    This led me to accept that all I could do was what I could do: show up for treatments, follow instructions, take whatever medicine they gave me, drink the dreadful chalky drink they gave me before x-rays, tolerate the endless blood draws, do what the “coaches” said, and keep a positive attitude. At the end my oncologist gave me a hokey little congratulatory certificate and commended me for my great attitude. I answered something like, ”In life you have to learn to put up with disappointment and keep on going.” What I thought was, “Let me tell you about Cleon Jones and the 1969 Mets.”

    I am writing this on August 8 and, even sitting indoors at my computer, am wearing my “Opening Night” hat from 8/8/88. My wife thinks Cub fans are a bit weird; I have a hard time proving otherwise.

    But we have learned resilience. You will come through this, John, and live well for many more years and many more days in the sunshine. You have the support and affection of so many Denizens to help you get to that happy day when the docs tell you not to come back. And maybe you too will get a hokey certificate

  • Rooting for you, John, and sending all good thoughts your way. Keep up the great fight!

  • John, like so many of the other comments, I to feel I have come to know a little about you through the articles in Cubs Den. I wish you nothing but the speediest recovery and know that you are in not just my thoughts the all of the other members of this site.

  • They say you can judge a man or woman best by his or her friends and by that measure--as there are nearly 400 posts here--I'd say the community that has gathered around you, John, should give you plenty of strength in the months and years to come. As many others have said already, the Den is a rare place for its passion, knowledge and decency. It is not an easy thing to bring to life but your success in doing so speaks volumes about your character and your ability to face what lies ahead. I just wanted to add my voice to the hundreds, maybe thousands of friends you've never met, thanking you for creating this place and offering our support going forward. This is the year, isn't it? And now, not just for our beloved Cubs but for you, too.

  • It's amazing John, that even though we don't personally no one another or have ever met, just you being you and your articles here in Cubs Den, for me over the past few years has made me feel like I's talkin' to my friend around the corner, while not a huge contributor but avid reader, thanks for being that special " kinda guy ". Glad things are heading in the right direction for you, your family, you no doubt have what it takes to knock this thing out for good. All the best John, we're all with you my friend.

  • fb_avatar

    Hi John,

    Thank you for sharing your story. You are brave in words and deeds. I wish you a speedy recovery and strength whenever you need it. You got this.

    You inspire us all.


  • fb_avatar

    John...Wow...stopped by today to get my fill of the latest cubs news and instead i get a reminder of what is really important...your health. God bless you and your family.

  • John I just want to say continue what you are doing and everything will be ok. All of us are different at different stages of our lives. Unfortunately I lost my father a year ago this past July to Leukemia. He fought brilliantly for 3 years but he was also battling COPD and other things as well that made the Leukemia that much more difficult to beat. I know in a way what you are going through and how difficult it is sometimes to be vulnerable when all you want to be is strong for yourself and your family. From reading your articles almost daily and your responses to readers, I can tell how strong of a person you are and you will beat this for good! Thank you for all that you do for thus site and always providing us with the best Cubs content out there. You are great brother!!


  • Another thought...Respect 90. Years that is. I expect you to live, really live, at least that long.

  • John, I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis but I am glad to hear of your progress. I believe that you don't need to apologize for not telling people sooner. Everyone needs to deal with things in their own way. I'm proud of you and keep up the good fight! Go Cubs!

  • John, Your writing skills are so outstanding, you even made this topic an enjoyable read. Inspiring is probably a better word. I haven't been able to make it out to Sloan Park much this summer, but I look forward to seeing you at some Arizona Fall League games (the ones that don't conflict with Cubs playoff and WS games) and then talking Cubs baseball in the spring. Dale

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