Cubs Notes: Happ, Caratini HR in Futures game; Cubs lose MLB Game, notes/pics from backfields

I would have loved to have made it out to Surprise for the Futures game but had no way of getting there, so I took in some baseball on the backfields again — though many of the Cubs heralded young players were obviously not there.

The Cubs lineup for the Futures Game was as follows…

  1. Jacob Hannemann, LF
  2. Albert Almora, CF
  3. Jeimer Candelario, 3B
  4. Dan Vogelbach, 1B
  5. Willson Contreras, C
  6. Billy McKinney, DH
  7. Gleyber Torres, SS
  8. Ian Happ, 2B
  9. Mark Zagunis, RF

Ian Happ hit a long HR off thighly regarded pitching prospect Dillon Tate.


Here is video of the HR


Victor Caratin, who I think is in for a big season, homered as well.  Willson Contreras, Dan Vogelbach, and Mark Zagunis each had two hits.

On the mound, Carl Edwards, Jr. started and pitched a scoreless inning and perhaps most encouraging is that Dillon Maples struck out the side in his one inning of work. According to @longenhagen, Maples was in the low to mid 90s and appears to have junked the big curve for a slider, which flashed plus. Perhaps there is still hope.

Cubs lose, but Hendricks pitches well

The Cubs managed only 5 hits, 2 of them by Kyle Schwarber in a 5-0 loss to the Rangers.  The good news is that Hendricks continued to pitch well, going 5 innings and allowing just two runs, while bullpen hopefuls Manny Parra and Spencer Patton continued to impress with a scoreless inning each.  Patton had a 1-2-3 inning in which he struck out 2.

Other than the offense, the only other downside was that Adam Warren allowed 3 runs, though only one was earned.

Here is the complete box score.

Notes from the backfields

  • Paul Blackburn pitched well today using an 89-92 mph FB, a big breaking curve in the mid 70s, and a solid change.  His control was good but the command was average on this day.  Blackburn looks like he is settling more into a back end starter type as he did not project physically as some have hoped.
  • Taylor Scott threw 90-91, touching 92 and did a good job of changing speeds.
  • It was a short-handed roster because of the Futures Game but it was interesting to see Wladimir Galindo take some swings against well-regarded arms like Raul Alcantara (92-94 mph, hard slider) and Lou Trivino (97-98 mph FB).  He singled up the middle against Alcantara and flew out deep to CF against Trivino.  He was a mixed bag on defense, making a couple of nice plays but also airmailing a throw on another.
  • Gioskar Amaya nearly HR, hitting the top of the wall in LF.
  • AZ Phil has the recaps of the A ball games at Fitch Park.

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  • That Happ swing was pretty!

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  • And the crack of the bat was loud. Like Javy Baez loud.

  • Not a bad lineup!

  • fb_avatar

    I felt I was watching "Trouble with the curve" when Clint Eastwood says he can hear "it". There is a definite different sound when someone really hits it, esp. when it's Soler or Baez, KB or Schwarber.
    Good recap; it's good to hear about the 2nd tier of prospects do well too.

  • fb_avatar

    Do Spring Training games have any meaning at all? The Giants are essentially rolling out their starting lineup today vs. Arrieta: Span CF, Panik DH, Duffy 3B, Posey C, Pence RF, Belt 1B, Crawford SS, Pagan LF, Tomlinson 2B. Bumgarner SP (Not hitting).

  • In reply to Cubs Win 009:

    It is a good chance for your starting line up to face elite pitching.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to WaitTilNextYear:

    Yep. Cubs think along the same lines with their lineup vs. Bumgarner. Interesting that Bryant is in LF. Is it just me, or does it sure seem like the Cubs are showing Cadelario? Fowler CF, Heyward RF, Bryant LF, Rizzo 1B, Zobrist 2B, Montero C, Russell SS, Candelario 3B, Arrieta P

  • In reply to Cubs Win 009:

    I recently read Maddon talking about the importance of avoiding a slow start to the regular season, citing the energy and stress of trying to dig out of any early hole that's dug. He said he would like to get the regulars a lot of playing time, I think even specifying the last 10 days of spring.

    You're probably right on Candelario.He's somewhat blocked here going forward.He could probably net a good young pen arm on his own, or be quality sweetener in a bigger deal. Thankfully, we are loaded with good players in his same situation.

  • In reply to Cubs Win 009:

    No I don't think it's just you. He's positionally blocked and is starting to look very good. Could be a very strong chip in a trade.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to TC154:

    He sure seems like someone who could help get that young starting pitcher you want. I'm starting to come around and see that as a real possibility at the deadline.

  • In reply to Cubs Win 009:

    You would think they are either show-casing him or trying to find out what they really have.

  • I don't think that was Dillon Tate on the mound. It doesn't look like him to me.

  • In reply to nukee:

    Eric Longenhagen said it was Ariel Jurado

  • If I remember right Caratini really turned it on in the playoffs last year and was instrumental in the victory for Myrtle Beach. Really looking forward to his AA season.

  • Anybody know what happened to Jake Arrieta?

  • Blister

  • fb_avatar

    Montero hasn't looked that good and Zobrist let a ball get by him, but did you see that play that JHey just made. Span is on 2nd, the ball goes to Hayward, he has a little bobble, hesitates and then a rope to home in perfect position to catch and tag Span. That's why he gets a GG in RF.

  • Earth to Madison Bumgarner: Stop worrying about Cubs players looking at other Cubs players. He saw Heyward look at Fowler and he thinks something tricky was going on? Are you kidding me? Worry about getting outs which you had trouble doing today. Obviously you fear this lineup as you should. What a baby. And it's only spring training!

    #We are good little %&*$

  • The bummer of spring training...aside from Arrieta's I think we all hoped this would be the time that Soler really took playing the outfield by the horns, but instead he is looking more and more like a DH in waiting. The Fowler re-signing now looks huge

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