Jason Heyward takes BP (Video)

Sorry for sounding so out of breath but had to run down to get video before Heyward finished BP.  I didn’t want to edit out the sound either because we do want to hear the crack of the bat!


Also apologize for the labels, something I didn’t want to have to do but found out yesterday my Jason Heyward pic was appropriated without permission or credit by numerous people. Live and learn.

To their credit, CBS Chicago fixed it and re-inserted my original photo. I respect their accountability and for fixing it so quickly, so please give their new and improved article a read. Here’s the link.

Bonus: Here are a couple of photos of Heyward working with hitting coach John Mallee…

Heyward Mallee

Heyward Mallee 2

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  • What a beautiful sight and sound! Almost there!

  • He is got such a smooth stroke.

  • He looks to be in good playing shape as well which is a great sign. No Pablo Sandovaling after a big contract.

  • In reply to nukee:

    Yes, good to see -- and he's there really early.

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    Looks interesting but I think I'll just watch it on Born on Third later today.

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    In reply to Mike Moody:

    Serious suggestion about the watermarks. I know they have to be there -- unfortunate reality of the Internet era -- but there are ways to make them more translucent so they are clearly there but less intrusive to a casual viewer. I believe Powerpoint allows you to do it even if you don't want to spend $50 million (or something like that) on Photoshop.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    I know. Still have originals if anyone asks for them. Mauricio is going to show me how to do it but had to do something for now.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    I had to look twice to even notice the watermark. Evidently I was transfixed by the joyous sight of Heyward launching baseballs wearing Cubbie blue..

  • In reply to Eisman57:

    Added a couple more photos to the post -- Heyward was doing some work with Mallee.

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    In reply to Eisman57:

    Maybe it stood out to me because I was looking for it. I really don't have a problem with it at all.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:


  • "We love Hayward ! We must sign Heyward. He's our big star. He was worth tons of wins for us, just look at his WAR. His defense is unparel...unpar.. er, really good. He's so solid anywhere in the lineup...
    --signed, Cardinals fans last fall.

    "Who, Heyward? He's not that good. He's not a 'leader'. He didn't have many RBIs. He has no power. WAR is bogus. We're loaded in the OF. We won't miss him. Cubs suck anyways....."

    --signed, Cardinals fans....upon hearing that their huge offer was rejected, and that the Cubs signed Heyward.

  • In reply to Cubfucius:

    Cards fans probably thought Ryan Theriot was Rogers Hornsby after he went there.

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    Has he trimmed down since his last days in Atlanta? Looking lean and strong.

  • One week left!

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    I almost can't take my eyes off the ticker now that it's under 7 days to go.

  • In reply to Brian Steiner:

    It's set to run out on midnight the day of the 19th. Wanted it that way because when we wake up, it will be on zero. Nothing much happens on that day, but the 20th should be crazy.

  • Thanks for posting. Love seeing videos like this

  • In reply to Dyl1010:

    You're welcome.

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    Thanks for the video...I'm anxiously awaiting my flight departure on 2/17 from Minnesota, I'll be staying with my family in Bullhead City, AZ. My father and 3 younger brothers and big Cubs fans also and have tickets for games Mar 4, 5, and 6. Hope to catch you at one of those games and meet the man that provides us with all this wonderful Cubs info.

  • Ah, the crack of bat hitting a baseball... just what I need to placate my symptoms of Cubs withdrawal that I've had for the last few months. It got so bad I almost turned to sports radio to get my Cubs fix... that God for this site.

  • Thanks! Seeing these guys out there is really getting me excited for the season.

  • So, so great to see. Thanks, John!

  • Lots of people linking your work (with appropriate credit given!). You must be doing something right. Keep it up, and thank you!

  • In reply to BarleyPop:

    I noticed. Lot of links, retweets, etc for the videos, pics -- everyone is eager to see Heyward. I had to speak up so glad people are giving proper credit now.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Awesome to see Mallee working with Heyward on the leg kick already. That's such a trademark of his.
    Your work is completely unique, John. Thanks so much

  • In reply to ericccs:

    He stands with his legs very close together. Because of this and his open toe-touch (pointed at pitcher) he never gets into a good backside rotation. I will not comment more, but he is a great athlete with some work to do with Mallee.

  • Oh man, oh man, oh man....when Heyward makes the swing adjustments we've hinted at this winter, and becomes the 30HR/yr guy we all thought he'd be when with the Braves? Giddy-yup indeed. This offense could be laughably good.

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    John, I noticed your video on the Post-Dispatch Card talk board.

  • My friend said Heyward's new swing looks very similar to Ike Davis but I don't see that at all

  • In reply to Bash Bros:

    Just si long as the results aren't the same...

  • they working on his leg kick? seems to be more pronounced.

  • Nice shout out for you, John, on CSN. At least this time they credited you and not the imposter!


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