Daily Cubs Minors Recap: Soler gets call, Cease sharp; Myrtle Beach offense provides fireworks, lots of PICS from Mesa

It was the 4th, so we were doing the BBQ, beers, and fireworks thing while catching a few innings of the Mesa game in between.  This is the last day of my parent’s visit, so please consider this a catch-all post until the recap after the game.

Some promotion news:

Jorge Soler gets the call and will be in the lineup today.  Matt Szczur goes down to Iowa again.

Other news…

  • C Taylor Teagarden also got the call to temporarily back up Montero.
  • LHP Michael Heesch to AAA Iowa
  • Catcher Cael Brockmeyer to AA Tennessee
  • RP David Berg to Class A Myrtle Beach
  • RP Brad Markey to Class A Myrtle Beach

Like the MLB recap, this will be a short one and we’ve followed up on a request to get more pics of the group at Mesa.  My wife joined me and brought her camera, so they are of much better quality as well.  Click the score links for more detail.

And scroll down to the gallery at the bottom of this page for some great pics….

New Orleans 7 – Iowa 0

  • Frank Batista seems to be able to dominate AA but can’t get over the hump in AAA.  He just doesn’t miss enough bats, allowing 11 hits, struck out none, and gave up 5 runs in 5 IP.
  • The offense was completely shut down today — Mike Olt was hitless again and his average dropped to .214 at Iowa.  Kyle Schwarber went 0 for 3 but managed to draw a walk.  Behind the plate he gunned down the only runner trying to steal and played clean defense overall.

Birmingham 4 – Tennessee 1

  • Felix Pena had gotten off to a hot start but the 6’2″ RHP with the 89-92 mph FB, good curve, and change has fallen back a bit.  He walked 4 and gave up 4 runs in 6 innings to fall to 5-4 with  a 3.81 ERA.
  • Only hits for the Smokies.  Jacob Hannemann got on with a double and then scored on Bijan Rademacher‘s double.  Hannemann also walked.

Myrtle Beach 16 – Carolina 4

  • LHP Michael Heesch came on for Jonathan Martinez who got knocked out in the 2nd inning after allowing 3 runs.  Heesch picked up the pieces and went 4 innings of two hit, one walk baseball, allowing just one run and improving to 5-0 with a 1.85 ERA.
  • I am not sure with Juan Paniagua is still in A ball considering his age and success there this season.  Perhaps he is in line for a promotion soon.  He pitched 2 scoreless innings of relief to improve his ERA to 2.73.
  • Jeimer Candelario (4 for 6, double, triple, 3 RBI, 3 runs), Daniel Lockhart (2 for 5 double, run, 3 RBI), and Trey Martin (2 for 3, double, 2 BBs, run, 2 RBI) all got things rolling with 2 run doubles in the very first inning.
  • Jacob Rogers (3 for 6) hit his 10th HR, scored twice and drove in 4.  He also doubled.
  • Chesny Young, Pin-Chieh Chen, and Carlos Penalver all had a pair of knocks.  One of Young’s hits was a double. Victor Caratini scored 3 runs, doubled, and walked.


South Bend 1 – Bowling Green 0

  • I always thought Michael Wagner was miscast as a reliever because he has solid stuff across the board, a big pitcher’s body, and a good idea of how to pitch.  I think he needs a bigger canvas.  He is getting that chance with South Bend and so far, so good.  He pitched 6 scoreless innings (2 hits, 2 BBs, 2 Ks) to pick up the win and improve to 1-0 with a 0.63 ERA in two starts.
  • Good relief work from Ryan McNeil, who pitched 2 scoreless innings to drop his ERA to 3.19.  The former 3rd round pick is improving rapidly as the season goes on.  I’d like to see him get stretched out next season.  The sidearming Corbin Hoffner seems to have found a relief niche.  He pitched a scoreless inning for his first save and has yet to allow a run at South Bend.
  • OF Jeffrey Baez provided all the offense South Bend needed with a solo HR (2), but it has been a rough year overall.
  • 10th round pick Vimael Machin rapped two doubles.

Vancouver 5 – Eugene 4

  • Andin Diaz can throw pretty hard (mid 90s when I saw him) but he seemed to have little idea of where it was going today with 6 walks that led to 3 runs (2 earned) in 4 innings.  He did strike out 6.  He’s a bit of a high effort type who generates velo with great arm speed and doesn’t have great size, so I see him as bullpen arm down the line.
  • Jae-Hoon Ha is having some success as a reliever so far.   One inning pitched with no walks and one K knocked his ERA down to 3.52 at Eugene.
  • Solid day for Donnie Dewees who went 2 for 5 with an RBI but most of the offense was provided by the 5-6-7 hitters.  Tyler Alamo doubled, singled and scored twice.  Ian Rice singled twice, walked, scored twice and drove in a run.  He also stole a base.  SS Ho-Young Son knocked in two and went 1 for 3 overall.

 AZL Indians 5- AZL Cubs 0

  • I missed Dylan Cease‘s 3 inning start (no hits, 1 walk, 3 Ks), but our good friend AZ Phil told me he was sharp — even better than the last time we saw him, using his FB (96-97) while mixing in more curves and change-ups. As I’ve said here before, I think Cease can start.  The delivery is athletic and fluid for the the most part, though there is a slight hitch at the top that I don’t think is a problem and may even add some deception.  The arm action is clean. It almost reminds me of a golf swing in how it starts slowly as it goes back and then accelerates and whips through on the follow through.   I think he can sustain it over a starter’s workload.  The floor is he can be a late inning reliever, of course, but he and Duane Underwood have the best shot at cracking the top of the Cubs rotation some day.
  • This was my first look at new acquisition Manuel Rondon.  The LHP was acquired for catcher Rafael Lopez and showed a 90-92 mph FB, low 80s change, and a mid 70s curve.  He got knocked around a bit, however, in his 4 innings of work (5 hits, 4 runs, 3 earned) but did not walk a batter and struck out 3.
  • Not much to show on offense.  Wladimir Galindo hit a couple of balls hard but was just 1 for 4 and 37th rd pick Donnie Cimino had the only other hit.  Alex Bautista drove one to the LF-CF warning track…but yeah, not much to talk about here.

DSL Cubs 14 – DSL Marlins 3

 VSL Phillies 6 – VSL Cubs 4


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  • Thanks for these great updates. We be nice to see how they develop
    in the years to come

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    You're welcome. Hope you enjoyed the pics too.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Great to see the pics and put some faces to some of the names.Hopefully some of those guys get to fulfill a dream by making it to the bigs.

  • In reply to Pura Vida:

    Wish i had gotten there earlier to get a pic of Cease, but he is actually a guy I've had several pictures of in the past, going back to HS.

    Fun to watch these kids. So hard to project at this point. I like Galindo, Cease, Moreno, Willis -- and I am really a fan of Monasterio despite the numbers. He is the deepest of deep sleepers on my radar.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    As a fan of good names, I hope Monasterio makes it! Too bad we didn't get Skye Bolt in the draft, too. We need someone to pick up the mantel after Rock Shoulders left the org.

  • In reply to Pura Vida:

    Ha! I am curious also about the way he spells his first name. Usually see that from players from Curacao (i.e. Andruw Jones) but Monasterio is from the DR. Maybe there is a background there I don't know about.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    My guess is that it's a phonetic thing as "u" has that "oo" sound in Spanish. I've never met an Andrew/Andruw in Costa Rica though. Just a lot of Andres'. Maybe a more common name in Caribbean nations?

  • In reply to Pura Vida:

    I think most Spanish speaking countries would use Andres, which makes it that much more unusual that he is an Andruw from the DR.

  • In reply to Pura Vida:

    Sorry... I mean that "ew" sound. As in Pepe LePew. Heh heh.

  • In reply to Pura Vida:

    Wait, my mistake. He is from Venezuela but that makes more sense now. Proximity of Venezuela to Curacao makes it more likely he has some background.

  • In reply to Pura Vida:

    I saw Rock Shoulders Friday night playing for the Hickory Crawdads (Texas Rangers - Low A). He played 1B. He had a double and saved his 3B two throwing errors.

  • In reply to dumbass:

    Chest Rockwell is tearing it up in the California League too.

  • Great pics of a few of the kids, John. And great news re: Soler.

  • fb_avatar

    Just saw Coughlin drive in Denorifa. He is clutch and with Soler back our bench is that much stronger with Denorifa there. The pitching has held up lately, esp. with Ramirez back. I think the 2nd half of the season is looking better than the first.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jonathan Friedman:

    I am actually getting excited about the 'pen. I think it is currently made up of: Rondon, Strop, Ramirez, Grimm, Russell, Motte, Jackson, Wood. I actually really like that balance. It has 4 guys who throw 95+, 2 Lefties, 2 long men/mop up guys. I know there is a lot of animosity toward Jackson and Wood but when they have pitched they have been effective. For those who say they are only good in low leverage I still insist that there are a lot of low leverage innings and I would rather not waste pitches from Rondon, Strop, Ramirez, Grimm and Motte who are valuable in higher leverage situations. The bullpen has become a strength.

  • Denorfia and Motte signings are looking pretty good these days.

  • What's the latest on Baez? Will he be joining Iowa soon?

  • In reply to Holy Cattle:

    He's doing drills, but has not begun hitting live BP last I heard...

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Getting a solid foundation under him again may be a big help in the end. I am not discouraged by tee-drills. You can't learn in game situations. One thing I noticed about every one of these kids in photos showing the feet in the box, is that it appears all of them kept their weight inside their back foot: photos 11, 18, and 3 you can tell just in his stance. Baez was sitting over his back foot in load.

  • This much time later, it looks like the Dempster for Hendricks trade is working out better than the original Dempster for Randy Delgado trade, which didn't follow through.

    Hendricks is looking like a pretty decent pick up, Delgado is just a bullpen arm now. At the time though most wanted Delgado instead.

  • fb_avatar

    so michael heesch went from high-A myrtle beach to AAA iowa?

  • Now I am really starting to hate what the Cubs are doing with the international money. Now we have no chance to sign that 19 year old kid that just defected from Cuba he is supposed to be a stud! They really need to throw 13 or 14 mill at eddy Julio Martinez they need to get him

  • In reply to Jjdgolf:

    Is this part of tthat, or does he come in under that Puig and Abreu got all the money in the world?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jjdgolf:

    If you are speaking of Jorge Ona he will not be elibigle to sign until next July according to MLBTR.

  • In reply to johnsmithcubfan:

    Yah ona is supposed to be a stud

  • In reply to Jjdgolf:

    Remember when all the talent evaluation "experts" said Schwarber was mid-late 1st rounder and the Cubs reached for him at #4?... Yeah, good times.... I trust this FO more than any media/subscription talent evaluating "expert".

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    We have the best FO IMO. The "experts" and especially the fans don't have anywhere near the information that our FO has. There is no way our FO should be listening to the fans for how to do things. I will just sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    I'm not saying I don't either I love the FO I just would love one of the top players

  • In reply to Jjdgolf:

    My point was, there's a chance they weren't ranked as highly by our evaluators vs the media rankings... Who knows?

    Show me another MLB Player signed as an IFA in 2006 that has put up more career WAR than Starlin Castro. Not only was he NOT the top prospect in that class, he wasn't considered to be the best SS prospect the Cubs signed. Junior Lake was at $500K. Starlin got a paltry $50K.

    it's a crap shoot with these kids. But this FO considers so many factors and collects data/information that our old FO ignored.

  • fb_avatar

    what happened to eloy jimeneze in eugene?

  • Last night they said Teagarden was called up because Ross was put on the concussion DL, at which point I thought "so much for those who wanted Schwarber up at any cost for his bat." Apparently the FO didn't agree with them.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to jack:

    I was wondering about Teagarden. Did we have to make a 40-man roster move or does MLB have an exception for pulling up a back up catcher so that the regular back up can go on a short 7-day DL with a concussion? I hope so. The 40-man roster is getting full of talent and a lot of guys that would have trouble clearing waivers.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Joel Mayer:

    He had to be put on the 40-man. You can't play in the majors without being on the 40-man....no exceptions.

    The most obvious cuts are off the roster, but I still think we have some room

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Zonk:

    I was hoping for an exception but that was why I was asking.

  • Does anyone know if Norge Ruiz is eligible to sign now? He is supposed to be a stud too and rank 8 as the best Cubans on baseball america

  • So the Phillies made the trade with the Diamondbacks I was hoping the Cubs would make and picked up almost 3 mill in international money

  • fb_avatar

    John, thank you and your wife very much for the pics !

    Great to put faces w names

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