Red Sox DFA Drake Britton. Could Cubs be interested?

Small bit of news but one that is potentially of interest to Cubs fans.


Britton is a LHRP who has shown some promise, posting a 3.05 and 2.83 FIP the past two seasons, though that only amounts to 25 IP total, so small sample size disclaimers apply.

Still, Britton has good velo for a lefty, routinely hitting 92-94 mph (has topped out at 97) with solid control (2.83 walks per 9 IP), though he did struggle at AAA . He had Tommy John surgery recently and has struggled to find consistency. Britton also throws a hard slider and a change. If Britton has struggled at times, it is because he seems to nibble around sometimes rather than attacking hitters, as pitching coach Chris Bosio likes his pitchers to do.

The front office certainly knows him, having drafted him in the 23rd round of the 2007 draft.

The Red Sox made the move after signing RHP Alexi Ogando, a reliever the Cubs have shown some interest in in the past. Ogando, 31, is more of a risk these days because of some shoulder issues, however, and the Cubs do seem set with RH power relievers. don’t have the room for with their young, talented bullpen.

Might work out for the Cubs as Britton would appear to be a better fit for them. Might be worth a flyer, especially since he is just entering his prime at 25, though it would cost a roster spot and maybe even a player if the Red Sox try to work out a deal here. One hold up may be that Britton is out of options and the Cubs may not want to guarantee him a spot on the active roster.

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  • John, my personal opinion would be to go after him, Sounds like another project for Bosio, but with great potential reward. Our big guys know him well and if they get him, it's because they know it will only benefit the team and also have faith in him. Let them do their magic if it's meant to be!!!

  • In reply to Jer Bear:

    Great arm, could be worth a shot, but if he doesn't make the team they probably lose him.

  • Any chance he clears and accepts a minor league deal?

  • In reply to Cincycub:

    He has no options left. They'd have to DFA him again.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I guess I was asking if he might take a minor league/ ST invite deal. Or more to the point, can we get an extended look at him without giving up a roster spot?

  • In reply to Cincycub:

    Unfortunately not. If that could be done, Boston would keep him themselves.

  • fb_avatar

    pass. not worth the roster spot.

  • In reply to SKMD:

    I think this is a move they would have definitely made even last year, but yeah, stakes are different this year.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Unless we are happy with our other LHRP prospects, we need someone. The question is whether Britton would be someone we'd depend on for that role.

  • In reply to SKMD:

    5.86 earned run mark in 58 1/3 in AAA last year. The Cubs have a surplus of Bosio projects already. I agree, pass.

  • I doubt it.

    The Cubs already have pitching roster issues.

    Of the 12 man staff, 9 spots are taken (Lester, Arrieta, Hammel, Hendricks, Ramirez, Strop, Rondon, Grimm, and Motte)

    With Turner, Wood, Wada, Doubront and EJax fighting it out for the last 3 spots and no options.

    I would be surprised if they bring a LHP in with no options and questionable record.

  • Assuming Wood gets first crack at the fifth starter role, that leaves Wada, Doubrount, Ortiz, and Rosscup (plus Turner) fighting for the two lefty spots remaining. Rondon, Ramirez, Motte, Grimm, and Strop are locks without a trade. Another "project" for Bosio doesn't make much sense unless there is something there that the Red Sox couldn't fix during 500 innings in the minors.Only Rosscup, and Ortiz with his permission, can be sent down, so Britton would have to be better than Wada, Doubrount, and Turner to take the 40th spot-- unless plan is to flip him for a prospect with options.

  • In reply to charactercounts:

    Its too bad we couldnt complete the Fowler trade a few days earlier. I'd like to have Kickham back. In this case I think German has more upside potential and we probly have enough lhrp guys.

  • I don't dislike Schlitter or Parker, but I'd sacrifice one of 'em to get Britton. I was kinda mad we dumped Kickham before one of those 2!

  • Schlitter stinks in tight situations. Parker is a 4A pitcher who has never succeeded at the MLB level, and like Schlitter, stinks in tight situations.

  • In reply to mutant beast:

    parker has been solid as a reliever for the Cubs. his numbers show that. he is a luxury that unlike most teams the cubs have. but parker wont be the first to come up from iowa (unless their is a roster crunch) it will be rivero.

    as a reliever he would be on most teams 25 man.

  • The Drake?! Hate the Drake!

  • In reply to YouCannotBeSerious:

    Love the Drake! Maybe not enough for a roster spot, though.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Ha! Touche.

  • MLB Top 100 prospects - 6 Cubs

    # 2 Bryant
    # 5 Russell
    # 22 Solar
    # 47 Edwards
    # 49 Schwarber
    # 57 Almora

  • In reply to SouthsideB:

    MLB Top 50 prospects - Cardinals = 0.

  • In reply to hoffpauir6:

    That didn't go through my mind at all.

  • In reply to KGallo:

    I was actively watching to see if the Cardinals had any more ranked prospects, because it's not just what you have coming but what the other guy doesn't have coming.

    Less worried about the Pirates because their best players will always leave once they become FAs.

  • In reply to hoffpauir6:

    Pirates had 4 in the top 50 And 4 or 3 more 51 through 100.

  • Pretty sweet that 10% of the top 50 are Cubs!

  • Britton's minor league stats are pedestrian. Sure he's a lefty, but I'd rather see the Cubs deal one or two of their surplus RHRP's to add a quality lefty they will be able to depend upon.

  • Britton: what are his splits? If he can do the LOOGY role, Cubs should be interested. Current candidates are an uninspiring bunch--Ortiz, Rosscup, maaaybe Cervenka. Perhaps the FO isn't convinced that a true lefty specialist is a necessity in a modern bullpen, but if they are, the Cubs appear to still need one.

  • In reply to notcarlosdanger:

    We have 5 candidates for 5th starter and 3 of them are LH'd. I hope Turner runs away with the 5th spot, and I wouldn't mind Wood & Wada going to the pen as a result.

    I can't wait to see the opening day roster!

  • ....aaaand......Moncada is unblocked and free to sign. Oh well. It'll be one less team with the willingness to spend $$ on James Shields, so there's that I guess. And one less team to compete with for IFAs this coming summer as well.

  • I am under the impression that the Cubs would be in a "subtracting" mode versus "adding" players. start the ball moving with Castillo, Wood, Ejax, etc. Is Britton good enough to be on the 40-man roster on April 5th?

  • Wada is being underestimated. I believe Wood will be moved somehow as the FO has determined Doubront gives that role more flexibility. Turner is a lock. Britton doesn't raise the bar.

  • After reading that the White Sox only owe newly DFA Viciedo $700k of his recently signed $4.5M contract, I was curious which newly signed Cubs players have guaranteed contracts : Travis Wood, Castillo, Denorfia, Fowler, or Ross?

    Could any or all of these be dumped before the beginning or end of ST without having to pay their entire salary?

    (Seems like we cut newly signed FA George Kottaras last spring without having to pay his entire salary)

  • fb_avatar

    If he's good go get him but not because he's from the BoSox

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