My Dream Scenario for the Cubs this Week

I have this dream scenario laid out for the Cubs.  The key word being “dream”.

The Cubs have one of the top 5 farm systems in baseball and it will likely continue to be that way heading into next year.   It’s possible that none of their top 10 prospects will achieve rookie status this year.  Only Arismendy Alcantara has a realistic shot at that.

But not only will the Cubs retain their current prospects heading into 2015, they will add to it through the draft and deadline deals.  There are many ways these deals could go down, but this is how I would not just add to the Cubs prospect cache, but actually fill in it’s weakest spots at the same time.

Step 1: Trade Jeff Samardzija in a package to the Colorado Rockies for Eddie Butler, David Dahl, and the 35th pick in the draft.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports says the Cubs have indeed been looking to acquire a competitive balance pick and the pool money that goes with it.  There aren’t a lot of realistic options for the Cubs, but the Rockies are the most realistic.

Given we have heard there is interest between the two teams on a Samardzija deal and that one source told us they’d be willing to deal Butler and Dahl, maybe the Cubs can sweeten the pot and obtain the 35th pick as well.

I know that there are some, including the highly respected writer Jason Parks as well as a scouting source of mine, who believe Samardzija isn’t worth that sort of package, but I do know a front office exec who believes he’s worth a top 25 prospect and more.  So opinion varies.

You can bet that Theo Epstein and the Cubs front office will push for a big return and that it only takes one team to make that happen.  Even that scout I spoke of put it this way, “Somebody will pay big for Samardzija, but it would not be me.”

Is this kind of trade unlikely?  Probably.  Out of the question?  I wouldn’t go quite that far.

Step 2:  Draft C Max Pentecost and sign him to an under slot deal.

Okay, if this is a dream then Brady Aiken falls to the Cubs, but I am trying to balance some more realistic options with some less realistic options.

Step 3: Take that saved money and then draft prep RHP Jake Bukauskus with the 35th pick and RHP Jack Flaherty with their 45th pick.

These are just 2 suggestions that I have heard linked to the Cubs but there are obviously a lot of prep arms who could be there for one of those picks: Sean Reid-Foley, Michael Kopech, Dylan Cease (if healthy) to name a few, though it is unlikely in the case of Foley and Kopech.

But for sake of simplicity, let’s go with the two names we mentioned first.

The haul:

Power Pitchers

The Cubs add one of the top pitching prospects in the game in Eddie Butler, who should be ready to replace Samardzija by sometime in 2015 plus one of the best power arms in the draft in Jake Bukauskus as well as one of it’s more projectable arms in Jack Flaherty.


The Cubs have some interesting catching prospects such as Rafael Lopez, Willson Contreras, Will Remillard, and Mark Malave — but all lack the polish and/or skills to be an everyday catcher right now.  That could change, but realistically, that’s how it stands right now.  Max Pentecost would immediately become their best catching prospect and the closest starting level prospect at that position to the major leagues.  He should be ready by the time Castillo becomes a free agent.

The Lefty Bat

David Dahl is an intriguing LH bat with the capability of playing very good defense in the corners.  He would become the best LH hitting OF prospect in their system.

The haul would close the gaps in the Cubs system and make it the best in baseball, with many of the top 10 prospects ready or near-ready to contribute by 2015: Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, Arismendy Alcantara, Eddie Butler, and possibly Jorge Soler, CJ Edwards, and Pierce Johnson.  Bukauskus and Flaherty would add high ceiling pitching talent to the lower levels and Dahl gives them a lefty bat who could be ready to come up with Albert Almora in the next couple of years.

Easy as 1-2-3, right?

Maybe not, but I can dream, can’t I?


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  • I like the way you dream.

  • In reply to Holy Cattle:

    Haha! I can dream BIG.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I like it John, makes sense to me

  • Sounds good to me

  • In reply to Ike03:


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    I agree except: trade Shark + EJax for Butler, Dahl, PTBNL (Gray), and 35th pick.

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    It appears I have been out-dreamed!

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    Then the Dodgers call and say they MUST have Hammels, and they INSIST we take Joc & Urias.

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    Let me guess: then you woke up and your pillow was gone, right?

  • I like it!!!

    I think it's time to pull the trigger on Samardzija.


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    I like it! And then to extend the dream, the team might get 1.1 next year.

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    That would be right up there with a Kate Upton dream !!!!! While your dreaming , throw in Soler , Conway , and McNeil staying healthy. Anyone here anything about McNeil ?

  • In reply to Sportsgod:

    Let's not get carried away here :)

  • I did not know draft picks could be traded in baseball.

  • In reply to disappointed:

    Only compensatory picks can be traded.

  • In reply to disappointed:

    competitive balance picks

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Those too.....:)

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    This gives me a sad. It puts our competition window to hopefully 2016 may be even 2017.

    I do not have a problem with the trade in itself I just want to shoot for almost ready prospects so that our window does not get pushed back to much longer.

  • In reply to Richard Hood:

    Well, I have to assume the Cubs won't be able to extend Samardzija, so make the best of it.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    I totally agree with you. And I really like your trade/draft plan but the reality of it just bursts my hyper aggressive bubble.

    I still want a couple guys up to get their taste this year and some off season moves to make us a player or 2 away from contending so when the next wave comes up they are filling holes and we are on our way. I know a pipe dream.

  • I would add to that the trade of Hammel for another nice package along the lines of what we received back for Garza or Dempster. Cubs would have the #1 AND the #2 system.....;)

  • In reply to IrwinFletcher:

    Hammel doesn't have the track record of either. Expect a Feldman-like return.

  • In reply to Tippy:

    I really like that deal to the Rockies. I would throw in Christian Villanueva to sweeten the deal and allow Bryant to move up to AAA. I would then draft Nola just for the higher floor. Butler and the high risk high reward draft picks will more likely be our #1 and #2 type pitchers. Then wait for the Yankees to get desperate and realize they have no farm to get an ace. So then they settle for Hammel and a ptbnl and desperately give up Sanchez. That's my dream senerio. That addresses our weaknesses and makes us serious contenders in 2016 and beyond.

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    John, how do you feel about Nola? I love watching him pitch. And I think he won't have arm issues with the 3/4 slot.

  • In reply to Melancubby:

    I think he can be a solid #3 and a pretty good chance to get there.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    Do you see the cubs taking him 4th overall

  • I would think that the "get" for Shark would be a lot great that you've outlined. Considering his contract (money and time) and a compensatory pick, and his performance and evolution, I'd expect a whole lot more, more than we got for Garza for sure.

  • I'm on board for Steps 1 & 3, but I can't justify Pentecost at 1.4. My dream scenario there would be Hoffman and a successful rehab on an underslot deal knowing he could easily fall into the double digits.

    In either case, it would take some serious stones to go underslot that high in the first and take Bukauskus. Very possible it blows up in your face and you're left with a reach at 1.4 and a non-signing with the comp pick.

  • In reply to North Side Irish:

    I don't think the Cubs would draft Bukauskus unless they had a oretty good indication that he will sign.

    Lot of smoke out there with front offices and agents still trying to manipulate the draft. Let's wait and see what happens.

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    Could I propose a slightly less aggressive agenda?

    Go underslot on Conforto to get your LHP.
    Use the resulting money to get Bukauskas (if he can be got) or Flaherty.

    Instead of trying to do the shark deal in the next two days, try to trade Hammel to the Rockies for the Competitive Balance pick. A lot fewer moving pieces, so you might be able to get it done. If it doesn't work, you can still try to stretch the Conforto savings into round 3.

    Then try to move Samardzija in June to avoid competing with David Price in July.

    The return isn't quite as high, but still gets us a left handed batter and some power arms.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    That isn't much of a dream and considering Marlins traded their CB for a pitcher with a near 6 FIP, Hammel would seem like a gross overpay.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    And then ended up using the $$ to sign....Kevin Gregg. :)

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    I hear you, but I'm sure the Marlins rejoinder would be that they get 4 1/2 more years of a middling reliever for their pick whereas whoever trades for Hammel gets 3 months. We learned last year with Bud Norris that years of control has an obscenely high value in today's game.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:


  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Totally agree with you. Trade both Jeff and Hammel for all the top
    prospects we can get ASP. Getting an extra draft pick would be a

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    That's pretty underwhelming to me. Hammel is pitching better than Feldman at the same time last year and Feldman landed you a ML pitcher in Arrieta and a set-up man (or at least 7th inning arm) in Strop, plus the international pool slot money. If you trade Hammel to the Rockies, another prospect or two have to be coming back in addition to that CB pick.

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    I saw Pentecost play today on ESPN. He had a nice aggressive at bat with a runner on 2nd and drove him in with a double. Also, I was impressed with his feel for framing when he was behind the plate. He wouldn't be a bad selection at all, especially if Bukauskus would sign overslot and bypass college.

  • Yeah, I was a touch underwhelmed by the Shark return but would be ok with it. But if we are dreaming, wouldn't it be better to dream for Rodon? It seems at least semi-realistic...

  • Nice dreamin'. Last Wednesday I suggested the same trade except for I added McMahon...

    Rockies get: Shark

    Cubs get: Butler, 35th pick, Dahl, McMahon

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    John this question is for you.

    Would you prefer to get Butler, Dahl and the 35th pick from Colorado


    get Bundy or Gaussman, Harvey and possibly Eduardo Rodriguez from Baltimore.

    I would do the deal with Baltimore in a heartbeat but keep in mind my scouting report is all second hand. Harvey was just ranked #10 overall by Law.

    Thanks as always! This blog is what gets me through the day.

  • In reply to Daniel Rosenberg:

    Just to throw it out there Keith Law in his chat this past week laughed off Bundy being included in any deal with the Cubs.

    And Parks said he doesn't see Bundy or Gausman as realistic, much less either of them and other players.

    I don't think a trade gets made before the draft. Teams are focused on the draft and the trading season will open after it. But yeah, we can dream :)

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    In reply to Tippy:

    But does he see Hunter Harvey being realistic? I would have countered with that.

  • In reply to Lou Sofianos:

    I have not heard Harvey mentioned by any of those three.

  • In reply to Tippy:

    Parks said the Cubs best shot was prying Harvey from them since he is farther away

  • In reply to NathanE:

    Sweet! Thanks for the info.

  • In reply to Tippy:

    Also Tim Kurkjian was on the Scott Van Pelt radio show last week and he said he doesn't see Baltimore making such a move for a front-line pitcher unless something drastically changes like a month of being the best team in baseball.

    He called them a .500 team and it makes no sense to mortgage their bright future by committing to a guy that will only be around for 1.5 seasons. It would be very likely even if they made that a trade for Shark that that'll still miss the playoffs. Reload with Gausman and Bundy next year was his suggestion.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Tippy:

    Problem is what do the O's do then? Because this season was a wash for them when it shouldn't have been. I'm not sure what he's thinking then. With Cruz and most likely Davis gone next year, they're better for the future. That's strange. As far as Harvey goes, he's shooting up prospect boards and would likely fit Cubs long range plans since he's currently at high A ball. O's could afford to part with him as a centerpiece of a Shark trade.

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    In reply to Lou Sofianos:

    If Harvey is the centerpiece of a Samardzija trade something has gone very wrong.

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    In reply to Mike Moody:

    Everyone can have their opinions, I suppose.

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    In reply to Lou Sofianos:

    Yes. Some are supported by knowledge of what the Cubs are trying to do in a Samardzija deal, which John laid out in an article a week or so ago.

    Others are not.

    They absolutely have to get major league ready talent back in exchange for Samardzija. Harvey is a nice second piece but he is nowhere close to major league ready.

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    In reply to Mike Moody:

    I might emphasize a key word here "trying". I may also prepare you for disappointment, but then, you may be surprised by that when the time comes. Also, I'm not so down on Harvey as you are. While it be nice to get MLB ready talent, I suppose we can all dream. Dreams are nice and all...

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Wait, wasn't CJ Edwards the centerpiece of the Garza trade? You can't think Olt was, do you? Edwards was in low A ball at the time of the trade. Maybe you should verify your own (lack of) knowledge before calling out people for the same.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Mike Moody:

    This discussion was had earlier. They took Edwards -- who they really liked -- as a bit of a 1A in that deal. But to limit their downside they took THREE MLB ready players, Top 20 org prospects to a one in a very strong organization, in Olt, Grimm, and Ramirez.

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    In reply to Mike Moody:

    Also, that deal represented a bit of a compromise in and of itself. When they had a year and a half of Garza to trade -- similar to Shark -- they got MLB ready top 100 prospects in pre-concussion Mike Olt and Martin Perez.

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    In reply to Tippy:

    Here's the problem with that that none of those guys are taking into consideration. After this season JJ Hardy and Nelson Cruz are free agents.

    After next season, Nick Markakis, Matt Wieters, and Chris Davis are free agents.

    They do not have the money to resign all, or even most, of those guys. If they don't win this thing by next fall, they are essentially starting over. With that being the case, a year and half of Jeff Samardzija may well be more valuable to the Orioles than whatever they get out of Bundy next year and Hunter Harvey is so far out of their focus he doesn't even count. They already mortgaged their future by adding Cruz and Jimenez this year, losing two picks in the process. Really no reason not to go all in.

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    In reply to Mike Moody:

    Totally agree. They already have put all there eggs in the this season basket. Then why would they over value pieces that will not be ready before this year? Gausman, Bundy and Shoop for Shark, Boni, and a PTBNL seems like a fit to me. With the PTBNL all based on impact of Shark, if he pitches like an ace you get your pick of Jackson or Vitters. If he does not you get a prospect like Candelario.

  • In reply to Richard Hood:

    I can't tell if you're joking.

    Please God, tell me you're joking...

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    The one point I do agree with is there pretty good chance they miss the playoffs even with Shark. Barring injury they'll get the Cruz pick back by offering him a QO this off-season.

    Making the trade and going for it, and realistically, not winning it, severely hampers the franchise 2016 and beyond. "Starting over" with Bundy, Gausman, Harvey isn't too shabby. As opposed to trading for Shark, not winning anything and having the minor leagues raided. That's a bleak look for 2016 and beyond. I'd say go for it if they weren't a .500 team. I doubt Shark puts them over the hump.

    They're going to have to start over regardless, even if they trade for Shark. I'd rather have the top pitching prospects at my disposal.

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    In reply to Tippy:

    So, a couple points:

    1) I don't think they are going to get a pick for Cruz. They signed him to an $8 million contract. A qualifying offer would automatically pay him $14 million+. They can't afford the full contract -- or at least have plausible deniability for not offering him one.

    2) "Starting over" with just three guys and Machado IS too shabby because that's really all they have anywhere near the majors. They need more impact players on the offensive side -- Machado is pretty much all they have -- and by the time they are developed internally the pitchers will be on their way out. What it guarantees them is being above average now and being above average in the future -- but never great. One of the truths about baseball that is lost with the overvaluing of prospects is that when you have a window, you need to put everything you have into getting through it. Worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

    (3) Weren't you saying the other day that the Rangers' package for Garza wasn't "fleecing" them because Edwards and Olt haven't become stars yet? Why is this deal, then, impossible from the Orioles perspective?

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    1.) If he feels he can more than $14 million on the open market, or a multi-year deal, he'll get the money and they'll get the pick. This isn't about the Orioles being able to afford him a $14 million, it's about will other teams pay him over that? And if he's anywhere near this production they will.

    2.) Adam Jones is pretty solid. That's also assuming that everyone who is a free agent leaves. Some of those guys will back back. The Orioles are the Cubs backwards. They have the pitching but don't have the hitting. If the Cubs were .500 would you advocate them trading their star hitters for 1.5 year rentals? I mean it's an option. There's different ways to skin a cat but as a believer in the Theo plan I don't believe mortgaging your future for such a tiny window is worth it. Getting Shark wouldn't even put them as the favorites in a 4-team race. Toronto should do it. They're out ahead. They gambled big last year, they have more on the line. They could also trade one of their three studs for a hitter. Gausman for Soler for example. I know those trade are rare but there is a precedent with Rizzo/Cashner even though they both had a little big league time. Investing in long term solutions is a better idea then going all in with a team that isn't even very good.

    3.) Would you put Olt and Edwards, on the current level they were at the time of the deal (Olt with the eye injury questions and Edwards not even a Top 100 prospect by most publications) with Bundy and Gausman? (both consensus Top 20 prospects)

    I wouldn't.

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    In reply to Tippy:

    You're missing the point. I'm saying they won't make him a qualifying offer, ergo no pick. He just disappears at the end of the season.

    Your version of the Orioles as the Cubs in reverse is simply untrue. The Orioles are a top heavy farm system with an aging roster. That is a team that is playing for now. The Cubs are a deep system with some young talent on the major league roster who figure to get better and stay on the team for a long time. But, in 1998 when we had a veteran team pushing for the wild card, I absolutely supported trading Garland and Noel to improve the pitching staff. I just think they should have been used to acquire Randy Johnson instead of two worthless relievers.

    Your description of Edwards is incorrect -- everyone knew he was going to be Top 100 and probably Top 50 when rankings were re-assessed over the offseason. But, and this is the important part, we're talking about 2 months of Matt Garza vs. a year and a half of a better pitcher in Shark, and the comp pick to help rebuild your farm system when the year is over. A better comparison is Ubaldo Jimenez from the Rockies to the Indians, which resulted in the Indians top two pitching prospects (Drew Pomerantz and Alex White). I do not think they can get both Gausman and Bundy. But I am absolutely sure they will demand one of them.

  • In reply to Tippy:

    They'll make him an offer because he'll get offered more by another team. Definitely.

    Over the off-season is very different then when the trade is made, which is the assessment I asked for. Sorry, that's not going to fly.

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    In reply to Mike Moody:

    Very. Strong. Points.

  • In reply to Daniel Rosenberg:

    That is a dream bigger than mine. If they can get that kind of package from the O's then I am all for it.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Daniel Rosenberg:

    Might as well demand they throw in Manny Machado too.

  • Right now, the Cubs have 20 wins, Arizona and Tampa Bay have 23, and Houston and Philadelphia have 24. Everybody else has at least 26 wins. With little help expected from the farm this year (probably just Alcantara) and the usual trade deadline sell-off, the Cubs appear to be locked into one of the first five picks in the 2015 draft, and could easily have 1.1.

    So I feel it's time for the front office to step up to the plate and sign Hoffman to an underslot deal rather than focusing on his floor. They can make a "safe" pick in 2015.

  • In reply to cubsin:

    I saw something about the % of recovery from TJ surgeries. Not so good. Certainly not worth this gamble.

    Also a article in Grantland about Shark:

    One thing I note about Shark is that the pitches he throws don't seem to be too tough on the elbow & with low mileage, I am massively inclined to keep him.

  • fb_avatar

    If Rodon or Aiken aren't there at #4, I'm inclined to agree here.

  • Nick Gordon Q&A from MLBtraderumors

  • Out of the middle came a lady, she whispered in my ear something crazy.

  • john, since we are dreaming, I've been thinking about this since you proposed the trade with the rockies a couple of weeks ago. instead of just jeff, for your package, how about jeff, either hammel or, since I live in Virginia and between oriole baseball on the mid-atlantic sports network and living about twenty minutes from triple a norfolk , I have seen arietta's inconsistancies longer than most of you, arietta if they want him, or someone out of the cubs abundance of BP power arms, for gray, butler, and the 35th pick.than draft nola. you get a one,two and three starter possibly hitting Wrigley at the same time. I believe gray and butler are both at AA (not sure) and nola, high floor fast mover.

  • We dream different. I:

    1. Sign JS to a long term deal

    2. Trade Jackson and hammel. Promote hendricks and rusin (or whomever). Draft a sp that can start next year (say Rodon)

    3. Trade Barney and bonifacio for prospects. Promote Baez and alcantara respectively.

    4. Cut Coghlin, promote Bryant. Start Bryant in right and make Nate the 4th outfielder (or put KB in left and make lake 4th outfielder)

    5. Cut Veras and promote Vizcauno

  • In reply to Kessinger:

    1). agreed

    2). Not going to get anything for Jackson and promoting either of those finesse guys before they are 100% ready by dominating at AAA, will make u scream for Hammel to return.

    3). Might get a piece of stale bread for Barney. Might get a low level high ceiling guy for Boni...

    4). Coghlin might still prove to be a valuable piece. He was NL ROY not that long ago. Why start Bryants arb clock in a lost year?

    5). Agree - We swung & missed on Veras...

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    2. If the idea is to win in 2015, then let's see this year who may step in at 4/5. Plug in a college sp and we need just one. Also, this keeps a top draft pick in play next year.

    3. I'm fine with adding low level talent. Take prospects from the top, let younger talent move up. Replace with more young talent.

    4. If KB is who we think he is, they'll be singing him to an extension well before his control is up. Give me the extra year if winning ahead if schedule. We're a big market team. Does saving $10m once stand in the way of winning?

  • In reply to Kessinger:

    2). Baptism by fire isn't the way of this FO. And regardless of actual standing the FO/RR are not playing for 1.1 pick in 2015.

    3). The point was/is, we are not going to get anything that can be counted on as anything other than MiLB depth, at least for now.

    4). A Boras client like Bryant who got full slot at #2 last year isn't likely to extend/re-sign early. Epstoyer certainly can't count on that, so whats the rush?... After all, you're playing for a high draft pick in 2015, right?

  • In reply to Kessinger:

    Ha! We do. Actually I would love to sign Samardzija to an extension as well, but I think that kind of dream is referred to as a "pipe dream" at this point :)

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Kessinger:

    1. Possible but unlikely. It seems Jeff wants out of Chicago, imo...

    2. Rodon will not be available @ #4 and very doubtful any draft pick would be ready for the majors....

    3. Trading Barney and Bonifacio might get us a year's supply of Ramen noodles. I'm onboard with that!

    4. Didn't everyone say the same thing about Baez last year after his monster year at Tennessee. We see now that the Cubs FO was correct in their estimation when they said Baez needed to work on a few things. I'll say the same about Bryant until he shows the same type of performance @ Iowa that we now see @ Tenn.

    5. Here's one thing I can go for. Vizcaino will be in the bullpen by opening day 2015, imo....

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Kessinger:

    I think Hoosier is being optimistic about that stale bread

  • In reply to Kessinger:

    1) I don't dream of signing JS....he never has had a consistent full season by his 30th birthday and he is a power pitcher who will be at least 32 before the Cubs will become a contender. He will be on the downturn for his career while making $18mm per year/

    Not trading JS for good prospects sounds like a bad dream to me.

  • I like the big dreaming with the Orioles prospects...

    Here's another one...

    Shark to Marlins for Heaney, Nicolino, and Trevor Williams

    Big dreaming haha

  • So both Rafael Lopez and Eli Whiteside were pulled from their respective games tonight. Lopez was seen hugging his teammates. It looks like it might be a promotion.

    Also, Baez back in lineup tonight!!!

  • In reply to Rudy:

    Crap, now Baez is out of the lineup!

  • why both? castillo get traded?

  • In reply to CubfanInUT:

    Not sure but one way or another you can't have 3 catchers in Iowa. Heard some speculation that Castillo may go to the DL (stiff back?).

  • There's a saying "Ask for the moon and see what you get." I think the FO has that in mind as the time gets closer for a Shark trade, To me John's scenario isn't so far out of line. In fact,I'd ask for more and see how it shakes out. Also, the thought of trading Shark before July 1 makes sense.

  • fb_avatar

    California dreaming:

    On Friday, we draft Nola.
    I'm in favor of the safe pick this year- Nola has a very good chance of being a middle of the rotation arm. Maybe more if we can work on his secondaries. The potential plus-plus control would be great alongside power arms and a fireballing bullpen.
    I still like Bukauskus, too.
    Top 5 pick next year, too. Lets balance out the system before we take a bigger gamble.

    Trade Samardzija. Before the market becomes flooded.
    If Colorado gives up Butler, Dahl and a couple lottery tickets? Yes. Do it.
    Although, I'd rather deal with Baltimore. Specifically Bundy. He's more of a reclamation project. Gausman can contribute this year. He's not going anywhere.
    Bundy and Harvey would be amazing. An unrealistic, but amazing package. Think about how our rotation could look by 2016-2017?!

    I'm not focused on MLB ready talent in exchange for Shark.
    I'm focused on a window of contention starting in 2016.
    By the end of the draft and trade deadline, the arms is the system should start balancing all of those bats. That's my dream.

  • Rocks already had Hammer and let him go b/c he did not fit in their clubhouse. I doubt they want him back.

  • fb_avatar

    My dream is that the Cubs stay on the same exact course with the draft. Despite any trades that will go down before the draft or possible deals that may go down before the trade deadline, I take the BPA.

    If the big 3 pitchers are gone, I take Nick Gordon! We just keep loading the farm. At this point we gotta believe that prospects will be used to get the pitching we need.

  • fb_avatar

    12:56pm: A baseball source differs from the report referenced below, telling MLBTR there is no truth to the assertion that the Cubs have inquired about receiving a competitive balance draft pick as part of a Samardzija deal.

  • My dream is Roden falls and leads the Cubs to the Series in 2016.

  • Keeping Jeff and Hammel pass Aug. 1 makes no sense

  • Let's hope the Cubs get the 2nd pick in next years draft! There is currently no Hall of Famer who was selected number 1 overall. Obviously Griffey Jr and Chipper will change that.

  • If Alex Jackson goes to #1 to Houston, I hope Miami takes Aiken or Rodon and the Sox still go with Kolek. If it's Kolek still there at #4, I doubt the Cubs pick him

  • I'm a little bummed about how quickly people here seem ready to settle for a middle of the rotation starter at the No. 4 pick in the draft. As a big market team that can afford both high-priced free agents AND a great scouting department, we should be able to find a middle-rotation starter every offseason. Plus, even if we underslot our No. 4 pick, what guarantee do we have that Bukauskus and Flaherty are available?

  • Anyone has any update on Rafael Lopez/Whiteside/Castillo?

  • Whats the progress report on Dillon Maples and Trey McNuttand when are they expected back? Thanks

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    I like the Rockies trade idea but I would also love to trade with the Orioles and snag 1 or possibly 2 of Bundy, Gausman, Rodriguez, or Harvey. Either way I'd rather see Jeff gone sooner rather then towards the end of the deadline so we can see what we got to work with and possibly get Hendricks up.

  • For what it's worth my dream for things to happen by the end of the year:
    1. Cubs get lucky and draft Rodon
    2. Cubs resign Jeff
    3. Baez really gets going at AAA
    4. Bryant gets promoted to AAA very soon and dominates
    5. AA keeps up the good work at AAA
    6. AA, Javy and Bryant all get called up the same day in August/Sept
    7. Trade Hammel for prospects
    8. Soler and Almora take some steps forward.

  • Does anyone what the status is on Dillon Maples and Trey McNutt

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    In reply to Andrew444:

    never mind them, what about baez's injury?

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    In reply to SKMD:

    I would say no news is bad news at this point. You never want to see hand injury, and the fact that there is seemingly no word out there on his condition can't be good. Perhaps he had an MRI today, I don't know, but it hasn't been a good year for the Cubs' top prospects in terms of staying healthy or generally performance when they are healthy, other than Bryant (Alcantrara is doing OK, I guess).

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    In reply to Gregory Shriver:

    I'm not gonna panic yet. He was a last minute scratch tonight and spent most of the game in the dugout looking fine. No wrapped wrist or anything.

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    In reply to Mike Moody:

    That is good news. Can't figure out the hush hush. I guess the bottom line is that the FO is transparent when it benefits them, i.e., keeping expectations low.

  • In reply to SKMD:

    He's day to day, now find my answer

  • In reply to SKMD:

    He is day to day . Are you always such a jerk?

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    Well, John. When I read your title: "Dream Scenario" I was worried I would read that the cubs would draft Aiken with their first pick, the rest of the teams would choose nephews of their managers and then the cubs take Rodon with their second pick. He would immediately fire Scott Boras so he could quickly sign and get to Wrigley. Then, coming off a strong start the Rockies inexplicably offer Gray and Butler for EJax...or something else similarly implausible. Your ideas don't sound far fetched. I am worried about the drop in Butler's K rate but I am open to considering possible explanations.

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    I have a dream......
    1.) Rodon somehow slips to the Cubs
    2.) Shark for a Bundy package
    3.) First round pick next year adds a no doubt TOR arm

    Keep in mind my last wild dream had the Cubs signing Tanaka, drafting Beede, and trading shark plus prospects for Archie Bradley. All I can do is shake my head at that one lol.

  • An excellent dream scenario. It seems from what I'm reading getting a 2015 compensation pick versus a 2014 may be more likely. Or maybe the Rockies wait until during the draft to see if a super sexy player drops to them before pulling the trigger. (I also see it happening in reverse. If the Cubs don't see the value still available that they wish in the comp pick position they would pull back.) And I like the underslot idea. For a front office always looking for a new competitive advantage, these sound like excellent approaches they'd consider.

  • I know I'm kind of late to the party, but my dream scenario begins and ends with Rodon slipping to the Cubs. If that can somehow happen everything after that will be gravy to me.

  • My dream is they duplicate the Red Sox results of the last 10 years.

  • If Jake Bukauskus is one of the best power arms in the draft, why don't they just draft him with their first round pick?

  • Pentecost? Wouldn't the Cubs have to sign Luke Easter's son (grandson?) first.?

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