Anarchist's Brunch- Kyle Schwarber.

Kyle Schwarber sucks and will go down as the worst draft Pick in the Epstoyer era and will battle Ty Griffin, Ryan Harvey, and Earl Cunningham as one of the worst draft picks ever.

There. I said it. Now when”Cubs Draft pick Kyle Schwarber” is Googled there will be at least one voice that isn’t singing the “Hallelujah” choir.

I have simply been floored by the amount of love this kid has gotten when less than 10 days ago, nobody knew who he was. NO. BOD. EEEEEEEEEEEEE.

The draft has always been a thorn in my side. I get into it as much as I can. But it’s so hard to predict.  And I should know. Here at Cubs Den the rankings for next year’s draft are probably going up soon after the trade deadline passes. Every other team draft is like going to a Farmer’s Market to buy fruit, or protein. You can see it, smell it and no immediately how it’s going to work in your team’s lineup. Hockey’s a little tougher, as I’ve defended the Hawks drafting Jack Skille over Anze Kopitar for the last time… But in general, what you’re seeing is most likely what you’re getting. Baseball, however, is going to a seed bank. Who knows if there will even be rain, if the soil is right, if they get enough sun…. So many washouts. But that doesn’t stop people from getting excited.

And man do they get excited. After every September loss fellow fans would try and console me by telling me what number draft pick the Cubs had. I told them then I bet they have no idea who the Cubs will take. And they all told me who the Cubs would take…..and nobody said Kyle Schwarber. NO. BOD. EEEEEE. Trea Turner was spoken a lot. Tyler Beade. Jeff Hoffman. THis went on for an entire year. An entire year of people talking and being wrong. Which if it was the NFL made sense.  But absolutely no one had Kyle Schwarber. And in fact when it was learned the Cubs might not go pitcher (Again) and draft under slot the big name was Max Pentacost or something…. One Lorax named Mike Moody said Kyle Schwarber but other than that……. NO. BOD. EEEEEE…….

But once upon hearing about Kyle Schwarber’s name, everyone just jumped up and down as if Bruce Sprinsteen himself had shouted out a “1,2,3,4…..” and highways were jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive…. AMAZING.

The first thing we’re told is Schwarber is a catcher who has no chance to stick at catcher. More cheers……. I thought this was the Epstoyer ERA where athleticism is king and multi positions are the thing but nah…hopefully…….HOPEFULLY………corner outfielder for this one.  So I’m thinking “Is this guy Matt Stairs?” You know…..without all the pink. And he might be. Actually, Id love it if Kyle Schwarber turned out to be anywhere as good as Matt Stairs.

Then I hear the flood of “Overslot” guys which in theory makes sense. But does it in practicality. Wasn’t Dillon Maples overslot? Where exactly is Dillon Maples? Instrux? Shawon Dunston was over slot not to go to Vanderbuilt right? Now he’s a permanent .220 in Kane County….?   So it sort of makes sense but it also sets you up for a nice turd or two on a marquee awning in lights.

Now, he’s lighting it up in Boise. And I like Boise. The season is small enough that you can follow it in addition to other teams. But then it hits you that the 2012 team, the one that one the title and was riddled with future stars like Heavy D Dan Voglebach, Albert Almora, Gysker Amyara, and Jiemer Candeleiro…..well two years later they’re ALL 3 years away…….

And perhaps that’s where the frustration lies. Because every is so concentrated on the future and making sure the future rocks that nobody gives a flying monkey about the present.  So Schwarber symbolizes this hope that the 2018 Cubs will be even more loaded, and yay let’s get excited about that while not caring that the 2014 Cubs are in the swirl, and are completely armed and unmotivated to be bad next year too. Keep Baez and Bryant in the minors, save on super 2 and if we need any shelter well, we just show the Ricketts stubbing their toes trying to build a batting cage and everyone will assume they’ve hamstrung us with no money and we can talk about “THE PLAN” and remain TEFLON.

(Don’t know if you saw this but Hoyer made another round of Chicago Sports Talk show station interviews this week  where he hinted that the Cubs might actually sign a free agent player or two this off season to help all the kids that are white walking their way to Wrigley…. Hoyer would have continued but Ricketts didn’t have enough cash to pay the companies cell phone bills that month and the interviews were cut short…..).

I hope Kyle Schwarber is great and somehow forces himself into a position he hasn’t played before and into a lineup that doesn’t exist against a time table nobody has set for him. But I doubt it. I think he sucks. And I’ll say it….. well……. until the whole draft thing starts up in September. This time we’re drafting first. I expect at least one of you to get the draft pick right.


Tell me you can’t watch this throw ten times in a row and not be floored.

So Junior lake is now batting lead off. Makes sense. Was he watching Bonafacio or wasn’t he….?

Part of me is really interested to see Kyle Hendricks pitch in the major leagues. Not that Hendricks is all that. But if/when the Cubs are a major league team again, they might suffer an injury or two and be forced to call a pitcher from Iowa. I’ve actually liked the improvement I’ve seen in Chris Rusin. I guess I’m saying I like Chris Bosio a lot and anytime I need to put my trust in him I feel good about it.

Been listening to the new Bob Mould album “Beauty and Ruin”. I don’t know if I’d put it ahead of 2012’s “Silverage” but it’s darn good. Has a little more straight ahead Sugar rock to it and that’s a good thing. But reads more like a “Bob Mould by numbers” album. Now Bob Mould is a hero of mine from the 80’s from Husker Du to “Workbook”  so I’m gonna like almost everything he does. But he’ll have to do something really amazing for me to put it in the “Classic Bob Mould” category… Not sure this one is there. But it might. It’s a darn good album…..

Kind of where the Blackhawks would finish I figured. I spent too much time sniping at how the roster was constructed and what Q was doing with it to think the team would win the Stanley Cup. But it was on their stick in game 7 and I sure didn’t see that. Never underestimate that team’s heart. One or two “RIGHT” moves and Stanley comes back to Chicago. Doesn’t have to be big. Just has to be right.

Meanwhile the Bulls have to go big with their moves. I don’t know if Kevin love is enough…. Good luck Gar-pax.



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  • Bob Mould is awesome.

    I hope Kyle Schwarber will be awesome.

  • In reply to mjvz:

    And here I was thinking I was one of the few, lone, Bob Mould / Sugar / Husker Du fans in the world,....

    Ditto on Schwarber,..... may be be 'all that' in a couple of years in Wrigley.

  • To be fair, Mike Moody said they would take Schwarber (and hoped for it too) and it is on record on our mock draft.

    And most of us knew Schwarber. Personally I have even seen him play more than once and Kevin and I said at the time he was the best hitter we saw. Speaking for myself,I just didn't think he had a chance to stick at catcher (still don't) -- but I didn't know he was as athletic as he was and didn't think he could play the OF, so I was wrong about that, well, at least according to Kevin and others who have seen him play out there.

    Because of the defensive questions, I didn't think the Cubs would pick him, so I was wrong about that, probably should have at least mentioned him more as an option, which he was clearly becoming in the week or so leading up to the draft.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I'm not Moody but I was in on him too. Loved Schwarber for awhile now. Check my twitter feed, I've been clamoring for him for some time now.

  • In reply to Mike:

    There were a few of you guys who liked him as the pick. You guys were right. I like the bat but didn't think he was the pick at 4 because of defensive questions.

  • fb_avatar

    Finally some reason. Why are we Cubs fans always so excited about the future? Because the future never gets here. Reality and the present sux. Which one of these great draft picks are contributing to the major league team again? Oh yea, they're a couple years away. Forgot.

  • It's so much easier to justify a draft pick when drafting by ranking. Got the #4 pick? Take the #4 ranked player, and all is right with the world. Deviate from that and you're either a genius or a complete idiot - check back in five years to find out which.

    Given the choices, I like the Schwarber pick. Even if he washes out at catcher, LF and water boy, somebody in the AL will still happily trade pitching for a decent lefty DH.

  • This wasn't aimed at you as much as it was aimed at everyone. Callis and Law didn't mention him either….. I don't know. I hope people can feel the tongue in cheek……I doubt they will. But I will read the minor league updates with bated breath.

    By the way John, where is Dillon Maples? and Trey McNutt?

  • In reply to felzz:

    Maples has a broken rib and McNutt had shoulder surgery.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    No more painful name to hear than McNutt. Didn't the Cubs choose to keep McNutt over Chris Archer when the Rays asked for one of the two? Or is that just urban legend?

  • Happy Fathers Day to all of the contributors and followers. Let's celebrate by cheering on our cubbies today and the USA tomorrow!

  • Well, I love that we didn't draft Gordon. Okay? Can I love Schwarber because he's not Gordon?

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    In reply to Oneear:

    While i maintain this draft holds no excitement, I'm still pumped we didn't pick Gordon.

  • I have a friend who doesn't follow the minor leagues/draft, it's understandable because that's a full time job in itself, this piece reminded me of him.

    He's psyched for Schwarber despite knowing nothing of him other than the positive pieces on him in the past week.

    This reminded me of how I excited I was before knowing anything of the minor leagues/draft. I thought, Josh Vitters, top 3 pick, all of these positive article, he must be great. That's just one of many examples of heartbreak.

    And it's not as simple as "Well that was Hendry! Theo would have picked a gem" because from #3-#9 there's only one impact player in that draft, Matt Wieters and while he's a solid major league catcher he's not the game-changer/Fab 5 piece you think you're getting when you draft Top 3.

    So I'm hopeful, very hopeful, but cautious. This piece really made me think, great job.

  • SAMF! I don't believe in pie in the sky, but your negativity is appalling! Take a chill pill. We are better than we were last year, with good pitchers like Arrieta and Ramirez, the growth of Castro and Rizzo and astute trades. You seem like one of these people who say that all the prospects will get hurt or bust, and then pray fervently for it to come true so that you can say that you were right. But, who do you pray to? Before you call others the Antichrist, you should deal with the fact that it might be you. And, don't you dare say that you are a realist when, in fact, you are an ignoramus!

  • I was talking about you, felzz!

  • In reply to chrissygirl6218:

    Trust me. I got it. Thank you.

  • enter sarcasm meter chrissy

  • Nice article/post Gordon....

  • Maybe consider putting a **SARCASM ALERT** alert message at the top lol

  • fb_avatar

    Jed Hoyer spoke to this phenomenon earlier this season and said he gets why Cubs fans are so excited to far off draft choices and deadline acquisitions -- it's because that's all that's left when the major league team's season is essentially over by May 1.

    But the good news is you can start to see the pieces coming together. Rizzo is a legitimate offensive monster. Castro is looking like a 3 WAR player at short. The jury is still out on Valbuena, but he could be a third piece already on the team. Bryant is exceeding all expectations and should be ready next year. Add Vizcaino to the bullpen and it goes from scary to dominant. If you use the money they've freed up to get one legitimate ace, one leadoff guy, and one middle of the order bat, this team could contend next year.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Getting those three pieces - a legitimate ace, leadoff guy, and middle of the order bat - would be game changing. But even if the Cubs have the money, will all three pieces be on the market?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to October:

    More ways to acquire pieces than signing them on the free agent market. Should be some good arms available -- Lester and Scherzer top the list but tier under them is pretty solid in James Shields and Josh Beckett.

    Leadoff man has Denard Span on the market but it's unclear if he's worth it after and up and down Nationals career. I trust the Cubs scouts on that.

    But, above and beyond free agency, they have a lot of excellent young players in the minors who could also headline a deal for the pieces we need. CarGo, for example, has been discussed here before.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Thanks, Mike. That would be a nice path forward and it would be great to have a contender next year. Although, living outside Denver and keeping an eye on the Rockies (my son's favorite team), I'm a little skeptical that CarGo will be on the trading block unless his injuries keep mounting. If the Cubs could land Corey Dickerson, that may be a better way to go.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Yep - what was that email I got yesterday all about? It said Mike Moody has posted an article - I think it was something like "Cubs trade Barney and a Groundskeeper to be Named (GNL) for Giancarlo Stanton," but the site was down and I still haven't seen the posting....

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Cliff1969:

    Not sure why that email got sent out. The back end software was having real issues yesterday. That article will be up in a half hour.

  • No draft experts on Schwarber. How about World Cup experts not seeing CONCACAF dominance?

    Reminds me of the Bears draft this year. The Score did something like 6000 hours leading up to the draft. The Bears draft Fuller and there was furor over not picking a safety or pass rusher. It took several days before someone mentioned that around 90% of snaps against Green Bay and Detroit were in the nickel. So, it turns out that they actually need three starting corners to get to the playoffs.

  • fb_avatar

    Felzz where the hell were you last week when I tried to calm down some the hype over this "home run draft" by the cubs? This is getting to be a recurring theme - on Sunday it's apparent you'n me are the only guys saying "now, hold on a minute" - but all week long I got no one to back me up. A little help here? :)

  • In reply to SKMD:

    Help Wanted: Hype buster. Find hype on Cubs Den and extinguish it. Must be willing to work 7 days, not just Sundays. Send an example of your hype busting along with your resume to SKMD.

  • Progress is not linear. Not just for the team or for individuals.

    Next years team will be much better than this years and next year that improvement will show in the wins column.

    Baseball is a game of patience. I hope the Cubs give Olt every chance (this year at least) to find a decent avg/obp; Schwarber every chance to show he can be an average catcher; Soler every chance to stay healthy; Baez every chance to succeed.

    I fully expect, despite this years poor record, that the Cubs will still not get the number one pick.

    As I've said before, I had heard of (and seen on tv) Schwarber and wondered why so little love for him, but I figured "what the hell do I know?"

  • Felzz, I have never done drugs. Not a single joint! I am from Montana. Only trees, horses, and cows grow well here. But generally after reading your articles I feel like a need an "upper"!

  • fb_avatar

    Hooray on Bob Mould. This got me thinking of his song "Hoover Dam." The Cubs are "standing on the edge." One foot in the Colorado and another in Lake Mead...

    And the comment about the cell phone minutes made me spit my coffee out.

    "Right between two states of mind. And if the wind from the traffic should blow me away." I'm sure the traffic is a metaphor for the rooftop owners.

  • Samardzija talks are heating up. Giants looking as a interested party. The book and video's on Kyle Crick, Ty Blach, and Josh Osich look very enticing. I Don't know if the Giants would even consider parting with them , but I sure like what i saw

  • I don't know much about Kyle, but if the FO was thinking of someone to shore up their catching I would have preferred that they drafted the high school catcher rather than Schwarber. The best draft so far was the last one Hendry made, in my opinion. Last year's draft wasn't bad and the farm system has improved. But I find it difficult to follow a team that constantly drafts for the future and flips players. What are we looking for now - 2016 or maybe 2017? Many have called the current cubs team the worst in baseball and try as I might I can't get excited about Castro or Rizzo. So I can understand where Fetzz is coming from in his article.

  • In reply to pricewriter:

    Rizzo has been one of the most productive players in all of baseball this season and Castro #4 among all shortstops, both being under 25... Yeah don't know how you could get excited about that....

  • In reply to nmu’catsbball:

    ...yeah, and don't get me started on that Bryant guy...

  • In reply to pricewriter:

    How do you "shore up your catching" by drafting a high school catcher who won't be at the MLB level for 4-6 years, if at all?

  • In reply to Cliff1969:

    Agreed. And "shore up your catching"- no better phrase to sum up how little you followed the draft, like the pick or not. Regardless of where he plays in the field or where or who he got picked by, it would always have been about the bat with him. Not to mention you don't "shore up" anything high in the first round, you try to find impact.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to pricewriter:

    Schwarber was't taken to shore up the catching. He was taken because he was the most advanced college bat on the market. If he can somehow stick at catcher, it's a huge bonus.

  • Felzz, you have always been one of my favorite blog contributors but I think you are going a bit overboard with the hating of so-called irrational exuberance over prospects. If you think Schwarber sucks that is your prerogative, but the excitement that some fans such as I have about the Cubs current prospects is quite justifiable.

    Are we supposed to believe that Kris Bryant is going to be a bust now because the Cubs have not had a Mike Trout level player come through the farm system? The last time I checked Jeff Samardzija, Starlin Castro, and Welington Castillo were guys that were drafted by the Cubs, and it is a shame there was not more emphasis put on developing the minor league talent in years past.

    Most people are always going to be excited over the guy their favorite team has drafted, but to complain about it seems to be like pissing in someone else's punch bowl. I enjoy coming over to this site because it is more positive and there is a focus upon the upside of the young players attempting to make the show. If I want to hear a bunch of negative whining about Cubs fans I can get that at or Bleacher Nation.

  • In reply to Paulson:

    Agreed. I think I'm done reading Felzz or at least, taking him in a little less frequently. Sorry. But that was ridiculous and almost oddly obstinate just for the sake of being obstinate.

  • Seems like there were plenty of people looking at 2017 three years ago. Maybe they are right on schedule, or a bit ahead of it.

  • Yes, Rizzo and Castro have been productive. And Bryant is a future star. But there are players one likes to follow. Its each person's choice. As for Schwarber, how many outfielders will we draft? Catching is a position of need. If Schwarber was drafted strictly for his bat and not as a catcher that's a fair assessment. But isn't there a catching need? I hope Schwarber can stick at catcher, but if he can't we're still in need of good catchers. As for the high school catcher, I believe John remarked he'd be a good underslot pick at 4th.. Evidently other teams thought so too. I believe he was taken 10th. He was rated one of the top catchers in the draft and if he's that good he'll be in the majors in three years - 2017.

  • In reply to pricewriter:

    If you're talking about Jackson, he is like Schwarber and not expected to stay at catcher. If you're talking about Pentecost, he's not a high school catcher.

    Rizzo is having a better year than every first baseman in the MLB other than Miguel Cabrera. I don't know what your personal criteria is on a player being fun to follow, but if what Rizzo is doing isn't good enough, you must only like to follow a couple players in the league. I like productive players who are good enough to be on championship teams, that's why I follow him.

  • In reply to pricewriter:

    Also, the Cubs drafted 7 catchers this season, 6 last season, and 5 the year before. It's not as if they're ignoring catching.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to pricewriter:

    Drafting for need in the MLB draft is an excellent way to waste a pick. Take the best player available to you and, if the bat is good enough, as the old saying goes, they will find a place for him to play. It also gives you a chance to trade good young minor leaguers for the major league piece you need.

    You're actually not thinking of the HS catcher (Jackson), you're thinking of Max Pentecost. He will probably stick at catcher, but the hit and power tool are highly questionable. If the hit tool doesn't play, he's Eli Whiteside. Do you want to spend the #4 pick on Eli Whiteside? The Cubs 3rd round pick, Zagunis, is very similar to Pentecost in a lot of ways and could move just as quickly. So, with Schwarber, they get a plus hitter and a potential catcher in the 3rd round. Isn't that a better solution?

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    It probably is.

  • I think you're wrong. I trust Theo's and Hoyer's judgement more than yours

  • nmu'catsbball, You've provided a good insight that I didn't have. Thanks. toboyle9, of course Theo and Hoyer have more knowledge of the team than I have, but as I said in the very beginning I can understand fetzz's article. I am just frustrated by watching a team stumble so badly. Remember, I did say the farm system had improved. I try to give the FO credit but when you watch the team year after year and see them today it isn't a pleasant experience, I hope the FO's approach does pay off. As for criteria of players I follow, Castro lost me with the attitude he displayed last year when he seemed more interested in looking toward the stands than keeping his mind on the game. I know Rizzo is doing well, but just don't follow him. I like Lake and Bonifacio. They seem to put all they have into the game. The player that does that, no matter what team, gets my attention.

  • fb_avatar

    Amen Felzz !

    Finally a countering thought / idea.
    Look guys - there is nothig wrong ith being positive or upbeat but Prospects fail - and we all know this. Dallas Green had prospects fail, Hendry did and so did Theo in Boston. So its ludicrous to assume that Baez, Soler, Almora - will all make it - they wont. 2 of those 3 will fail. For all his faults hendry made some nice trades of cubs prospects - for ready MLB talent.

    and if you are a big market club thats how you should do it.
    Id say identify your cant miss guys - like Bryant and use the others as trade chips. Its no fun watching a sh_t product year after year.
    14 of 15 teams in the AL are in the wild card race - I would love to be there.

  • So nobody has ever heard of Kyle Schwarber before the draft? I hope you are being somewhat facetious here, otherwise you look pretty ignorant. Anyone who watches college baseball with any regularity sure as hell knows who he is. Best college bat this year.

  • fb_avatar

    I was reamed here for saying it was a bad pick. Alot of people on this sight react to there heart and that is okay but come back down to earth. If he was going to be a major ballplayer he would have been playing for some other school besides Indiana.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to RClax3:

    The last part of your comment is laughable.... I'm not even sure how to respond

  • In reply to William Ray:

    Thank you for calling him out. A class university; they love their baseball in Indiana just as much as any other school.

  • Schwarber hit another HR. 1 for 2 with a walk so far.

  • Just missed a GS in the 8th, still another stat filled nite.

  • Felzz, if this was mostly tongue-in-cheek, fine, but otherwise I take issue with you. This FO is leery of 1st Round spending on pitchers, I think we all know. So they took the best bat in the draft. Who would you have taken instead of Schwarber and how would you justify that pick over this one? And don't get me wrong, I'm not SOLD on Schwarber either, but I wouldn't be on anyone else they picked. Show me a team whose 1st Rd. pick, every year, makes it to the show, much less becomes a star. Color me "satisfied" with the pick because I don't know who else was any "surer" than Schwarber.

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