Cubs Minor League Photo Gallery: Your 2014 Kane County Cougars and some bonus shots of Almora

There are some new players to get to know and it always helps to be able to put a face to the name.  Here are some of the players from the 2014 Kane County Roster.  We’ll get more as the season goes on.

Also, thanks to reader Matt McNear, who sent us some updated photos of Albert Almora.


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  • Luv the pix's, John...allows some of us to "see" what these prospects look like:)

  • In reply to TobaccopouchinIvy:

    No problem. Wife took most of them. I'm too busy watching the game -- and she's better at it than I am.

  • Did Penalvar come straight out of Pony League?

  • In reply to JohnCC:

    LOL...He does look young, doesn't he? I have some other ones that might make you think he's still in pony league!

  • Thanks John. I expected Rogers to be a lot bigger. Lots of room to fill out there.

  • In reply to KSCubsFan:

    He's tall but pretty thin. Legs are kind of short for a tall guy, though. He's athletic. Best fielder I've seen at 1B for the Cubs MWL team for a while.

  • Picture 21 of Frazier looks a little scary with the "inverted W" motion going on.

  • In reply to nmu’catsbball:

    His delivery is kind of funky. I think hecreates leverage in his delivery (a la Roy Oswalt), perhpas unnecessarily, when he already has natural plane. I wonder if it makes it harder for him to repeat.

  • While I am far from an expert on the subject, I don't think the pitching motion in that picture can be described as an "inverted w". The reason I say that is because his throwing elbow is below his shoulder in that picture. The "inverted w" you saw with Prior and with Strassburg and Sale today have both their glove and throwing elbows above shoulder level. Also hard to tell from just a single frame like that (and a great piece written by Christina Karhl talking about Sale has a great quote about needing to see where the elbows are positioned when the front foot plants which doesn't appear to be happening in this shot as the most important for analyzing mechanics). Again far from an expert and could be wrong but my understanding of the inverted w was that elbow was above the shoulder in that motion.

  • In reply to Gunther Dabynsky:

    I can see that. At the time, I didn't see it as a true W. It looks more like a hybrid of the W and the classic "L", but it's hard to tell from a still photo because this a. Next time I'll take video and we can catch it at the appropriate points in his delivery.

  • In reply to Gunther Dabynsky:

    That is true, I'm definitely no expert either, but my understanding is that the elbow being above the shoulder at that point is the killer, which his isn't quite.

  • In reply to Gunther Dabynsky:

    Am no expert either. Never quite knew what this mysterious inverted W was :)
    Here is the link of the stated article; very interesting. Below is what i feel is the "crux of the biscuit".

    But what about anyone worrying about Sale's mechanics? Keeping it general, Fleisig notes, "With the 'inverted W' -- when I was in elementary school we called it the letter M -- a pitcher has his wrists still lower than his elbows at the time his whose front foot lands."

    Is that Sale? A lot of the Chicken Littles who say the sky is falling will point to pictures in which you don't see his feet. If Sale takes a different path to get to the right place to deliver the ball but has his arm in the right place after planting, he might be OK.

    "If someone is telling you someone is late or is throwing with an 'inverted W,' don't look at a picture of just his upper body, where you can't see where his feet are," Fleisig recommended, not just about Sale, but about any pitcher. "And don't look at a picture when he's in the middle of his stride. Try to look at him at the instant of front-foot contact, because that's a fair comparison -- we're comparing everyone at the same time. And ask yourself about that guy, 'Is his arm still upside down or not?' And whether it's Chris Sale or the next guy, if he gets to the right position at that time, he's good."

  • On April 6th on Twitter you said you were on Season 1 Episode 6, so you finished 26 episodes in less than eight days to catch up?

    You lied, the show is spoiled for you LOL.

    Jamie gets his right hand chopped off in Season 3, it's a major subplot in Season 4, can the knight regain his form with his left hand?

    Stay tuned for more updates ;)


  • In reply to Cubs Fan Dave:

    Yep, I did. I'm a freelance writer from home. I have all day and I really don't watch any other TV. I can do 3 episodes a day standing on my head. And if you think I would have cared even if I hadn't, you are mistaken. I don't take TV that seriously. It sure is cute that you keep trying. You're like the little engine that could.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    That's an insult to the little engine that could. Arnold Munk is rolling over in his grave...

  • In reply to YouCannotBeSerious:

    LOL! Good point. I apologize to Mr. Munk.

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    In reply to Cubs Fan Dave:

    The fact that you're taking time out of your day to do nothing but troll about a tv show on a sports blog shows that there's an 80.....No, that's being nice..... a 95 percent chance that you really have nothing else better to do.

    Except troll...

    And with that in mind the best thing is to just ignore you just like the rest... When you want to talk Cubs baseball, John and the excellent contributors/commenters will be here.

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    In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    Nice take down, Marcel!

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    Tony zych got hit pretty hard tonight, but Felix Pena is 0-3 with a 1.35 ERA?! Move over, samardzija, the tough luck bench is getting crowded.

  • In reply to SKMD:

    Daytona offense is disappointing so far. The same group did well at Kane County last year.

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