Sneak Peek at Cubs New Park in Mesa

Here in Chicago it’s cold and snowy but baseball is just around the corner.  There are 39 days left until Cubs pitchers and catchers report according to our countdown clock on the right hand rail.

When they do report, the team will have a new ballpark.  It’s still being worked on but thanks to reader Eric Pauly (please give him a follow at @EricLPauly), we get to have a sneak peak today at what the park looks like as of a few days ago.

Hopefully looking at these pictures will warm you up a little.

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  • I find it especially ironic that along with the other similar design characteristics to Wrigley Field, they've put a smaller jumbotron in left center right about where the proposed one will go in Wrigley. No rooftops down in Mesa to deal with...

  • In reply to Quedub:

    I think that should tell us something. They're definitely trying to make it as similar as possible to what Wrigley will look like.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Indeed. They'll get it built. I just found it hilarious that it's already there in "wrigleyville west". Suck it, rooftop owners.

  • In reply to Quedub:

    "Suck it, rooftop owners"

    Really? The bad guys here are the people who have invested millions of dollars into their properties after signing a 20 year contract with the previous ownership of the Chicago Cubs? A contract that was fully disclosed to the Ricketts ownership group before purchase?

    Those poor billionaires. Duped I tell ya.

  • In reply to untitledreality:

    The previous owners were forced to sign that contract. They really did not want to but had no choice. It was similar to a shot gun marriage. What the current owners want is a divorce.

  • In reply to untitledreality:

    The real losers here are the fans who loyally support a team who's hands are tied as far as gaining new revenue streams to act and afford like a big city market should.

    I still think the Cubs should rebuild all at once while they cannot compete and force out the roofies. To be fair, the team should offer to buy them out before they starve them out.

  • In reply to SFToby:

    I think you and I have talked about this before Toby and I fully agree. an in season year long rebuild ala The Bears when they moved to Champaign for a year when they landed the spaceship on Soldiers Field.

    As I said before, I know one of the rooftop owners (actually former, they sold a year or two ago), and a lost season would absolutely break them. You are talking minimum 30k+ per month loans they have to come up with every month and most own more than one building. Even people like Beth Murphy who owns multiple rooftops and the bar on the corner would get crushed.

    If I were the Cubs, I would offer them all a chance to sell out including Murphy's Bar at a low ball offer, which they would undoubtedly laugh off...and then proceed with the rebuilding plan. 1/2 way through the next year multiple owners will be begging the Cubs to take the initial offer.

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    I can't wait for baseball to start! It's the only sport I really watch so this layoff is kill'n me......

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    I live in the Los Angeles area and go to spring training every year. Drove in to see the Blackhawks play the Coyotes and went past the new complex to take a look. Can't wait to get my tickets and see Baez, Bryant and all the prospects in the games.

    Fitch Park is no more. It was always great to go watch them do drills on all the fields. I wonder what the access to the practice fields will be at the new complex?

  • In reply to bocabobby:

    Me too. I watch some hockey because my wife is a big fan, a little soccer, but baseball is the only one I watch religiously.

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    In reply to bocabobby:

    I'm the same.

  • John,

    I willl be out there with fellow Denizen-er and fellow amateur, wannabe-scout Nicky-G when it opens, adorned with matching white fedora headwear. We will provide regular scouting reports back to the Cub Den home base. Can't wait to see the new player development machine base of operations. Thank God we have an owner that sees the benefit of scouting and is willing to spend money on the infrastructure to support a player development machine. Whatever criticism Ricketts takes by the mainstream media and win-now fans, THIS is a testament to his committment to the CUB way. I'm pumped to bear witness to the fruits of our player development machine in the years to come.

    Thanks John and fellow Denizens for being our guiding light through the darkness. Enjoy the ride. Our time is near: 2017 World Series Champions!


  • I was thinking about going out there with my two teenagers this year.

    Question for anyone familiar with the area, can we do day trips to Flagstaff for skiing? How far away is the grand canyon? Was wanting to take that in as well, but a business associate told me it was too far to day trip. Anyone know of any other things to see/do when the cubbies aren't playing?..

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    The Cubs are almost always playing during spring training. They have only one off day, March 13th.

    You could do a long day trip to the Grand Canyon. It's a 4 hour drive. If you leave early enough, you'd have most of the afternoon to look around and drive another 4 hours back. Flagstaff is a bit closer about 2 1/2 hours. Sedona is a beautiful, tourist town about 1 3/4 hours away and on the way to Flagstaff. There is also plenty of beautiful hikes around the Phoenix area.

    If you like Chicago style stuffed pizza and deep dish pizza, there are quite a few places around Phoenix that serve it. That's always a plus to me as I don't live in Chicago anymore and miss it.

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Grand Canyon is a good 3-4 hours away from Phoenix.

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    If you go with your teenagers you should hit the "switchbacks" (route 89A) to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. Awesome scary scenic drive with hairpin turns and 800 ft drop-offs but totally safe and fun. We use to go camping (among other things, lol) in Sedona and take bikes down the canyon (we were nuts, I picked about a pound of gravel out of my arms and legs once) Their are a bunch of flat rock cliffs and plateau's that jut into the canyon that you can take your pick to camp on. That'll put you front row for when the sun rises in the morning over the canyon. It's something to see, and your kids will never forget it.

    P.S. If you plan on exploring at all at night bring extra flashlights or you may end up stumbling over cacti and pointy things for hours until you find your campsite again.... or so I've heard ;-)

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    In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Im about 30 miles or so northwest of The new stadium and Flagstaff is like 150 miles from my house your looking at a 3-4 hour drive from Mesa tops.. Sedona and Jerome are nice excursuions on an off day

  • The Tribune published more pictures of the Mesa facility.
    You get to see what the clubhouse looks like inside.

  • In reply to ucandoit:

    Those are cool. Thanks for the link.

  • Great photos, thanks for sharing. I'll be out there the final week of camp, debating whether to go to the lone home night game on the 24th or the noon start on the 27th against the White Sox. Might get kind of chilly at night in March but would be fun to see a night game.

  • By the end of March the temperatures should be pretty comfortable. A light jacket should be all you need. It's in the high 60's, low 70's this week. Also for you foodies, we have two Portillo's now in the valley, and one is very close to the new facility. Got here just ahead of the latest snow and freezing temperatures.

  • In reply to AZBOB:

    But your Al's Beef just closed! For shame!

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