Sweet Oblivion. Cubs 7 Mariners 6

Well the Cubs do like to make it interesting. On a picture perfect day, the Cubs and the Mariners concluded their slop fest with the rubber match between these two rebuilding teams. Pitches were thrown hits, were made, calls were questioned, beers were consumed by the gallon full. Hit the lights, it’s moving pictures time….




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  • I thought Eddie Veder was a Cubs fan.

  • He was rooting for the Cubs under his breath so as not to make the others feel bad.....

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  • It shouldn't of been so close. Svuem mismanaged the pen. He had Villanueva and Rondon, but he let camp implode like marmol. I would have started Rondon in the 8th, but Svuem has a soft spot for failures like Camp and Marmol.

    At least with Rondon you know he's not gonna implode.

  • How long are the Cubs sticking with Camp?

    Anyone have a feel a Cubs trade happens on Monday?

    Dodgers cooled off on Nolasco..............I tend to believe they don't have the prospects in their system to trade for veterans......

    Well Jackson had a good game today........

    Soriano would look as a DH for some A.L. team.....

    San Diego is hinting at a Castro/ Garza trade.........if they gave us the Coronado Bridge in return, that would not be enough.

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    In reply to CubsTalk:

    IF there is a Castro or Garza trade maybe. IF there is a Castro AND Garza trade then they had better be opening their low A team up for quick advancement because everyone above that level is heading to Chicago.

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    Was thinking the same thing about Soriano - ever since he was benched for a couple of days - came back as DH, and today in LF - he looks like he is thinking about getting a 'Soriano-esq' hot streak going on.

  • In reply to drkazmd65:

    A day off seemed to help Castro as well.

  • Great day for the Hawks. Brian Bickell re-signed for 4 years. Had to trade Bolland & Frolik in separate trades for picks to free up cap space for Bickell & current RFA/UFAs.

    Ixnay on any Castro trade, why would they even remotely consider trading him when his market value would be this low. He will bounce back out of it.

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    In reply to Behn Wilson:

    I think that Castro's trade level has went from hang up immediately (ie Arizona for Upton) to listen to what they have in mind then hang up. Not a big drop in value but a big drop in listening to what other teams are open to see what can shake loose.

  • Yeah, really like what the Hawks did. Probably wouldn't have given Bickell 4 mil. But its just a slight overpay and it's not like the Hawks had his replacement in the system. They have players ready to take over for Frolik and Bolland. A tad sad to see Bolland go as Bolland-Ladd-Havlat was one of my favorite lines of this whole Hawk run.... ( Liked Bolland-Versteeg-Ladd too.)

    Castro isn't going anywhere.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Well put Felzz, my sentiments exactly. Bolland hasn't been quite the same player since he hurt his back though.

  • Enjoyed the (I assume) Screaming Trees reference btw,....

  • It was. And cool, glad you liked it.

  • I had to leave this game when the Cubs were up 7 to 1, and from the feel I had from those first six innings, I was shocked that this game was almost squandered. Had walkover written all over it. I am one who really does believe we'd be singing a much different tune about this team with even an average 'pen. The Fujikawa injury feels really significant in this regard. If we had Villanueva, Gregg, Russell, and Fuji we'd be much closer to competitive.
    On the positive, Anthony Rizzo looked fantastic at the plate today. His two strike, inside out, slicer to left to score Soriano was something I have missed from him this year. Feel like his luck is going to swing back his way soon. Dare I say Castro too possibly...?

  • With Castro, Rizzo, and Soriano all swinging it well at the same time this team should be able to rattle off 15 of 20! Shawn Camp is hanging on for dear life right now. Might as well get one of Schlitter/Coleman/Hatley/Raley/Rusin/Caridad in there.

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