If the rains come they run and hide their heads. Cards 5 Cubs 2.

With the Cubs-Cards being delayed by rain, The Blackhawks skating into walls in Boston, and John’s Minor league report coming up, I decided to push the wrap to this morning. Not that there was much to wrap. The Cubs came into St. Louis off another gut punch game in New York. And one could wonder if last night’s 5-2 loss to the Birds was residue of that. Or wether the Cardinals were clearly a superior team. or wether the rain and just being in St. Louis was too depressing for anyone to bring their A game. I thought it was a great idea for Busch stadium ushers to hand out little bars of soap to Cardinal fans before the Rains came. I wasn’t surprised, however, when Cardinal fans confused them for small blocks of cheese and began cutting them up with thier boning knives and eating them on their hot dogs….Anyway, the Cardinals struck in the 4th on a 2 run double by Yadier “you’ll never get me out” Molina. Then in the 7th a single by Pete Kozma and a throwing error by Anthony Rizzo led to a play at the plate and even though Molina ( Him again) was clearly out, Home umpire DJ Rayburn was in the wrong spot, made the wrong call, acted the wrong way when Sveum went out to argue and did the wrong thing by throwing him out. He then put ketchup on hot dogs, ripped the tag off his mattress and peed in a fountain. Just an awful play by an awful umpire. The Cubs would scratch out a couple runs against the Cards bullpen and Alfonso Soriano reprised his 2007 left fielding act and let a ball roll to the Mississippi river and that would be that. Let’s get lost.


Wash rinse repeat for Travis Wood. Seven innings pitched for Mr. Wood allowing 4 runs, three earned on 7 hits. Wood struck out 4 and didn’t walk a soul. The Cardinals looked like they wanted to break the game open from the get go. But Wood appears to pitch better with runners on base. Just another solid outing from the teams most consistent player. O.Henry 2.0 throws hard, throws a little too straight for my liking, and didn’t benefit from Soriano’s El toro job in the 8th, but was otherwise fine.


Last year, the worry was that we’d start to see Soriano decline due to his age, his mileage and that this management team would make him work harder than he ever had. Instead, he rebounded with his best season in years. Perhaps now we’re seeing that decline we dreaded about last year. Sori went 0-for-4 last night and had that uncharacteristic gaffe in the outfield. What was tough to see was the way he had no chance against Trevor Rosenthal’s fastball in the 8th. Granted, Rosenthal throws 100 mph and a lot of people are going to look hopeless. But a veteran of his skill should be able to dial it in on a fastball and not get totally blown away the way he did.


Small rant here. While I love the common sense and actual dialog that goes on here at Cubs Den, it hurts me when I see that it has no affect on the outside world. Right now, the Cubs press corps has a whole bunch of “Dale Sveum remains calm despite fans crying for his head.” stories when that couldn’t be further from the truth. This immediate impulse to ratchet everything up to it’s most extreme level is so lazy. There are a million stops between “greatest manager in the world: erect a statue” and “He’s a bum: fire him now” and the beat writers treat all of them like flyover country. Sveum himself said that Marmol seems to be thriving in non save situations. He then put Marmol in a save situation. It failed. As fans we’re allowed to question why he went against what he Said he would do. And somehow, this becomes a narrative about the fans going crazy, when it should be about Dale. We also were treated to the “Well what is Dale suppose to do with THIS lineup?” angle . It was a simple question about a certain situation in the game. The press made it anything but……And it’s incredibly annoying.

It’s too easy to say that the Cubs were still reeling from the loss of Sunday’s gut punch. Even though the lifelessness they showed last night suggested exactly that. It was nice to see them scrap against the Cards pen, but the Cards pen has been Cubs like disastrous. If it was a hangover game then the Cubs should be better tonight when the aces Jeff Samardzija and Adam Wainright take the bump. let’s hope that’s the case. Onwards.




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  • felz i agree with you about Sveum. he should be called out for bad decisions. its not all about not having the horses its about getting the best from what you have. i have faith in this fo i just question choice of manager. cubs really could have used an experienced manager and not one trying to learn on the job.

  • It just strikes me as hypocritical. When Sveum was hired the huge buzzword was "accountability". And then when you hold Sveum accountable for what he said, here' comes the media with "What's he suppose to do? Look at the roster....blah blah blah."...

    I'm a Sveum guy. And I loved what he did last year, giving this team a great work ethic, having them positionally sound and turning around players like Marmol Starlin Castro to a degree, turning Barney into a glode glove Asset. And if he's allowed to get credit, doesn't that make him open to get blame as well? Anyway, I'd like him to make better decisions. If he can start doing that before "all the real players arrive" that would be great.

  • In reply to felzz:

    Couldn't have said it better.

  • To me the sign that Soriano might be starting to show his age isn't really getting blown away by a 100 mph fastball. As you say, Felzz, there's no shame in that. To me, it's the fact that he really hasn't gone on a patented Soriano-streak where he knocks out 10 Hrs in as many games and raises his BA .020 points in the process.

    Speaking of... it sure would be nice if we could get even one hitter on a nice tear. It's been so grindy this year trying to score runs. I guess we knew that was going to be the case coming in, but even an occasional hot streak by someone would help dispel some of the doldrums of this season.

  • I'm with ya on the Sveum thing. I'm not calling for his head, just some accountability. He needs to own up to his mistakes and I think that would really benefit the psyche of our team.

    Sori... IDK, I'm over it. He was a pleasant surprise last year. I never bought into that whole "gold glove" nonsense for him last year. It's almost like I expected some "regression" as John says. I guess I'm just resigned to the fact that he's a good guy, a good player, signed to a ridiculous contract that we have to live with for a while longer. He still isn't blocking anyone and is as good or better as anyone else we could throw out there so....

    T Wood is really really taking that next step though! He showed flashes but was inconsistent last year. He is the one big positive for this half of the season. I think I'll actually do the online voting for the AS game this year and T Wood gets all my votes to our lone representative.

  • Dale's accountability will be up for discussion around early 2015 season, if not by end of 2014 season........

    Soriano is not getting old......the speed of the ball is getting faster as it rolls on the shorter grass fields......grass at Wrigley is taller and slows down those base hits towards Soriano........or maybe Soriano just does not care anymore what happens and thinking about his retirement years.....

    Big nite for Jeff.....time to prove he can pitch like Kershaw against front line teams.....

    "How Are They Doing Now" Segment......On past Cubs or "almost" Cubs....

    Dempster W - 4 L -7 ERA 4.21
    Maholm W - 7 L -5 ERA 3.65
    Archer W - 1 L - 2 ERA 4.80
    Cashner W - 5 L - 3 ERA 3.50
    J. Marquis W - 9 L - 2 ERA 3.63
    Lilly W - 0 L -2 ERA 5.09 (DL)
    Marshall W- 0 L -1 ERA 2.57 (DL)
    Haren W- 4 L - 8 ERA 5.72
    McCarthy W - 2 L - 4 ERA 5.00 (DL)
    Delgado W -0 L - 0 ERA 9.00
    A. Sanchez W - 6 L - 5 ERA 2.76 (DL)
    Porcello W - 4 L - 3 ERA 4.37

  • Agree with your small rant on Sveum. Local sports media seems to be bent on instigating reactionary responses. And many fans feed into this sensationalistic ploy. Sveum is certainly entitled to the praise he has earned in the past, and should expect criticism when it is warranted. That doesn't mean the Cubs fan base wants to burn him at the stake.

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