A Night of Hot Stove Cool Music

Minor League Recap will come tomorrow as Tom and I had the opportunity to catch  the Hot Stove Cool Music event at The Metro.  The night started slowly.  It was mostly empty at first, so Tom and I went to get a beer.

I take a sip and turn around and there’s Peter Gammons.  Now there were two baseball writers who I wanted to be like growing up.  One was Jim Callis of Baseball America and the other was Peter Gammons.  I’ve now had the chance to meet both.  Gammons, by the way, can still jam on guitar and he’s got some excellent bluesy pipes.  So basically, when I grow up, I still want to be like Gammons.

Next we went upstairs to check out the balcony and the first person we see is Theo Epstein and I got to chat with him for a bit.  We also got to meet Jim Deshaies, Len Kasper and a guy that I’ve tweeted, but have never met in person, Matt Spiegel of the Score.

I have to give props to Spiegel and Kasper who rocked, “I Can’t Hardly Wait” by the Replacements, which if you don’t know by know is one of my favorite bands.  Spiegs nailed the vocals.  Like he was channeling Westerberg himself.  They also had the Pixies “Debaser” lined up but it got scratched last moment.  Sigh.

One other person I met was Kerry Wood and I didn’t know what I was going to to talk about, so I told him a true story about my dad.  My dad is a huge Cubs fan, but he is kind of a curmudgeon about MLB players.  He’s had to work hard his entire life and in his eyes, these guys are all overpaid for playing a game most of us would play for free.  But he did get a chance to meet Kerry Wood once and told me he was about the nicest guy he’s ever met.  Changed his whole curmudgeony attitude towards ballplayers.  Well, at least toward one ballplayer.

I told Kerry the story and he smiled and said, “So I was able to trick one person, huh?”

I laughed and then said, “Ahhh, but if my dad came up to bat and was crowding the plate, you’d totally brush him back”

He didn’t hesitate for a second,

“Oh yeah.”

So there you have it.  He’s only a nice guy if you’re not crowding the plate.

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  • So did it eventually fill up? I've been wondering how big a crowd would show.

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    Oh yeah. It was full. I was one of the first to get there and Tom wasn't too long after me.

  • So that's what John looks like!
    Ahhh, wish I was in Chicago for this.

  • In reply to TokyoCraig:

    Haha! There was another pic of me here once before sitting with Jim Hendry. You must have missed that one!

  • fb_avatar

    Glad you guys had a good time. I wish I'd been there, but while you were away, Lillibridge was traded. Supposedly for either cash or a PTBNL. If it is cash, could it be from the Yankee's international pool?

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    Thanks. I heard. I hope it is IFA money. Yanks don't have much to spend anyway;

  • You guys do such a good job with the Cubs Den that I often feel like I'm right there in Chicago. Last night was definitely one of those where I wish I didn't live south of I-80. Sounds like a great time at The Metro!

  • In reply to PtownTom:

    Thanks PTown. It was a great time. Can't wait until the next one.

  • Rockies put volstad is on waivers now... I wonder if any team will give him a shot

  • In reply to kingpro98:

    Not the Cubs ;)

  • Did Theo mention anything about his suspicion that Loxas had his office bugged?

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Ha! Not to me.

  • So John, what did you talk to Theo about? :)

    Love the blog btw. I'm new here.

  • In reply to hartmtown:

    Welcome! He actually did most of the talking. Mostly small talk. Good guy.

  • Did you get a chance to meet with any Cubs Denizens?

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