Smell the whiskey burning down Copperhead Road. Cubs 7 Snakes 2.

After peeing in the White Sox corn flakes for three games, the Cubs took on a first place team today and resumed right where they left off. Not peeing of course, but getting great starting pitching, some power hitting, and the underrated  defense led to a 7-2 trouncing of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Alfonso Soriano got the Cubs on the board in the 1st inning with a blast to left that used every inch of help the wind could give it to reach the left field basket. Diamondbacks starter Wade Miley would have no part of Soriano in the 3rd inning, intentionally walking him to load the bases. Scott Hariston would show Mr. Miley that his .162 batting average is .162 POINTS OF PAIN!!!!!!! by blasting one into the last row of the left field stands. Cody Ransom would remind everyone that he was still here too by homering two batters later and the Cubs were well on their way to victory #5. Get out your seats and Jump around!


The pie man had a very good outing today, going 7 innings while allowing 2 runs on 6 hits. Garza also struck out 6 while not allowing a single walk. Some bristle at his flakiness. Some simply see him as a stock chip waiting to be cashed in. But when he’s on, he’s a really good starting pitcher.  And signing him to a friendly deal and being competitive next year strikes me as every bit as good a plan as trading him for assets that may or may not pan out in the up coming years. James Russell and Carlos Villanueva threw the last two innings of dirt on the Arizona with little fuss.


Is Soriano on the beginning of a hot streak? This week has seen him hit .333 with 7 RBI and 5 runs scored. That homer in the first was good to see as the inning originally started with getting the first two runners on with no outs. Getting runs were pretty crucial  seeing as how RISP and hitting with 2 out haven’t really been Soriano’s strong suit this year. More please.


Don’t look now but the Cubs are really throwing the leather around. Ransom has really solidified third base and what we all suspected has happened in that once Barney returned the infield defense would improve dramatically. But the story has been the outfield. Dejesus has really put in some extra work in center. last year his jumps were very late and his routes hesitant. Not at all this year. Heck, even Scott Hairston made a nice running catch. Makes it easier for the pitcher to pitch to contact knowing there’s a competent seven behind him.

So that’s 5 in a row. Hot darn Tamale!  It doesn’t feel like a real winning streak yet. Maybe because it’s erasing the crud from the losing streak the previous week. Or maybe because the games against the White Sox will never really feel like they count. But 5 in a row is good for me. And I’m more than happy to try and make it 6. Especially with the Shark taking the bump tomorrow. Kinda nice to have a 1-2 of Garza-Shark and a surprising 1-2 of Wood-Feldman. Good pitching is the start of good baseball. And the Cubs have good pitching. See you tomorrow evening. Onwards.




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    I think the offensive contributions in spots 5-8 have been important in the recent run and shows good production. RF now has 10 HRS, 3B has 10 HRs and C has 7. And oh yeah, th e 9 spot has been very important. I hate to see May go away.

  • Would Garza take a 3 yr contract? Would Theo offer 4?

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    In reply to emartinezjr:

    I think 4 yrs at 68 mil would get it done for garza

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    Garza will probably get 16-20 mil/year over 4 years or so. Given his injuries, that doesn't strike me as a good investment. The Cubs are better off trading him in July when teams who don't have to worry about long term health will overpay for him.

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    I think Garza would take 3.... Considering the injury and the possibility of being given a qualifying offer. But we're just guessing. Only Camp Garza and Epstoyer know for sure...

  • Good tune.

    And good to see Hairston unleash some pain. Really need his bat vs. LHP.

  • Where do you guys think the Cub's rotation ranks? If Jackson's becomes that solid innings eater, then they have a great rotation.

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    I think it's a very good rotation -- and then maybe you add Gray or Appel. It's playoff caliber, imo. We'll see whether the Cubs think they can extend Garza.

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    In reply to John Arguello:

    The guy I feel bad for in all this is Rusin. He's pitching much better, and he has an important role on the team being built as depth/7th starter. But what that really means is he's pitching we'll enough to stay in AAA.

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    It's an amazing rotation in my view. Garza, Shark, Wood, and Feldman. The potential is still there with Jackson. If they start getting into it, and the big 4 keep producing, I don't think they will have any problem sending Jackson to the pen and using someone else in that 5 spot.

    We are in good position in a lot of ways if this keeps up.

  • Yeah, but pitching well means he'll be pitching in the Majors somewhere. Might be here come deadline time, might be somewhere else. But he's obviously making some strides ( Or Raley has taken some back....) and those that progress, usually get their rewards....

  • LMAO @ ".162 POINTS OF PAIN!!!!!!! " That's awesome as saber guru's like John will tell, he's due for some regression back to his mean...

  • Do you think there is any chance we make a play for Price this offseason? I watched something with Buster Olney that went into details about his injury history and he compared his inevitable trade to the entire situation to Johan Santana going to the Mets in 2007. I would still like to get Price but even I realize there is a reason I am a loyal reader of Cubs Den and not the GM.

    I know this is way too many "what ifs" but a rotation of Samardzija, Price, Appel/Gray, Wood and Jackson could be sensational.

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    In reply to Sandberg2014:

    I want to be sure he's healthy before even considering it. The velocity dip plus the injury is pretty troubling.

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    I agree here. I'm almost at the point where I would rather just pass on Price.

  • With Shrek and Soriano starting to hit the team feels like it's rounding into form. It'll be interesting to see if it translates against Corbin this weekend. Also nice to see that the SP only got stronger during the recent hot offensive streak.
    Did I catch a Jeff Tweedy line there Felzz?

  • In reply to Denim Dan:

    Very nice. Golden Smog.

    Tweedy says he wrote that song on the walk from the Blockbuster parking lot on Sheffield and Fullerton to then Lounge Ax on Lincoln. That's a two block walk. Sometimes the simplest songs....

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    For prospecty types: Almora is back in the lineup tonight.

    Didn't get a hit in his first at bat. Clearly, the sky is falling and the injury has destroyed his hit tool.

  • Does anyone else in the Land of Schadenfraude find themselves silently (or not so silently) giggling when looking at the Dodgers record after their crazy spending spree the last year and a half?

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    It's the Dodgers. Always a pleasure when they struggle.

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  • Fun fact: The umpiring crew for this game was the same one that worked the Royals/Cardinals game that went until 3:14am that morning.

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