Cubs Minor League Preview: AAA Iowa position players

We’ve come to the last stop before Chicago — the AAA Iowa Cubs. Most AAA teams are a mix of prospects and minor league veterans and this team is no different. This mix is especially important to the Cubs who like their prospects to spend a full year in AAA. If a player gets called up early, it could either be a veteran or a player who is in his second go-round at Iowa.

We’ll take a position by position look although, as usual, a few players figure at multiple positions…


Steve Clevenger,26, was off to a great start with the bat when an oblique injury sidelined him early in the season.  He struggled to regain is stroke when he returned.  Clevenger has always been a hitter, including a career line of .310/.357/.410 in AAA and a .304/.367/.471 line in over 800 AA plate appearances.  He has shown doubles power but won’t hit a lot of HRs.  On defense he’s athletic for a catcher, having been drafted as a SS but has struggled to throw out runners at the MLB level.  That athleticism should see Clevenger at multiple positions in 2013, including 1B, 2B, and possibly 3B.

J.C. Boscan is a defensively oriented catcher who will back up Clevenger.  He’s one of those minor league vets and he’ll provide some leadership and stability for developing pitchers — but probably won’t contribute much on offense.


I think of Brad Nelson, 30, as the replacement for Bryan LaHair.  He’s not as good a hitter as LaHair was but he’s been successful at AAA and should hold the fort short term for Anthony Rizzo should he have to miss any time.  Nelson has a solid approach with some power.  He hit .267/.352/.463 at AAA for his career, including 24 HRs in each of the last two seasons.

Bryan Bogusevic,29, has outplayed Nelson this spring and has played a lot of 1B lately, so if he and the Cubs feel comfortable at 1B, Nelson may be the odd man out.  It’s not just about the spring, though.  Bogusevic has more versatility than Nelson, he can play the corner OF positions well and can even play some CF if needed.  Like Nelson he has a good eye at the plate but not quite the same kind of power.  Nelson has hit .272/.355/.391 in AAA with a career high of 13 HRs.  He does provide some surprising speed for a player his size, something he combines with good instincts.  He has stolen 65 bases in just 72 attempts at the AAA level.

Josh Vitters 23, hasn’t played this spring and was shut own after just a couple of games in winter ball, so it’s really hard to gauge where the former top prospect stands right now.  It appears Junior Lake has passed him up on the depth chart at 3B, so Vitters may have to move around a bit to get playing time.  1B and DH may be his options early as he recovers from his left quad injury.  Vitters had a good year in Iowa (.304/.356/.517 with 17 HRs), but those numbers were in the hitter friendly PCL and won’t cut it at 1B in the MLB, so Vitters is at a crossroads.  His defense is fringy at 3B, he’s not athletic enough for the OF, and his offensive numbers aren’t good enough for 1B.  I have a hard time seeing Vitters as a full-time player until he improves his defense at 3B and either his OBP or power numbers — but preferably both.  He’s too good a natural hitter to give up on, especially at his young age. He was much better against lefties last season, so perhaps he finds a role as a platoon player early in his career.


Logan Watkins is sort of an old-fashioned ballplayer and he’ll find his way to the majors one way or another.  He’s a lefty hitter with OBP skills (.383), speed (28 steals in 35 attempts), and some surprising wiry strength (.422 slugging, 9 HRs).  Cubs fans will love him because he’s a combination of athleticism, grit, and he’ll find any way to get on base.  He had a 13% walk rate and added to that with 7 HBPs.  On defense he can play an above average second base and also hold his own at SS and CF.  That versatility increases his chances of making the big leagues but Watkins is talented enough to someday challenge incumbent Darwin Barney for the 2B job.

Veterans Edwin Maysonet and Alberto Gonzalez are the prime candidates to backup Watkins.


Edwin Maysonet will likely battle it out with Alberto Gonzalez to be the starter.  Like the Nelson/Rizzo situation, the Cubs likely prefer a major league ready replacement should Starlin Castro go down.  Maysonet is the best combination of offense and defense of all the non-roster candidates at SS, but doesn’t really stand out in either category. He’s solid enough that he won’t hurt you too much if it’s a short term replacement.  Maysonet is a .258/.325/.354 career hitter in AAA.  Similarly, he’s hit .265/.308/.346 in 152 PAs in the majors.

Alberto Gonzalez is more defensively oriented and spent some time with the Rangers, Padres, Nationals, and Yankees, accumulating a .242/.279/.317 line in 963 career PAs in the majors.  What Gonzalez gives you is some MLB experience and plus defense at 3 positions.  He’s an 8th hitter but he’ll more than hold the fort with the glove.  Whether he gets the AAA job and becomes the emergency backup to SS and 2B depends on whether the Cubs are willing to sacrifice a bit of offense for a top-shelf glove.

Junior Lake is not really a SS.  He has the arm and athleticism to play there but the instincts just aren’t there.  Still, if he can play there part-time it will enhance his value.

Logan Watkins can play SS in a pinch though he will play mostly 2B in AAA.


Junior Lake has passed Vitters on the 3B depth chart with his play in winter ball and the spring.  Despite being a much less polished hitter, Lake has a higher floor than Vitters because of his versatility and speed off the bench.  Curiously, despite how raw he is as a hitter, Lake has adapted well to each level.  He has improved his walk rate to 8.1% in his last 691 PAs.  As mentioned in a previous article, since his disastrous start in Class A Daytona in 2010, Lake has put up an average season of .289/.339/.467 with 16 HRs and 38 steals (including stints in the fall and winter leagues).  Those numbers can play at 3B or CF just fine if Lake can sustain that at the MLB level.  In the more likely scenario that he does not, he can still make a valuable reserve who adds pop and speed off the bench with the ability to play multiple key positions — though defensively, I think his only chance to be average or better is in the OF.

Josh Vitters will get some time at 3B as both he and Lake move around.  Vitters has the hands and arm strength to be a solid defender at 3B, but limited athleticism and inconsistent footwork give him a likely ceiling of fringe average defense.


Brett Jackson, 24, will be among the Cubs most closely watched prospects this season.  He has never been a contact guy but last year things got even worse for him.  He struck out a whopping 41.5% in his stint with the Cubs last year.  As we all know, he has retooled his swing and the results so far have been mixed.  He has struck out 5 times in 19 PAs (26%) and while it’s an improvement, it’s far too early to tell.  Even if Jackson can sustain that strikeout rate long term, he’ll provide some value with his ability to draw walks, get on base, hit for some power, steal bases, and play good defense.  The only question is whether Jackson will make enough contact to make it all matter.  We’ll find out this year at Iowa and if he proves he can make more consistent contact, he’ll be in Chicago by mid-season.

Junior Lake, 23, should see most of his time at 3B, but he should see some time in the OF as the Cubs try to maximize his athleticism and minimize his exposure at any one position.  Lake has the speed and the arm strength to be a plus CF but it’s also going to depend on the kinds of jumps he gets and the routes he takes.

Jae-Hoon Ha, 22, is not quite the athlete that other CFs like Brett Jackson, Junior Lake, and Matt Szczur are, what he lacks in speed he makes up for with top notch instincts. Those instincts are most evident in CF where he may be the Cub best defender at the upper levels. At the plate Ha has always had good pitch recognition skills but that only began to translate into walks last season. He more than doubled his walk rate (4.5 to 9.4%) and had a career high .352 OBP. What he gained in on-base skills, however, he seemed to lose in power, dropping to an ISO of .112 and a slugging pct. of .385. Though he’s always been more of a contact hitter, both numbers were his worst since rookie ball. If he doesn’t hit for more power, then he’s an extra outfielder at best. Ha has already played 181 games at the AA level, so ideally he starts in AAA but there may not be room in the first half of the season.  Ha can also play the outfield corners.

Logan Watkins can play CF though it’s probably too crowded for him to see much time there this year.

Other OFs

Bryan Bogusevic‘s good athleticism is better utilized in the outfield than 1B and he may get the majority of his starts there.

Johermyn Chavez, 24, has been a pleasant surprise and has likely found a job in this organization somewhere.  He’s already had two years in AA but has not come close to mastering that level, so he could return there.  Chavez is a raw, toolsy player but since 2010, he’s moved in the wrong direction.   Three years go he was the Mariners’ #7 prospect when he hit .315/.387/.577 with  32 HRs at the high Class A level.  He’s always had a surprisingly patient approach for a raw player but like Lake, he still sometimes swings at pitches well outside the zone.  The best thing you can say about his AA season last year is that he improved his walk rate to 12.2%, though he hit just .232/.339/.386 overall.  Still, there is a lot of potential here for improvement.   Defensively, he has average speed but good instincts and a tremendous arm make him an above average defender overall — which he has demonstrated this spring.  It’s impossible to know whether Chavez’s great spring (.389/.368/.722) is just the result of a short sample size or that perhaps the light bulb as turned on for him.  With the Cubs preference for athletic, potential impact players — especially those who’ve shown they have the potential to work counts, it’s likely Chavez will get a chance to prove that one way or the other in either AA or AAA.

Jae-Hoon Ha may start in an OF corner depending on what the Cubs do with Chavez and/or Bogusevic.  He profiles best in CF, however, and will probably start there if Jackson gets promoted.

Josh Vitters has seen some time in the OF corners in the past and may do so once again when his quads are healthy.  Junior Lake, Logan Watkins, and Brad Nelson have all shown they can handle the corner OF positions when needed.



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    Really looking for Jackson, Vitters, Chavez, and Watkins to have a great first half and be in line to get some decent major league playing time in the second half, if not sooner. Jax and Josh specifically.

    If Chavez keeps hitting like he has this spring I could see him taking over in LF in the event we deal Sori midseason. We liked Dominic Brown a few months back and Chavez reminds me of a RH version(hopefully more successful) so we'll see how that plays out.

    Need big years from a few of these guys.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    It sure would be great for Chavez to become one of those rare "finds" by breaking through to his potential. He obviously has power, so perhaps he just got into some bad habits or tried doing things counterproductive to his natural ability. Will be keeping a particular eye on him.

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    It would be nice if Chavez turned into something. Always nice when you can find talent off the scrap heap. Following and watching Chavez this spring, it's hard to believe he's been so abysmal in AA the last two years.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I think that we will not see Chavez in the majors. He has a long swing with many holes. Good pitchers make him look bad. He did hit a home run in one of the games that I attended. He seems like a mistake bitter.

  • In reply to 44slug:

    That may well be, but I haven't seen enough of Chavez's swing to make that evaluation yet. Even if he is a mistake hitter, there are quite a few players who have made a career that way. As long as he can lay off more bad pitches and draw walks to supplement what will probably be a low average, he has a chance. He's a plus defender with plus power.

  • fb_avatar

    I've been really enjoying these previews, John. Great work.

    Its hard to not notice the steady decline in optimism the higher you go up in the organization.

    Class A is over flooding with prospects that make you dream of deep playoff runs.

    A+ has at least 3 players in Baez, Solver, and Johnson to make them very very interesting.

    AA and AAA ...I'm not saying there's no optimism. But the optimism at those levels is kinda of the "hold on for dear life, not giving up" type.

    Personally, I've given up on Vitters. He's taken so long to develop and really hasn't come very far. If we have any trades with AL teams later this year, I hope he can be thrown in as a pot-sweetener on a fringe deal. Cause outside of DH, I think he has no future. I believe he would've been given up on last year if it wasn't for his draft stock.

    Jackson is one I'm still holding onto. His swing and miss was level was ugly last year. Fingers crossed on the retooled swing.

    I hope Lake plays the whole year at 3B. I know SS has positional value, but I don't think we'll actually be able to convince other teams, much less ourselves that he can play it. His arm and bat can maybe play at MLB level, let's give him a chance to prove it.

    Logan Watkins is probably the brightest hope on the team. He's about the only guy on the team who has no past disappointment involved.

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    I agree, we are pretty thin on impact talent at the AA/AAA levels. Don't rule out a trade or two changing this though. It is difficult not to get excited with what we have at the A level though.

    IMO, it's still too early to give up on Vitters. It's frustrating that he is so slow to develop, I agree. But he is still only 23, and until recently; we weren't very good at developing our prospects. He could very well go the way of Felix Pie, Corey Patterson, etc.... But it's not inconceivable that he still puts it all together and he is still young enough to be a meaningful contributor for years... Right now, he has no value in a trade, so why give him away? It wouldn't be the end of the world if he spends a full season at AAA again...

    I've been impressed with what I've seen of Logan Watkins & Lake this winter/spring. Hopefully, they continue impressing and B-Jax cuts down on those K's. They'll be exciting to watch in Sept (possibly sooner for B-Jax).

  • In reply to Giffmo:

    Thank you Giffmo.

    There is definitely less impact talent at the upper levels. The tone goes from developing potential all-stars to developing role players -- hopefully a starter or two.

    Jackson is my biggest hope as well as far as any of these guys being more than a role player or average starter. Watkins is probably he second guy.

    As for Lake, you're probably right that he's not a SS and that he won't convince anyone he can play there full-time. But even if he can back it up and play it a few times a year that could have some value as a bench player. You definitely don't want to put him out there too much, though.

  • I really hope as well that Jackson improves his swing, otherwise he might start drifting into the Josh Vitter category. Speaking if which, if Vitters does not show improvement come up at some point, I think the Cubs might have to think about cutting their losses.

  • In reply to Steve Flores:

    While I agree he needs to get better, I don't think they're losing anything by keeping Vitters right now. As for Jackson, we'll just have to see.

  • Darnell McDonald was forgotten here. He isn't hitting too well this spring, but is likely to play OF in Iowa.

    Jae Hoon Ha has disappeared! I think he may be lucky to get a promotion. More room in AA.

  • In reply to HackWilson09:

    I mentioned Ha in both AA and AAA and he could start in either league. I don't know how many of these veterans the Cubs non-roster invites the Cubs plan to keep. They really like his off the field value, but McDonald may be the odd man out. Could be an emergency OF at Iowa, but I think Bogusevic, Jackson, and even Lake would be priorities there.

  • I think Nelson needs to be cut and Bour brought up to AAA. The guy is an RBI machine and still a prospect...unlike Nelson. Vitters has looked like a LFer to me for some time. I have sat at games and watched the kid play third...his instincts are horrible. He has an easy time on the difficult plays because he doesn't have to think...but roll a ball at him and you can almost see the wheels turning (maybe the kid thinks too much or places too much pressure on himself). You didn't mention Nelson Perez. I know he regressed and ended back up in Daytona, but I think he ends up in Iowa before the year is out. My kids love Nellie because he showers them with stuff (His motivation was obviously to date my oldest daughter...haha).

  • In reply to RayA:

    I wouldn't rule them bringing up Bour to AAA. I'm not sure I'd call him a prospect, though. A fringe one maybe. His RBI totals were great and he's a wonderful situational hitter - something the Cubs could use sometimes. But in a day in and day out situation, his numbers just aren't going to be what you like out of a 1B, in my opinion. The power numbers aren't what you normally want out of a 1B and I think if Rizzo were to go down, the Cubs would want to replace him with someone who can replace that power.

    That said, Bour is a big kid and maybe he taps into that power. If so, he can move up into AAA and become the emergency -- but I think the Cubs are going to cover themselves with a vet at AAA.

  • In reply to RayA:

    And good stuff on Nelson Perez! He's struggled at AA so I have him going back there, but he can certainly get to AAA if he mashes at TN. His age is probably a factor there.

  • John,

    I really enjoyed reading this whole series of Minor League previews. You put a lot of work into it, and it shows. Thank you!

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Thanks Hoosier. It's been a lot of fun and it's helped me get prepared for the minor league recaps. Its sort of been my minor league spring training!

  • I don't understand the urgency here to get rid of Vitters. Keeping a roster spot open for him is a pretty small price to pay for the upside of a potential late bloomer. In my view, his hitting problems are easier to fix than Jackson's. With Vitters, it's not a contact issue; it's a matter of selecting the best pitch to drive. If he can do that, then his power will come along, and even if he's a below-average defensive 3B or LF, he'll have some value -- if not on the Cubs then on another team.

    I'm sure there are better examples, but look at Brandon Phillips. Here's another infielder who was a relatively high draft pick but who struggled to show any power in the upper levels. He flopped in his Major League debut with the Indians, then spent the next four years putting up pedestrian numbers in AAA. Because the Reds were basically a AAAA team at the time, they gave him a shot, and suddenly at age 25 he hits 17 homers, then 30 the following year. The same raw talent that first attracted scouts was always there; it just took a long time to arrive.

    Now I'm not necessarily saying we should keep Vitters on the 40-man for four years, especially as our farm improves; but I think we should let him hang around for another year or two, in case that bat finally comes around.

  • In reply to Taft:

    What Vitters has going for him is youth. He's been slow to adapt to new leagues and he hasn't gotten much better on defense or learned a better approach, so it's been frustrating for a lot of Cubs fans. I don't know if people want to give up on him, but I can sense the impatience...but he is still relatively young.

    There's no harm in keeping him on the roster at this point. He's not taking up a valuable slot from anyone. It's certainly worth it to give him at least another year in AAA and then you go from there.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I agree with showing patience and I have no doubt the F.O. will do just that. I am just not a believer. He'll never walk enough or hit with enough power to sustain the kind of wOBA a 1B needs. He's got that great hit tool, and nothing else.

  • In reply to Eddie:

    I'm skeptical as well but holding out hope that the light bulb goes on while he's still wearing a Cubs uniform.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Arguello:

    What gets lost in all the Vitters hate is the fact that he was raw when drafted but the general consensus was that "with good instruction" he had the tools to develop more power and improved defense down the road but player development would be the key to get him there.

    If anything I blame the previous regime more for his slow development. They literally just let him go out in play, none of the advanced instruction we've seen with other raw guys like Baez, Soler, and co, and keep in mind Vitters was younger than all of them when he started.

  • Is there any truth to the rumors that Dillon Maples is hurt once again?

  • In reply to Ibleedcubbieblue:

    AZ Phil mentioned it yesterday. He didn't know specifics but it does appear to be somewhere in is right arm.

  • At this point I don't think the a Cubs have given up on any of these guys, but this is big year for Vitters, Jackson, and Lake. Time is no longer on there side. It is now or never. I like Jackson's and Lake's chances. Lake is just so gifted and Jackson just needs time to to make the new swing his own. I am not sure what to think about Vitters.

  • In reply to 44slug:

    I think that's fair. I'm not sure it's going to be make or break, but they have to show something this year. It doesn't necessarily have to be huge numbers, but even just an improvement in their approach, defense...something that gives the Cubs reason to think they can add value to the team.

  • Odds are that unfortunately from the Baez-Almora-Soler-Vizcaino group, at least one of them wont pan out. I remember Theo saying in his opening Cubs presser, we will need some random guy from AA to just burst out. (And it is worth noting most MLB players do not come from top prospect lists) And there are often prospects that have come from MILB obscurity to jump onto lists with spectacular play that somehow seemed to develop further or . . . We need that. I gotta say that what John listed above is kind of uninspiring to say the least. But we do have candidates in A and AA that could rise into the FO plan for the future. John - I am having a bet with a buddy of mine, and everyone please chime in, what is the best Wrigleyville beer?

  • In reply to Josh Sims:

    It would be nice to have a breakout year or two from an unexpected player.

    Best Wrigleyville beer? Ohhh...I don't think they have a particularly good one. What are my choices?

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Just grab one. Its like piazza!

  • In reply to 44slug:

    Ha! I don't know if I have to choose Old Style or Bud or if I can choose one of the beers at the stands. I don't remember what they all were. Usually have a Guiness at the park in April when it's still cold but I prefer an ale when it gets warmer. And if my choices are between Bud and Old Style, I'm going Old Style.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Me too! I start with a Guiiness as well.

  • In reply to Josh Sims:

    I would say that probably two won't pan out and maybe three. I think with this new regime and their emphasis on coaching that 2 will hit and 2 won't. In the past I would have said 3. I remember people touting our all star infield of the furtue of Choi, Hill, Montanez and Kelton. None panned out. Of course there was Patterson and Pie to boot. I'm hoping that we are entering a new era of having more of our prospects develop. Let's hope so. I think in even the top organizations that having 50% of your elite prospects deliver is a very good ratio. I would be very happing with that ratio.

  • In reply to cubman:

    Funny you mention it... Josh Vitters reminds me of Kelton a lot lol.

  • Maybe it's the optimism of spring -- or a statement of how anemic our Iowa teams have been in years past -- but I'm pretty happy about the state of that AAA club. Obviously, no one jumps out as a slam-dunk ML regular. Still, there are a number of guys who have talent and just need to overcome one significant obstacle. If I had to bet, I'd wager that at least one among Lake, Vitters and Jackson will eventually get 1,000 big league at-bats.

    Also, let's remember that last year we graduated two guys from AAA (Castillo and Rizzo). That's a lot for one year, and it's bound to make the next year's crop a little sparse.

  • In reply to Taft:

    They definitely have guys who can contribute. And mentioning Castillo is a good example of a guy who came out of nowhere. Two-three years ago, some were ready to give up on him -- and no one could blame them. Castillo was awful. When given a choice, the Rays took Chirinos over Castillo in the Garza trade, even knowing Chirinos ceiling was likely as a backup. I'm sure they'd like to at least re-do that part of the trade!

  • What ever happen to Reggie Golden?

    Both Lake & Vitters seems are at a Crossroads with the Cubs,,,,,,good long time minor league hitters, no real position for either player, but not really MLB ready to play with the Big Boys.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Reggie Golden was featured in John's write up of Kane County hitters (Part 2) Click on his "Filed under" link above "Minor League Previews" and you will find the article.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Golden is in the Kane County Preview.

    While I do think the Cubs would like to see something from both players, Vitters has a bit more to prove than Lake right now. Lake is younger and hasn't reached AAA yet.

  • We have allot of good to see catching corps. get built up in the far Castillo is swinging a good bat........this season is all about staying healthy..........I do believe Stewart will stick around and not get for Garza, he is not getting a long term deal from anyone when free agency comes around....and the Cubs will not get anyone now worth of value unless Garza goes on a streak of winning 12 games and shows flashes of Cy Young and some playoff team will give us top notch prospects in return in July........long term, Garza will re-sign with the Cubs for two years with lots of least Cubs will have three starters going into 2014 with Garza, Jackson and Samardzija.

  • Thanks, John, great work on the prospects as always.
    Do you know when the minor-league teams arrive in their hometowns? Do they have much in the way of preseason public workouts and exhibition games? I look forward to seeing some of them and our future stars -- but I'm impatient for the season to start !

  • In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    Thanks Hubbs!

    I don't know when they arrive but opening day is on the 4th of April, so I imagine that it'll be shortly before that. I don't know if they open early workouts to the public -- and I know what you mean about the impatience. I can almost taste the beer and bratwurst (or polish) right now. Can't wait to get to the park and start watching some live baseball!

  • I hope that they don't take BA's and innings away from young
    prospects that need them

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    The guys who need the ABs will get them but AAA is also a level where you need guys who are ready to step in if there's an emergency. You want a mix of vets and prospects at this level.

  • fb_avatar

    Anybody else catch the tweet that Vogelbomb was taking grounders at 3B in Kane County camp?

  • In reply to Zachary Myers:

    Yeah I saw it. Love it, Keith Law be damned. BIggest tool for Vogy is 'want-it' and work ethic, qualities he seems to posses. It is probably just a test trial, but if he can become at 3B defensively serviceable with his bat, It can raise his overall value to be able to spot a 3b on occasion? He can become a John Kruk type bat with some added value as being able to spot a 3B, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see him shagging flies out in LF as well.

  • In reply to Josh Sims:

    That makes me question just how bad is Vogelbach's fielding? I've heard on multiple occasions at best he's a 1st baseman. But then we've all seen a trimmed down version of him this spring... Has he become more agile with the lost weight? Were he fielding limitations he range? Hands? Instints? Clearly he's lighter on his feet... Is 3rd base a realistic possibility?

  • In reply to Ibleedcubbieblue:

    Vogelbach has what I would call one step and dive range. That can help him make a few plays at 3B, but the real test is bunts, slow rollers and also grounders to his left where he has to step in front of the SS and make throws on the run. I'm skeptical but I am glad to see them at least try it. It doesn't hurt to get a look.

  • In reply to Zachary Myers:

    Yes, saw that last night on The Cubs Reporter. Good job by AZ Phil as usual. Just wrote a piece with my thoughts on that.

  • Logan Watkins 2B, Jae Hoon Ha OF, Brad Nelson 1B, Greg Rohan DH, Br JAckson OF, Junior Lake 3B/OF, J Chavez/Bogusevic OF, Steve Clevenger C, E Maysonet/Gonzalez SS.

    Add to that Josh Vitters rotating between 1B, DH, 3B and some corner OF... Or just replace Rohan for Vitters.

    By the way, how come I don't see Greg Rohan? Did he become a minor league FA and I didn't notice?

  • In reply to Caps:

    Rohan is rehabbing from what I understand. Not sure if he'll start the season on time. I'm afraid he may be in a tough spot. I wrote about him a bit in the AA piece. He's not a guy who is in need of development. He sort of is what he is right now and I think he'll fill in wherever they need him. Good organizational player, probably should have mentioned him here too.

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    Makes sense, thank you.

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