Anarchist's Brunch- Pu Pu platter version.

Not a whole hell of a lot going on in Cubs camp yet, so instead of one big story, let’s fill ourselves up on little ones. Like gorging on appetizers.

* I am absolutely loving the bunt tournament. How can you not? And this year they’ve added a wild card from the front office? And why not? If you’re gonna work for this regime, you should understand the value of a good bunt. So take off your tie and grab some lumber.

Supposedly Theo just dusted Jed Hoyer. At least that’s what I’m going with. And that’s how it should be. It’s not Hoyerstien, it’s EPStoyer. Theo should come first. So Theo laying Jed perfectly down the third base line is a reaffirmation that things are good. And so is the video guy winning the front office title. I mean, all this guy looks at bunts every day right? Good bunts, bad bunts, why bunts work, why they don’t.  He should be able to apply all this knowledge fairly well methinks.

So with the field intact, I’m gonna go ahead and pick Matt Garza. How fitting will it be that he lays down great bunts but still can’t throw the ball to first? I’m picking Garza, followed by plenty of ridiculous “He’s healthy let’s trade him” comments. Makes too much sense.

You know what would make my day? Castro winning it.

The bunt tournament has a chance to “Reed Mantle” itself. Become something bigger than it is to the point where you actually start to dislike it. If  Paul Sullivan starts making “well we’ve got our 2014 Bunt contest favorite” jokes in July ( Oh lord, he’s going to isn’t he?), you’ll know what I mean. But it’s fun, it stresses much needed fundamentals, and it’s a great way to start off Spring Training. So enjoy it while it’s still cool.

*Speaking of cool things, a very heart felt goodbye and good luck to my boy Matt Spiegel….. who really….isn’t….going anywhere.

Spiegs let the cat out of the bag that he won’t be hosting Hit & Run this year. For those of you that don’t listen, Hit & Run is the only original and interesting 3 hours of radio on the Score. There’s a craft to making a good radio show. It’s more than just guys talking. And Hit & Run not only had a baseball voice, but had a great Sunday morning pace to it. It could be funny, it could talk serious, it could delve into sabremetrics and it could be sentimental without being nostalgic. It even brought out a lot of intelligence and humor out of Barry Rozner. And most people don’t associate those two words with Barry Rozner. Such a misunderstood soul that Rozner… But on Hit and Run proved  he clearly has a lot of both.

And a lot of that was because of Spiegs and his love for baseball. So when he broke the news I should have been mad. I really wanted to be mad. But Spiegs, unlike me, is moving on with his adult life. He has a wonderful baby boy, he has a voice stretched by radio hosting and singing that needs attention. And frankly, carrying Dan McNeil for 5 days a week is a lot. ( I keed Dan. I keed.). And just listening to the relief in his voice as he made the decision, you knew, simply knew,that his decision was the right one. And you had to be happy for him.

Hopefully, they find a good replacement for him. Anyone not named Ben Finfer is a great start. But it won’t be the same without Spiegs. Good luck buddy. Enjoy your free Sundays. Here’s hoping that the Anarchist’s Brunch can help color your Sundays the way Hit & Run colored mine.

Odds and Sods

Phil Rogers wrote another eye-rolling column again. It’s the usual thing. He wants Soriano and Marmol traded. Again. It’s not much of a read. Why am I linking it then. Check out the first comment in the comments section. It’s Cubs Den poster Marcel Jenkins, with just a wonderful plea for Phil to stop writing about the Cubs. Best written piece I’ve read all week. My baby’s dun grown up!!! Reading that I can proudly say, We are all Marcel…..

Are the Garza trade rumors going to get so loud that I actually change my mind and hope they trade Garza just so people will stop making trade rumors? I feel like this might happen.

Speaking of which, the Appel-Stanek-Manea debate is going to start way too early and be way too long and too loud for my taste.

Hey Tom…. Tom Loxas…. Do we have a plan for when Arguello does a scouting trip to Kane County and like doesn’t come back?  I just feel like we should have a plan. I mean, this could so easily happen.

I don’t know how many of you watch Parks and Recreation, but Ron Swanson taking phone calls on “Good Morning Pawnee” might be one of the funniest segments on television ever. If you have Hulu plus, I suggest you look for it. Although, it might not be funnier than this scene.

Len Kasper sure has a lot of hockey opinions. Of course, when you write for the Committed Indian like Len has, you tend to get hockey smart.

Speaking of which, I have to write a column for Tuesday’s edition against the Canucks. And I got nothin’….

All for now.


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  • Pu-Pu Platter....that sounds like something on a Carnival Cruise ship menu.

  • The bunt tourney is great, but I don't remember many bunts last year. Anyone else? And, we are all Marcel! ;)

  • wouldn't it be something if just before the cubs are about to trade garza he comes down with another injury which takes him off the trade market? You know, only the kind of injury that doesn't require surgery or anything like that, and that you could probably pitch with for quite a while and never tell anyone about it you so choose, that kind of niggleing injury which is just enough to keep you where you want to be and derail any trade, now wouldn't that be something?

  • In reply to eddie35:

    That sounds like when I used to get "sick" right before the day of the big test :)

  • fb_avatar

    For some reason the site wasn't letting me post on this article but I fixed some setting I had and now it will. Laughed out loud at the shout out Felzz. That tribune article was a final straw for me and I had to say something about it LOL

    You guys taught me well :)

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    I'm glad you called that idiot out Marcel...Phil Rogers is robbing money from the Tribune and CSN he's a farse and should talk White Sox if he wants to talk Chicago baseball

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