News and Notes: Cubs officially add Stewart to roster, sign Lim, Beliveau DFA'd

I still haven’t come up with a new name for this feature, obviously, but I’m meeting with Tom and Fels tonight for the first annual Cubs Den winter meetings.  Perhaps we’ll choose one tonight, though hopefully before we’ve had one beer too many.

In the meantime, the Cubs made a few official announcements today.

  • The Cubs have officially announced the signing of 3B Ian Stewart.  His is on a non-guaranteed contract but he has a roster spot for now.
  • In a corresponding move the Cubs have DFA’d Jeff Beliveau, though I’m not sure if this means he has cleared because we’d heard this a while back.  If he has cleared waivers, it means he is off the 40 man roster for now and will likely be assigned to AAA Iowa.
  • The team also officially announced the signing of RP Chang-Yong Lim.  You may recall I had some reason to be concerned the other day but it appears all is now signed, sealed and delivered.  Lim has a unique split contract in that he will not take up a 40 man roster spot until it is deemed he is ready to contribute to the team.
  • The Cubs made a bullpen depth move by signing former Indians pitcher Jensen Lewis to a minor league deal.  The 28 year old RHP has a career 3.68 ERA (4.26 FIP).  His best season was his rookie year when he had a 2.15 ERA and struck out 10.43 batters per 9 innings vs. just a shade over 3 walks.  Jensen is a sinker/slider type (89-91 mph fastball) who best fits in a middle relief role.

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    Phil Rodgers tweeted the Cubs called on Porcello.. And theirs no match??

  • In reply to Colman Conneely:

    No match probably because the Tigers wanted Castro in return or something outrageous like that. Or they wanted to dangle the Cubs a la the Anibel Sanchez deal.
    I'm not as high on Porcello as some others are. He's a Little Caesar's; we need an Uno.

  • In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    Ya know, after the low down underhanded ways Sanchez and his agent treated the Cubs, henceforth he shall be known as "Dirty Sanchez"...

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    In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    I agree 100%. Although he may improve, I see Rick Porcello as rich man's Randy Wells. Some days he will shock you and be like "where's that been" then the next couple of starts, you will kick yourself for getting excited.

  • Jensen Lewis went to Vanderbilt under Derek Johnson. Maybe there's some insight there to turning his problems around, though maybe he's done that himself - looked pretty good with the Dbacks AAA team last year.

  • In reply to Carne Harris:

    Nice observation!

  • In reply to SFToby:

    Thanks, Toby! This is what John must feel like when we all say, "Great article."

  • In reply to Carne Harris:

    Agreed. Nice connection.

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    Speaking of signings: the Houston Astros have a new DH -- Carlos Pena. Personally I would have thought that a DH needs to be able to, you know, hit. Apparently not.

    At some point Luhnow is going to come out and admit he's tanking.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Luhnow: Carlos has the best glove of any DH I have ever signed.

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    In reply to StillMissKennyHubbs:

    A.L. players are allowed to play defensive positions as well as DH.

  • 'Twas a joke, a jibe, a pleasantry.....
    Good luck to the Astros Dynasty in the AL.

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    In reply to Mike Moody:

    I have a feeling Luhnow will be canned after a couple more years of rebuilding with no sense of direction.

  • It is not my idea but, l think Cubs Scat is an interesting take for a name for this feature.

  • In reply to 44slug:

    I'll be danged somebody actually liked something I wrote...whoo hoo

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    In reply to 44slug:

    I like that too.

  • As some of you know I like Ian Stewart and think this is his breakout year.....Man I hope I'm right.

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    In reply to carolinacub:

    We all hope your right

  • In reply to carolinacub:

    If Stewart K's this year again....he will be selling used cars in Long Beach, CA this time next year.

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    In reply to CubsTalk:

    Hey the Packer's RB yesterday was selling cars this yr in Jax !!

    Maybe we should all sell used cars!

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    Here are a few suggestions for the news and notes page:
    1) Foul Tips
    2) Infield Choppers
    3) Hot Corner
    4) Bleacher Bums
    5) Dugout Seeds
    6) Soft Liners
    7) Check Swings
    8) Groundrule Doubles
    9) Extra Innnings

  • In reply to Jay Menadue:

    #6 is EXCELLENT !

  • In reply to Jay Menadue:

    you left out bloop singles...

  • In reply to eddie35:

    These are great! So good that a combo might be in order:
    "Soft Liners & Foul Tips" or
    "Check Swings & Infield Choppers" or
    "Bloop Singles & Groundrule Doubles" ...

  • In reply to TokyoCraig:

    How about "On Deck & In the Hole"

    PS I love this website. Almost all the commenters are intelligent and keep it civil and clean.
    John, thank you for running this wonderful site. Because of this site, I never go to

  • In reply to Jay Menadue:

    How about "cans of corn" cuz these are the easy bits of news to catch? Too much of a stretch? :)

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    Your readers aren't invited to the Cubs Den Winter Meetings, John?

  • To be part of the membership, you need to know the secret handshake and wear a funny looking hat that has tassels hanging from it.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Ha, Ha, and wear the secret decoder ring:)

  • Show up with a bottle and see how fast you get invited.

  • Aren't you thinking of the Cubsden Convention?

  • In reply to eddie35:

    I wish I could attend the convention. Suggestion, a bunch of you could sign up for a group tour of of Wrigley - I suggest a non game day, you'll see a lot more:

  • Today ends all trade talk with the Tigers and Porcello.........let Plan "B" start.

    Now that Dombrowski gave $80 million to Sanchez, a #4 starter, he woke up today and said to himself........ "WTF did I do last week!"

  • How about The Dish.

  • Maybe Throwing Junk. Not implying that your articles are junk, but you are just kind of throwing stuff out there in these columns. I also like LOOGYs...but I am left-handed.

  • Just saw this report on RotoWorld...."According to CBS Sports' Danny Knobler, the Tigers are "taking calls" on left-hander Drew Smyly." I don't know about everyone else, but personally IU would rather have Smyly than Pocello. He's only 23, & left handed, which the Cubs don't have alot of in the minors. What everyone else think?

  • In reply to Jer Bear:

    Im all for that! Im just wondering if they even want Marmol? There might not be a better option if the Dodgers wind up with Hanrahan.

    & my vote is for "Cubbie Occurrences". At least we can associate Cubbie Occurences with something least in the near future, hopefully.

  • How about a package starting with Junior Lake and Marmol? If they want Barney, we could work that too.

  • In reply to Jer Bear:

    No body wants Lake. After taking to a few people not one believes that he is a good bet to be an everyday player.

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    You should call these posts Den Droppings. Cause its the little shit that doesn't deserve its own post.

  • In reply to Mike Mayberry:

    Den Scat

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    It would be nice if Beliveau cleared waivers. That may have been part of the calculation by Hoyer, since he has a low ceiling (but his floor is pretty high, as he has had some success and missed bats at every level).

    Beliveau isn't great, but we don't have a ton of LOOGY options for next year

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    John and Cubs Den team:

    Any chance you guys will do a Winter League re-cap at some point? Apparently Dave Sappelt is tearing up VZWL with an OPS over 1.000. He went down there to work on swing and power, and apparently found some. Who knows if that translates, but interesting.

  • In reply to Zonk:

    I know Lake has been killing it with a .320ish average. Also, Alberto Cabrera struck out 10 batters in 4 innings the other day, but he also walked 6.

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    Was flicking around Netflix tonight guys and found this little series called baseball.. About 30 minutes in so far.. Great watch lots of history I didn't know.. Recommend to check it out if you got the time..

  • I see in the paper that Stewart signed a one year contract. I thought that had already happened. Is this just a dealy on what I thought happened a couple weeks ago, or did something else take place that trumped what happened a couple weeks ago in terms of place on roster, guarantee or whatever?

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