Cubs shopping Soriano. Phillies may be among potential buyers.

According to Jon Morosi of Fox sports, major league sources expect the Cubs to meet with teams regarding Alfonso Soriano during the winter meetings.

Once looked at as untradeable because of his contract, Soriano has some appeal now because a team now only has a two year commitment, much of which is expected to be paid by the Cubs.

Coming off his most productive offensive season since 2008,  Soriano can provide some right-handed power in the middle of a lineup and, because of his improved defense, is no longer limited to trades to AL teams.  Morosi and Rosenthal speculate that one NL team that could be a good fit is the Philadelphia Phillies.

They’ve been looking for an OF bat to replace Hunter Pence and currently are slated to start with an unproven OF of John Mayberry, Jr., Domonic Brown, and Darrin Ruf.  The team could use a tested veteran and strong clubhouse presence.

As for what the Cubs would want in return, my guess is that they’d like to fill their own outfield void, which will only increase with the trade of Soriano.  Perhaps one of those young outfielders with the Phillies thinking short term.  My gut is that the Cubs will get a young MLB ready player at position of need in return.


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  • I could see the Braves as eventual candidates if the Cubs eat a huge chunk of Sori's salary, and they don't like Arizona's terms to acquire Justin Upton. Two years leaves them options for their prospects to come through. I know they also wanted a right handed bat or two in the lineup, hence the B.J. Upton signing.

  • In reply to Jim Weihofen:

    True. Braves still looking for a RH bat even after Upton.

  • Damn if the FO could pull this off it would be amazing! Does Soriano have a full no trade clause?

  • In reply to irish0625:

    Yes. He does. Will add to article.

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    BREAKING: Ken Rosenthal said the Cubs are in agreement with Kyuji Fujikawa.

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    In reply to Demarrer:

    Wow. What great news.

  • We got Fujikawa... Pretty surprised he didn't go to the Angels!

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    I think RRK is right and he's probably got a new address next year, but I'm going to miss him. The smile in John's picture is emblematic of everything good about him.

  • I guess that would give the Broun rumor a bit more credibility, but still a head scratcher. Defennse is s big part of the picture these days.

  • The Cubs have reached agreement with Japanese closer Kyuji Fujikawa, sources tell Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (via Twitter). The deal will be for two years with a vesting option in year three, Rosenthal tweets. Fujikawa projects to be the Cubs' closer.

    Yesterday it was reported that Fujikawa was nearing a decision with the Halos in the lead. At least ten teams offered the hurler along the way, including the Dodgers, Orioles, and Diamondbacks. Over the past six seasons with the Hanshin Tigers, the 32-year-old record 202 saves while posting a 1.36 ERA, 0.86 WHIP, 12.4 K/9, and 2.3 BB/9 in 369 2/3 innings


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    Thanks E. Just typed it up.

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    Darin Ruf looks for real. Think there's any chance we could get him as the other side of the coin, or is he likely off the market?

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    In reply to Mike Moody:

    Nevermind, he's a lot older than the other AAA guys. Reminds me of a certain first baseman playing in Japan this year.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    He's the one I thought would be least likely -- but the one I think might be best able to replace Sori's power. But Brown has biggest upside of the three.

  • Here's the thing.

    I've wanted Sori dealt for awhile. I still do. I'm also not horribly concerned about 2013's W/L record.

    That said, I don't want to trade Soriano for some schmuck to put in LF. To be entirely honest, the way Theo Epstein has massaged the roster, the Cubs can afford his contract. Buying out Soriano's contract for a LF hopeful makes 2013 less watchable, unless the guy is, y'know, good. In which case, Philly (or whoever) would have no reason to dump him.

    To trade Soriano, the key should be the other piece. They can hand us whichever LF they want. Ruf, Mayberry, or Brown is fine. What I'd want is a recent high draftee who hasn't washed out yet as the important piece.

    1/ Zack Wright was a sixth Round Pick in 2011. A catcher, he OPS'd .804 in Cedar Rapids last season. Since he was a 2011 Draftee, he wouldn't need to be Rule 5'd until 2014.

    2/Adam Morgan. Same draft class, he was a 3rd round pick. A LHP, he has gotten to AA already. His WHIP in the minors is below 1.2.

    I don't know the Phillies system. At all. What I did was looked up a very recent draft class, and took two players at positions of need, and looked them up. You can do that as well as I can.

    Getting a LF might be nice for Soriano. However, plugging in two or three other guys into the "Waves of Talent" seems the way to go.

    Must read up on our new closer.

  • In reply to tim815:

    The have a couple of guys on the roster now that could fill in adequately in LF - at least in rotation. So losing Soriano now would not be a crisis even if they didn't get a MLB-ready LF in trade for him.

    Given - the available LF options have an amazing absence of HR potential,.. but it would be interesting seeing a Campana get a regular gig in LF and perhaps leading off.

  • John,

    With as well as Soriano played last year and the value he was able to re-establish, he what kind of bat or arm is a reasonable return for him?
    Also if Soriano and Marmol are both dealt, what options do they have to replace Soriano's production next year?

  • In reply to supercapo:

    I think the Cubs can get a young MLB ready player with some upside at this point. Not a mega prospect or anything, but a player capable of starting at the big league level.

  • Give them Soriano and we can take Mikeal Franco and Cesar Hernandez off thier hands..

  • I also like thier young reliever Bonilla , He reminds me of the late great Pascual Perez . All those guys are in the 10-20 range in thier organizational rankings. They do have a couple nice Catching prospects as well.

  • Bet you they are asking Philly for Cody Asche, third baseman. We will pay Sori most of the money if they send this kid over.

  • How is Lake doing in left in winter ball? I know that the Cubs must want to him some at bats(AAA), but an option for mid season?

  • I hope this time Soriano is more wiling to be moved. If it's a east coast team like Philadelphia or even Atlanta, I can see Soriano saying yes

  • John, do you have any feeling for just how much the Mets are asking in return for Dickey? I read that they are seeking OF and catching help. He's getting up there.....have to wonder if Clevenger and Soriano plus a boatload of cash would be in the ballpark.

  • Soriano to PHI for Domonic Brown and Lisalverto Bonilla could end up being a win for Theo & Co. No thanks on Ruf and Mayberry.

  • I can also see Ruben Amaro going all-in and making a big splash. That could be in the form of Hamilton. Could also be a big trade. Soriano, Garza, and maybe Marmol to PHI for Brown/Worley/and two big league ready pitching prospects like Aumont or Martin or maybe a pitcher who's a year or two away like Bonilla???

  • i think soriano for brown would be a great deal, depending on the money they expect us to eat.

    between brown, brett jackson, josh vitters and junior lake one of them has to become a starting caliber player and i like brown's chances a lot. i think with the phillies on the down and the cubs on the up that brown will be encouraged by chicago's willingness to be patient with him aided by excellent coaches. i also love the fact that brown is lefthanded and profiles for some power and obp, i could certainly see him in the 5 or 6 spot in our lineup next year.

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