Quade has issue with Sveum's effort comments

I don’t like to spend any time talking about the Mike Quade era, but today we heard from the former skipper.

Quade has an issue with new Manager Dale Sveum’s comments about what he thought was a lacking effort from the Cubs this past season.

These were comments Sveum made months ago.

Quade claims the effort was there in his opinion, and says that other than having to address Starlin Castro’s concentration levels, he had no real issues.

 “Maybe I’m being an ­idiot, but I thought we gave a pretty damn good effort every night. I don’t know, maybe that was [Sveum’s] philosophy or a backhanded shot. I didn’t hear that.’’

“If comments are made … there’s no reason for anybody to do anything but look forward,’’ Quade said. “I can’t be bothered because I was pretty damn happy. Did everybody run out every ball? No. That’s going to happen with a lot of people [on a lot of teams].

Quade thinks Sveum’s comments may have been a backhanded shot, but he gives his own backhanded compliment to Aramis Ramirez.

 “I thought [Aramis] Ramirez gave a helluva effort last year. Maybe because it was contract year, I don’t know.’’

Quade really has poor timing on this response. Why didn’t he have a response when the comments were made?

Quade also needs to understand that these assertions about last year’s Cubs team also came from Jed Hoyer and the Padres front office as a collective view.

The few players and agents I talked to about Quade this past season clearly indicated at the time he was overmatched, and there was a need for a manager that could hold more respect in the clubhouse.






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  • How many games diifference will the change in managers make? I will suggest it could be as many as 10 added wins. It will be a result of more hustle, better lineup construction, smarter usage of his bullpen and overall better baseball smarts.

  • Very overmatched! Heck! He's even overmatched in coming out now with these comments when he could have addressed them after they were said. But then again, from his managing style, I'm not surprised. I will say this, I think it's going to be a fun and exciting team to watch. Last year I threw up in my hate a few times.

  • Have to agree. I think Quade was a good baseball guy but maybe not a great leader. Some guys are meant to be #2 guys and that's not a bad thing. Every team needs those guys too but when it comes to being a manager I think Quade came up way short.

  • Always talked about as a good baseball guy, but managing and managing the Cubs are huge tasks. Not for someone like Quade.

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    Quade seemed lost. His habit of calling out Castro and Barney while never criticizing the veterans for lack of hustle was hypocritical, and the one day when he railed against Castro and Barney for losing a pop up in the sun was just ridiculous.

    If a player dogs it, they should be called out. Perhaps not in the press, but regardless of their salary, if they deserve a kick in the pants, give it to them. Quade seemed to have his head stuck in the sand when it comes to honestly evaluating the team and his own performance.

  • I think a major blunder on Quade's part was on how he handled the effort of the rookies vs the way he handled the veterans.

    He felt that the vets went to bat for him last off season and helped take the interim tag off his title. I guess he felt he owed them. A big tell was the way he handled the Silva issue during Spring Training. To me that set the tone for the way the vets were going to deal with Quade during the season.

    Coming down hard on Castro's and Barney's effort while leaving Ramirez and Soriano alone showed he wasn't the guy to continue managing the Cubs.

    It hard for coaches to replace managers. It's tough to take that step back and distance yourself from relationship you create with players as a coach. Some can do it, some can't. Quade couldn't.

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    I have to agree that one of the most upsetting things about Quade was his lack of patience for the younger players. Castro would bat 3-5 with 3RBIs and have and error and Ramirez would go 1-4 with an error and Castro was the one Quade seemed to have a problem with. The day that the ball was lost in the sun and Quade tore into Barney and Castro was not necessary. It's alright for a manager to call out his players, but do it in the clubhouse. That was 2 young players making an honest mistake. If you want to call them out on that then do it consistently and call out veteran players for the same reasons.

    A big problem was that the players didn't respect Quade. He was a "clubhouse guy" and very friendly with the players. However, it isn't the managers job to be everyone's friend. It got to the point that Quade couldn't even call out his veteran players because they didn't seem to care if he did.

    I think most fans would agree that he just mismanaged a lot of games. One of the most frustrating things about Quade was seeing the way he handled the pitching staff. He left pitchers in too long and seemed to put them in bad situations... like pitching to Pujols in the 10th inning? I don't think Quade is a bad guy, he just isn't the type of coach you want managing a whole team, let alone the Chicago Cubs. I feel like Sveum is much better suited for this job, especially having seen the Cubs for several years from Milwaukee.

  • Quade lost me on the opening game last year when he left Dempster in for over 115 pitches as I recall, when the bullpen was obviously fresh. I always wondered if that overextension led to an off year by Demp.

  • In reply to SFToby:

    It may have. I think Riggins style, while it seemed to help Garza, really hurt Dempster. Would like to see him go back to throwing more two seamers.

  • If you're married....you're "overmatched."

  • In reply to gposner:

    That's certainly true in my case!

  • I don't know the backstory here, but from the tone of this I get the idea this is a question a reporter sprung on him and he just answered from the hip without the tact to realize he shouldn't.

    Way overmatched as manager, for sure. Could have told you that would be the case years ago when players were always running through his stop signs at third base. And rightly so, usually.

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    2015 me is trying to remember who managed the Cubs in 2011 after Pinellia before Theo. Q needs to fade away in Cub Manager oblivion like Jim Essian, Gene Michael and Tom Trebelhorn.

  • Exactly, I already have kind of forgotten him. The last thing though is he still gave a parting shot by mentioning Castro again.

  • Quade will be forgotten. I will remember him the way I remember Jim Essian, rarely and with great pain.

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