Cubs Sveum threatens Ryan Braun and to fit in Chicago coaching mix

A Cubs player recently told me a story about new Manager Dale Sveum.

Last summer after Brewers slugger Ryan Braun struck out, he walked into the dugout and proceeded to smash his bat, part of it landing on Sveum.

Sveum then followed Braun into the tunnel leading to the clubhouse and let him know that bodily harm would follow if that incident would happen to reoccur.

Braun homered on his next at bat and promptly thanked Sveum for helping him refocus.

That story seems to kind of sum up how players feel about Sveum. He is a no-nonsense guy, yet his players love him. There is a school of thought that the disciplinarian will outlast the players manager. Eventually the player’s manager loses the clubhouse.

No one knows for sure what Sveum’s style will be. I have a feeling he will strike a balance, yet never get accused of letting the clubhouse get away from him like it did under the previous skipper.

If you followed me on Cubs Insider then you know that I was out in front on the Mike Maddux bandwagon. As the process played out, Sveum seemed to be a clear fit with what Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer were looking for.

They needed someone who could set the tone for a younger team and be able to manage with new school tools.

They even did Sveum the huge favor of removing clubhouse cancer Carlos Zambrano to get things off on the right foot.

There seems to be a welcomed movement in this city in regard to good coaching.

Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville and Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau are sound x and o guys, have the respect of their clubhouses, all while not being blowhards or ego maniacs.

I have a feeling Sveum is going to fit right in.

If the story is true, I don’t think he will hesitate to take care of anyone who doesn’t fit in himself.


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  • Hey Tom! Glad to have you on Cubs Den.

    Nice story about Sveum. How did a Cubs player know that story? I suppose Dale is already letting him know what he is going to be like, or maybe one of the Brewers shared with a friend on the team.

    Either way, it'll be fun to see a new manager who can actually do his job for more than 40 games (cough Quade cough).

    You seem to be pretty well connected with different sources. You work with the team somehow to have access to players or other sources?

  • In reply to Still Love the Cubs:

    Thanks, Yeah I have access to all kinds of people at my day job. I'm not sure why he knew that story, but everyone in the game talks. I thought it was worth sharing, it sounds like Sveum is pretty straight up.

  • In reply to Tom Loxas:

    Nice article, but the 4th paragraph needs to be edited. There is a sentence structure issue -- "the helping him refocus"

  • In reply to JeffK:

    Tom's not here to edit that so I went ahead and fixed it. Looked like he just add a "the" by mistake.

  • Great story Tom. We always appreciate a little toughness in our coaches/managers here in Chicago!

  • In reply to John Arguello:

    I agree with you John. That's why I found the article about Chris Bosio on BleacherNation to be a real head scratcher. I'm actually quite happy to hear Bosio is 'old school.'

  • Good stuff, Tom. Nice to have you here. It sure looks like Theo and crew have really hit the mark this off season. We may not see a team this season that wins the division, but I think you would be hard pressed to find many teams in MLB that has had a better or more productive off season.

  • Welcome, the new Cubs need a manager and will not anything
    slide. Missed signs, missing the cutoff man, try to steal a base
    at the wrong time, etc. Also knowing when to rest/patoon a player
    for the good of the team

  • Fielder: Joining Tigers 'kind of a dream (Show me the money)

    Funny quote of the day

  • Posted at 12:37 A.M.? Now we have two insomniac authors on this site.
    Welcome Tom.

  • Merger posting! Welcome Tom. Although, I was already reading most of your Insider stuff so I knew what to expect.

  • Well well. Look at that. Tom actually is writing for Cubs Den. I thought Arguello was still on his Duck Fat Scotch bender and made that all up. Awesome.

    Anyway, while that story is encouraging, I can't put any weight to it until I actually see him manage some games. I mean, last year I thought Magoo was going to be a good manager and that didn't turn out so well. And Milwaukee is a totally different kettle of fish. Ryan Braun, when he's not ingesting banned substances, can relish that kind of confrontation, use it as motivation. Is someone like Castro wired that way? Can't really say.

    I know everyone can't wait for Svuem to confront Soriano after he dogs a fly ball or something. But, is Svuem ever going to be as hard ass as Frank Robinson? Think really hard before you say "I doubt it". Of course, Frank got a 40/40 season out of Sori. Maybe he's the right dude.

    Again, I personally find that story encouraging. And Svuem sounds like a nice blend of Red Ass, baseball smarts, and Man's man likability.
    But I'm gonna need an Exhibit A, Exhibit B and probably C before committing to it. Svuem could just as easily confront Castro, have Castro sulk, Phil Rogers and the rest of the glue sniffing press go crazy with it and Cub nation is doing the lemming thing in May.

    Welcome to the Boards. Looking forward to the chats....

  • In reply to felzz:

    Felzz - Great stuff. I'll take that blend - look forward to it.

    As to 40/40 - that was before Sori's knees (not hammies - as I hear it) went to jelly. 40 would be nice - what would be nicer? If a couple Cubs were already on base. Then again, pitchers throw him FBs when there IS no one on base - otherwise, sliders in the dirt or off the corner.

  • I'm excited about the accountability for all players. Ryan Braun is a veteran star, he isn't some rookie or 21 year old that's an easy target. We've seen enough of letting Soriano watch flyballs or Ramirez dog a grounder without a word being said. I think players will respect that everyone is held to the same standard. And if they don't, then they probably won't be with the team very long.

  • Yeah, I have no idea what to expect. That story though kind of told me a player like Braun really respects him and Fielder supposedly loved him, and he isn't seen as a potential players manager so to speak. I'm encouraged he could be the blend I was talking about with guys like Q and Thibs. I have never liked coaches better than those 2, it's never about them either.

  • Somethings are better said in private. The manager does not have
    to prove whos in charge in pubic.

  • My favorite Q line is " We're not looking for blame. We're looking for answers." Something that is sorely lacking at Wrigley. Or hopefully was.

    I agree with the jr. Martinez. The best part of that story is that we didn't hear about it until months later and only then from someone else. Hopefully,in April, after Dempster's needed 65 pitches to get through 3 innings against the Pirates Dale pulls him aside in one of Wrigley's dank corners and says something similar. Then in June we can post and say things like " Well, whatever Dale said to Dempster obviously worked...."

    Or maybe Dempster comes on the air and does his lame ass Harry Carry impersonation, and the next day, #46 is sporting a black eye and "has been sent to the bullpen to work on some things...". Yeah, that would be cool...

  • In reply to felzz:

    I hate that stupid Will Ferrell doing Harry Carry impersonation

  • In reply to Tom Loxas:

    Ok, hate is a strong word. It's just silly.

  • Great post Tom. I really enjoyed reading it.

    Merging your blog and John's together will be an awesome benefit to the readers. Now there is one spot to get great perspectives and information on the Cubs.

    I look forward to reading your posts in the future.

  • In reply to Alex:

    Wow, thanks Alex. I agree, and Chicago Now is becoming the place for Chicago sports blogs and blogs period.

  • Welcome aboard Tom, I'm fairly new here as well and I'm looking forward to more articles on here. Seems like Dale has his head on straight and he is going to insure that everyone else does too. I would hate to see Theo in the dugout blasting players because Dale isn't cutting it....Again welcome

  • In reply to johnnywest333:

    Thanks, and Theo has a pretty good track record on his managerial choices. He had Francona and Maddon ranked 1,2 prior to this.

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    In reply to Tom Loxas:

    It doesn't matter now but I believe Epstein might have ranked Maddux ahead of Sveum on his list of potential Cub managers.

  • fb_avatar

    Welcome to Cubs Den, Tom.

    I enjoy the thought that Sveum won't treat stars different than the rest of the team if they need a kick in the pants.

  • In reply to Just Win:

    Exactly if the stars buy in, the rest if cake. Just look at Toews with the Hawks and Rose with the Bulls. They buy in, everyone buys in.

  • He sounds like the exact opposite of Quade. You'd think after 100 years and counting you would have finally figured it all out..In 4 or 5 more years, countless Cub fans of today and years passed, will be dead. No need to rush now guys. Ronnie's gone too. Take your time, no need to rush. Post season success NOW is anti-clamatic...We've all waited far, far too long. We all are numb.

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