Your 2012 Cubs Coaching Staff

The Cubs announced their on-the-field staff for 2012.  Only one surprise in that Craig Counsell apparently wasn’t ready to retire and coach just yet.  The Cubs turned to Dave McKay instead.  McKay spent 16 seasons as the St. Louis Cardinals first base coach.  Here is the coaching staff..

Manager: Dale Sveum

Bench Coach: Jamie Quirk

Pitching Coach: Chris Bosio

Hitting Coach: Rudy Jaramillo

1B Coach: Dave McKay

3B Coach: Pat Listach

Bullpen Coach: Lester Strode

The Cubs also promoted Franklin Font as a special assistant to Sveum.  Font has worked with Castro in the minors.  It’s a pretty good guess he’ll have a similar responsibility at the major league level.


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  • Must be a slow day.

  • In reply to emartinezjr:

    So far, there hasn't been much. I don't expect anything to happen on Darvish and Fielder fronts today.

  • What is the big deal about saying who won the bidding? It is like it's some state secret or something. I said to myself last week that if I really wanted the guy I would bid 53 million. Rumors are that Toronto was in the 40-50 mil. ballpark. If the Cubs really wanted him, I think they will be in the 50 million area, if less that tells me they were just trying to get him on the cheap, and if not so be it.

  • I think the Cubs probably analyzed what they thought would be the highest they could bid while still getting the value they want. I don't think they would go higher just for the sake of winning. That would be line with their philosophy this offseason. I can't argue with that. You want to get good players, but not at the expense of hampering what the team might be able to do later. We'll have to be patient, but I think eventually we get a couple of those big time players -- I do think it'll be sooner rather than later.

  • Hey John,
    Any word on what the Cubs expect their ML payroll to be?

  • In reply to Paris:

    I've heard that they'll try to keep the payroll the same, which was around $135 last year. I've also heard talk that it may be as low as $120M -- it probably depends in part on who they're able to sign.

  • fb_avatar

    Reads like the Cubs are negotiating with Maholm.

  • Thanks Raymond...just did a quick write up. I like it if he's healthy.

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