Cubs sign 5th rounder Tayler Scott

According to Jim Callis of Baseball America, the Cubs have signed 5th round pick Tayler Scott.  Scott had a strong commitment to Arizona and was considered one of the Cubs toughest signs.

Scott is a pitcher with tremendous upside, but right now he’s a little rough around the edges.  He has only been pitching for a few years as he is originally from South Africa, where he primarily played soccer.  Scott, however, has shown good aptitude on the mound.  As you might imagine, he’s a very good athlete.   He also has a projectable pitchers body.  His most recent bios list him ats 6’3″ and just 165 lbs,  but he is able to generate great velocity despite his lean frame, throwing between 90-93 mph.   He has already shown a good feel for picking up secondary pitches.  Scott is a pitcher who figures to fill out and get stronger as he gains experience.   He’s a high ceiling guy, but one who may take some time to make it to the big leagues.

Scott is the Cubs highest signed pick now other than Zeke DeVoss.  He signed for $279,950, which is well over the $157,500 slot recommended by MLB.

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  • I must say the Cubs are doing a very nice job signing players, better that i thought.

  • In reply to rodeosteve:

    Agreed...looks like they'll get everybody they want except for probably Jacquez, maybe Maples, and possibly Dunston -- there was some thought that maybe he was closer than he was. Not sure anymore. If I had to pick one of the 3, I'd take Maples. As much as I like Dunston, some scouts thought Maples had the best slider in the entire draft. I've more or less given up on Jacquez.

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