Late Round Steal? Cubs nab RHP Dillon Maples in 14th round

Dillon Maples was on my list of guys the Cubs should select…in the 2nd round.  They passed on him but ended up with him anyway –in the 14th round.  Baseball America has him ranked as the 46th best player overall in the draft.  In fact, he’s higher ranked than anybody the Cubs have picked except for first round pick Javier Baez.

dillon maples.jpg

If the Cubs can sign Maples, they’ll have themselves a steal.

So why did he drop so low?  Signability.  Maples has the chance to play football at North Carolina as a kicker and his commitment is said to be strong.  On the field, he’s a pitcher with a mid 90s fastball and a good curveball, both of which should be above average major league pitches.  Maples just needs more consistency with his command.

Of all the Cubs picks, Maples will be the toughest to pry away from college — but since they haven’t taken any players with large bonus demands (such as Bubba Starling), you would think they’d have some money left over to make Maples a more than reasonable offer.

After all, if they don’t sign him, it really isn’t a steal, is it?

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  • 12 out of the top 15 Cubs picks are top high school players with college scholarships. They all will need to get paid very good bonuses (mostly likely over slot) for the Cubs to sign them. Expect the Cubs to do that very thing.

  • In reply to ddevonb:

    I know they'll make the effort, but Maples is easily the toughest sign. I'm impressed that they signed Gretzky, and will probably sign Dunston soon too. Tayler Scott is going to be another tough one.

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