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WilcoMeThat (@wilcomethat)


Following graduation from an esteemed liberal arts college that smelled of cigarette smoke and patchouli, a man-child was born.

Hurt in 1984. Crushed in 2003. Numb in 2007. Comatose in 2008. He continues to believe and still, no matter what, simply loves watching, experiencing and discussing the Cubs and the great game of baseball.

"My mind's gone loose inside its shell."

Stephanie Lynn (@SRL590)


A Cubs fan surrounded by Orioles and Red Sox fans, this graduate from a small liberal arts college is a lover of music, photography and animals.

Mark Bellhorn once gave her a wave and a thumbs up on Addison after a game in 2005.


Steve Anderson (@cubsphan76)

steve-picDon't let the cheeseburger avatar fool you. A Cubs fan who recently returned from a 10-year sabbatical in St. Louis, Steve is a graduate of a small liberal arts college and holds a thus-far meaningless MBA from St. Louis University. He is a lover of Chicago, music and humor. Believer.

"Ron Cey told me to get in line for his autograph in 1984. I still hold a grudge."

Nick Pipitone (@nickpipitone)

Nick PipitoneDiehard Cubs fan, father of two, advertising creative director, Italian.

“Don’t let the pressure outweigh the pleasure.”

Jared Wyllys (@jwyllys)

jared wyllysJared grew up in a remote corner of Michigan reading box scores all summer, every summer, and relishing the times when the Cubs were on WGN on his cable-less television in the late 1980s and early 1990s. His earliest baseball memories are of watching the Cubs on TV and traveling to Detroit to see the Tigers at the old Tiger Stadium.

Now, he lives in the outer suburbs of Chicago with his wife and four young children, with whom he enjoys sharing his love of baseball and the Cubs. When he's not doing that, he teaches 9th grade English and reads Cubs blogs.

Coach T. (@hankandlucysdad)

coachtTennis coach by trade.

Obsesses about other sports during all free time.

Can often be found in the 500 level at Wrigley Field.