Keep It Rolling Cubs

Glad to see so many comments regarding the Cubs today and last night on Facebook. Surprisingly, almost all of the comments have been positive. this is my 21st year to live in Chicago, but I grew up in an area that has a large contingent of fans of the last opponent.

I had not written anything since my senior year in high school when I wrote for the Memorial View. I was asked by a friend to be a contributor on this blog, not because I am any great writer, but because I was crazy enough to watch every game. Yes, that includes some pretty painful ones during the team’s rebuilding.

It seems the days are gone when two fielders would run into each other catching a pop up. Hopefully the Lovable Losers are gone for good.

This year has been special for me. My son has gotten to the age where he completely understands what is going on. After playing tennis for two hours last night, he shocked a Men’s League with how much a six year old can know about a team. My three year old daughter attended her first two games this year. She got to run the bases after the second one. This is something she had wanted to do all season. She is an absolute Kris Bryant fanatic. She carries a baseball card of Bryant with her in her backpack at school. If she feels homesick during the day, she gets this card and her card of Clark the Cub out to ease her anxiousness. Needless to say this fanatic father is thrilled.

Let’s keep this rolling Cubs. Anything can happen now.

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  • Love the way your kids have latched on to the Cubs. My oldest is starting to do the same, and my younger three, even though they are too young to understand, are picking up on the excitement of the playoffs. These are truly wonderful times.

  • I think they are hooked now. Hope you have the same soon

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