Cubs Are Making Memories

Fans of the 2015 Cubs have been treated to a fun ride. Even the most optimistic fans couldn’t have predicted 94 wins from such a young team.

Fans have certain memories of teams that can be anything from getting an autograph to seeing a weird play. I’ll never forget seeing former Bears player Steve “Mongo” McMichael be ejected from the game while singing the 7th inning stretch.

This season has had a no-hitter from Jake Arrieta. Those who watch closely knew he was good, but he has been lights out, especially in the second half.

The emergence of rookies Kris Bryant,Addison Russell and Kyle Schwarber has been fun to watch. All three seem like they could be solid performers for along time.

Manager Joe Maddon has instilled a fun and winning attitude for the team. It has been fun to watch the gimmicks/team building activities the team has done throughout the season. It may get lost that he uses the entire bench. Players know they are going to get playing time and stay ready as well as being relaxed.

Fans have been treated to lots of winning this year. Winning championships are always the best memories. Hopefully most remember this one for a long time, no matter how far the Cubs advance.

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