Big Game Tonight

Hey Hey! Holy Mackerel! No doubt about it. The Cubs are on their way.

In some ways the Cubs have already arrived. Those that watch closely knew that good days were coming for the Cubs. It has been a little sooner than most expected. I thought the Cubs would be decent this year. My guess preseason was that they would win 83-84 games. They have surpassed everyone’s expectations so far.

Now they get to prove themselves against their hated rival. I refuse to say the name of the opponent. I’ll assume you know who they are playing. The other team has won a lot in the past. This is the goal for the Cubs to sustain winning seasons like the other team has done.

The mix of young players and proven veterans like today’s starter Jon Lester has been a recipe for success. It’s time to prove it with a deep playoff run.

Enjoy the game. Go Cubs!

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