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Keep It Rolling Cubs

Glad to see so many comments regarding the Cubs today and last night on Facebook. Surprisingly, almost all of the comments have been positive. this is my 21st year to live in Chicago, but I grew up in an area that has a large contingent of fans of the last opponent. I had not written... Read more »

Big Game Tonight

Hey Hey! Holy Mackerel! No doubt about it. The Cubs are on their way. In some ways the Cubs have already arrived. Those that watch closely knew that good days were coming for the Cubs. It has been a little sooner than most expected. I thought the Cubs would be decent this year. My guess... Read more »

Baseball bucket list: Game 162

Baseball bucket list: Game 162
Somewhere in the back of their minds  I think all sports fans, and especially baseball fans, have a list of things they want to make sure that they get the chance to see or do before it’s all over. There are the obvious things that probably go without saying, like seeing our team win the... Read more »

Cubs Are Making Memories

Fans of the 2015 Cubs have been treated to a fun ride. Even the most optimistic fans couldn’t have predicted 94 wins from such a young team. Fans have certain memories of teams that can be anything from getting an autograph to seeing a weird play. I’ll never forget seeing former Bears player Steve “Mongo”... Read more »