Should Players' Salaries Matter To Fans?

At the last Cubs game I went to, I was looking at jerseys that the fans were wearing. There was a lot of Rizzo and the most popular by far was Kris Bryant. I don’t know that I saw any Jon Lester jerseys at all.

It made me wonder if fans are holding his lucrative contract against him or is Bryant just the hot player to get if you want the jersey of a new player?

We all know that Lester has his problems with throwing over to first base, but he has been steady this year and reached the seventh inning most of the time. Ok, throw out his last start. I think he and all the fans would like to forget that one.

Couch and/or Twitter GMs may not be thrilled with his high salary, but he and personal catcher David Ross have instilled a veteran and winning presence with this young team. The emergence of Jake Arrieta as the team’s “ace” shouldn’t overshadow his worth to the team.

Only time will tell if this goes down as a good free agent signing. Its always easier at the end to say it was or wasn’t.

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  • Nobody's salary should matter to anybody.

    In this case, it will be, ultimately, how they play the game.

  • I agree. The only time I think of it is if a player is a really bad bust and throw it in as "and he made this much money". This certainly doesn't apply to Lester yet.

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