Little Honey's First Game. Spoiler-Cubs Win!

I was the oldest child in my family and do not know what it’s like to be the youngest. Going to the Cubs games lately has meant my son went with Daddy and “Little Honey” stayed home with Mommy. As far as I know shopping and hanging out with Mommy isn’t too bad of a gig. However, I had noticed the interest in Little Honey’s eyes when my son would tell her about the experiences at the Cubs game. Recently, she expressed that she wanted to go to the game too.

I will spare the details in case she reads this at an older age, but her attendance at a Cubs game was tied in with potty training. If the final stage was conquered she would receive a pink Cubs hat and would go to a game with Daddy. Last week she got the pink Cubs hat. Today was the day to pay off the second part of the bribe.

August 24, 2015. The Cubs were to take on the Cleveland Indians. My goal was for her to make it through 4 innings and get a taste of what it’s like to go to a game. I hoped she might even make 6 because two really good pitchers were throwing so it might be a quicker game.

Its not my recommendation to drive to Cubs games, but I didn’t know how long she could last. I sent a message to @CubParking. If you ever need to drive to a game, this is the guy. Follow him on twitter and he will hook you up. Great parking spot.

We parked about three blocks from Wrigley Field. When we started to get close Little Honey started to point and said “There it is! We’re almost there!”.

We went in the center field gate. She was greeted with high fives and fist bumps by the Cubs workers when we told them this was her first game. We went in and heading for the First Timers Booth to get her certificate for going to her first game. I was unaware of this when my son went to his first game. Very nice touch from the Cubs.

Next we walk to our seats and the Jesse White tumblers were performing in the outfield. If you have not seen these kids, they are impressive. After a lot of wide eyed looks from a happy three year old, we made it to our seats. The national anthem was sung by a band called Ring of Fire and the lead singer sounded a lot like Johnny Cash.

Luckily, the seat next to us was not taken so Daddy’s Girl alternated between the seat next to us and my lap. The favorites early on seemed to be the jumbotron and the music played. The next thing you know it was the fourth inning and the game was still scoreless. It was time to go see Clark the Cub. (@ClarktheCub). There wasn’t much of a line and we got our picture taken with Clark.

She was ready to get back to the seats immediately after the pictures. I was shocked that she didn’t want to stop at the concession stand. we got back in the seats and she asked when they would play “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”. To my surprise, she made it through the stretch and stood up and sang along with Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer. I was starting to think she might go the distance.

In the bottom of the seventh Chris Coughlan doubled followed by an Anthony Rizzo triple to give the Cubs the lead. This was followed by her saying “Daddy I want to go home.” By the time we left the seats and we took a picture with her favorite player, Kris Bryant’s banner in the concourse, it was the middle of the eighth.

Driving home we learned that Cleveland had scored in the top of the ninth to tie it. We got home in time to see Anthony Rizzo at the plate. He got out so her favorite player Kris Bryant came to the plate. Bryant hit a walk off home run to win the game. Both kids went wild as the Cubs had won 2-1. Perfect ending, even if she did see it on TV.

This was a great first game first game for Little Honey. She is already talking about when she gets to go to another game.

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