It's ok to be optimistic about the Cubs

The Chicago Cubs have won nine straight games. This is not a misprint. This is really a new Cubs team. The winning is a year ahead of schedule by most expert predictors.

Part of being be a Cubs fan is learning to expect the worst. Cubs have had a few teams that were near misses and some teams that flat out stunk. Many fans were thinking “here we go again” when the Cubs were swept by the last place Phillies after the all-star break. Since then, the Cubs have been on fire.

This is fun team to watch. They are a good mix of young enthusiasm plus a couple of veterans that have kept this team together. They seem to be really enjoying the ride this season. Its hard to remember a Cubs team that has so much fun while playing the game.

As fans, we should allow ourselves to have fun with them. This team is built to continue to be good for years to come. My friend @grantjess commented that the Cubs don’t make him drink anymore. He is not alone, but allow yourselves to crack one celebrating wins for once. Cubs catcher @miggymont26 coined the phrase “we are good”. Its turning out to be true. Lets enjoy the ride.

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