Sending Two Deserving Cubs to the All Star Game: It Was a Big Deal

Sending Two Deserving Cubs to the All Star Game: It Was a Big Deal

For the first time in what seems like forever, the Cubs sent not just one, but two deserving players  to the All Star Game to represent the North Side: Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant.

There was no pity vote for someone on the team, picking a player just because it’s required that each team is represented in the All Star Game. No, Rizzo and Bryant both worked to rightfully earn their places on the team. Cubs fans didn’t have to bombard social media with #VoteRizzo and text Rizzo’s corresponding number until our fingers bled last Friday for the Final Vote challenge like we did last year. We didn’t need to partner up with an American League team this year to help make Rizzo an All Star while the other player didn’t make the cut for the American League (sorry about last year, Rick Porcello).

Rizzo has proved in 2015 that he has what it takes to be voted into the All Star Game based on raw talent. His name may not be as big as others, but you can’t deny how great 16 home runs, 48 RBI’s and a .413 OBP look. The 25-year-old may not hit a home run every time he steps up to the plate, but you can count on him to get on base, a trait that seems to be overlooked during the hype of All Star voting.

And how could we even dream of splitting up the Bryant/Rizzo bromace, even for the All Star break? Oh yeah–we can’t! If Rizzo’s headed to Cincinnati, then so is KB.

Okay, that might have been wishful thinking on my part. I think we all know Bryant was rightfully selected to the National League roster, even if it was by NL manager Bruce Bochy opposed to being voted in by the fans.

Speaking of votes, did I mention the 23-year-old rookie sensation actually gained more votes for third base than Rizzo did for first base? Bryant made his All Star game debut less than three months after making his Major League debut. Tell me that isn’t All Star material!

It’s common knowledge the two Cubs are gifted athletes, but imagine how great of an experience this must have been for the pair to take on together. Rizzo and Bryant appear to be very close friends based on their photos and hilarious Dubsmash videos they occasionally post on Instagram, giving fans a look at a their personalities off the diamond. Catch a Cubs game on TV and the duo are almost always seen sitting by each other, smiling and laughing in the dugout. I can only imagine how thrilling it must have felt for the two friends to make the trip to Cincinnati to represent the Cubs and show off their skills.

It’s okay that both Bryant and Rizzo were eliminated in the first round of the Home Run Derby. It’s okay neither of them got a hit during the All Star Game (although Bryant did draw a walk). These two proudly represented the Cubs in front of all of Major League Baseball, showing everyone that this team is done being the butt of everyone’s jokes and that they mean business.

You did us proud, boys. I’m sure there will be many more All Star Games in your futures, so watch out, MLB: you’ll be hearing the names “Bryant” and “Rizzo” a lot in the years to come.


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  • It was awesome to see them both in, and I lived that Rizzo got the starting not at DH.

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