Comerica Park: A Must-See Stadium For Baseball Fans

Comerica Park: A Must-See Stadium For Baseball Fans

A Cubs fan, a Tigers fan and a Pirates fan went to Comerica Park.

No, this isn’t the beginning of a joke. This is what happened about two weeks ago when I saw the Cubs take on the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park.

After spending a few days in suburban Detroit visiting my cousin, Michael, (the Tigers fan) and11391733_10155674238870082_1218441896977765611_n his wife Lindsey, (the Pirates fan) the three of us decided to end my visit to the Motor City with a trip to Comerica Park.

Once you get past the mess of construction that plagues Detroit, Comerica Park is really a beautiful baseball stadium. We walked up to the front gate and I was instantly taken by the enormous tiger statues that grandly sit at the entrance. People gathered around the larger-than-life cats for photos and since I was visiting from out of town, I may or may have not acted like a tourist and took a handful of photos myself.

What? I’m from Baltimore; Camden Yards doesn’t have anything this fun!

Once we made our way inside the park, we decided to get something to eat before the first pitch. Michael spotted an eating area close to the entrance called Big Cat Court. We walked closer to it and discovered it was essentially a replica of a mall food court–in a baseball stadium! Within a large circle is every kind of food booth you can imagine that’s fitting at a ballgame: hotdogs, hamburgers, pizza, you name it.

There was one particular feature to this area that made me smile: a carousel that sat in the center11650955_10155722833380082_1560015831_n of the court. This wasn’t the typical carousel you would see at the mall food court. Oh no, this was a Detroit Tigers carousel, which meant riders sit on tigers instead of the usual horses. Maybe I’m just used to old-fashioned Wrigley Field or maybe I’m just really easily excited, (or both!) but this was the coolest thing ever to me! It was a fun little theme and a nice place to hang out before game time.

After dinner we made the trek to the upper deck to our seats behind home plate and just as I 11535865_10155674239340082_9100870795501361102_nsuspected, Comerica Park doesn’t seem to have a bad seat in the house. We may have been in the 300 level, but we had a beautiful view of the stadium and the buildings that were just beyond the outfield, giving Detroit a bit more of a skyline (for lack of a better word) than I realized. Sure, I was a lone Cubs fan sitting in a section full of Tigers fans and received several evil glares for my Kris Bryant shirt, but I didn’t have a care in the world. Maybe Detroit is still bitter that we got to “Vote Rizzo” but not “Pick Rick” for last year’s All-Star Game?

As you may recall, the Cubs were a mess that night, losing to the Tigers 6-0. When it became 11390116_10155674239675082_4864235490268652055_nclear to me that Anibal Sanchez was going to out pitch Jon Lester, I decided to give up on any chance of a Cubs win and take in the atmosphere of being a Tigers fan at Comerica Park. At one point, I actually found myself hoping for the Tigers to score a run because every time Detroit scored, the fountains in centerfield would shoot up in celebration while everyone around us screamed in excitement. Fountains are something I’ve never seen in person at another ballpark, so that was an enjoyable aspect of the game for me.

After the inevitable Tigers win, we headed out of the stadium, passing several life-sized Justin Verlander cardboard cutouts in store windows on our way out, (don’t worry, he was fully clothed) and ended up outside the entrance once again where Detroit was celebrating their team’s win.

I stood on the sidewalk with my cousins as we took in the joyful atmosphere that surrounded us, 11039335_10155674243580082_1006671861982327199_na city proud of its baseball team; there was yelling, laughing, clapping, photo taking and even a drummer and saxophone duo serenading the crowds with appropriate songs for the setting, like ‘Eye of the Tiger.’

In that moment of celebration, I looked around and realized that Comerica Park had a very similar feel to Wrigley Field. This city has a fierce passion for their team and they want everyone to know it. Win or lose, Tigers fans will stand by their team. I’m not sure what the reaction is when the Tigers lose at Comerica, but the mini party going outside the front gates reminded me of exiting Wrigley Field after a Cubs game: lively and fun. The game may be over, but the energy is still there.

Comerica Park isn’t a stadium the Cubs visit on a regular basis due to interleague play, but I would highly suggest any baseball fan making the trip to see this wonderful ballpark. You may not see the Cubs play, but hey, the Tigers were a pretty fun team to watch.

Until next time, Detroit.



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  • I haven't been there since 2009 I think, but it's an awesome place for sure.

    Did you see the statues in right field?

  • fb_avatar

    We never made it to the outfield, unfortunately :(

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