Clark Is My Buddy

Clark Is My Buddy

It was the winter of 2014. The Cubs were going to make a major announcement. Fans were hopeful the Cubs would be announcing the signing of a free agent. Instead the Cubs introduced their new mascot, Clark the Cub.

I had resigned myself to the fact that it was going to be at least one more long year. Being the parent of two young kids, I actually liked the idea of a mascot. Then I logged into Twitter.

Cubs fans were irate. Typical comments were: “We don’t need a mascot.” “He has his hat on backwards.” “Why does he have a Twitter account?” “He isn’t wearing pants!” “The Cubs spent money on this and not a player?”

Ryan Dempster

Ryan Dempster

Then the pictures starting rolling with a penis drawn in. Poor Clark was a hated cub. This is not unprecedented, by the way. I do remember Tommy Hawk being booed the first year the Blackhawks had him at games.

The reaction was quite different for my five year old son. He loved him immediately. I signed him up for Clark’s Crew for $25.

As a member of the club a child gets:

  1. A free jersey;
  2. A free backpack;
  3. One free admission for a Wrigley Field Tour;
  4. Two free tickets to the Under Armour All-American game;
  5. Free apples and bananas from Jewel-Osco;
  6. They get to go to the front of the line when kids run the bases on Sundays; and
  7. Free admission to a question and answer session with Cubs players.
photo 1

Jason Motte

This past Sunday I went with my son to the question and answer session. Former Cub Ryan Dempster stopped by to say hello to the kids. Clark was first up and the kids had some fun with him. Next up were Cubs players Justin Grimm (@GrimmReaper51) and Jason Motte (@JMotte30).

There were about 40 kids in attendance. Every child got to ask both players a question.

photo 2

Justin Grimm

Most were questions like “What is your favorite food?”

One kid asked Motte how long he had grown his beard. He said 7 years, but it had been trimmed some. Both said they became pitchers because they couldn’t hit.

Both players seemed to have a great time and were great with the kids. Each child got a Clark hat signed by Jason Motte.

Clark may still get joked about some by adult fans, but Clark’s Crew is a great value and fun for kids. He definitely has fans in our house.

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  • I was indifferent to the news of Clark for the most part, but after hearing this, I wish I had signed up so my 4 year old could have done this when I took him back in May! Good stuff.

  • Clark was a godsend, seriously. My son was 1 1/2 at the time Clark debuted. Anyone who has kids knows it's basically impossible to get them to do what you want them to do. So how do you get an impossible toddler to become a Cubs fan? A mascot. I also signed him up for the fan club, we've been to the clubhouse every time we go to a game and every night in his bed is the Clark the Cub build-a-bear from last season. If we're going to a game it's so he can see Clark.

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    I think Clark was a good idea for the kids, but the Cubs had to know there was going to be problems when they introduced a pantless bear.

  • I had to look it up to verify, but the Bears mascot Staley Da Bear doesn't wear pants either. Is something going on here?

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    The Philly Phanatic doesn't have pants either, but he's probably my all-time favorite mascot. Maybe Cubs fans are just perverted? Haha not sure what it is, but something about that bear not wearing pants just looks wrong! Luckily kids are oblivious to it.

  • In reply to Stephanie Lynn:

    I'm starting to wonder about Cubs fans. It seems that Yogi Bear doesn't wear pants either. Lol

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    Why is his lack of pants an issue? Bears don't wear pants. I am very grateful the my grandson is getting so much joy out of him. He has a wonderful daddy for giving him these opportunities.

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