This Whole "Good" Thing is Starting to Sink In

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I saw this tweet recently and it hit me in the gut. I smiled a little bit. And then I got a “nervousness in the pit of my stomach” feeling. We are good. (There, I said it.) But do we know how to deal with it?

The problem is that Cubs fans are accustomed to losing and, if you think about it, how can we not be? The last four years have been a leap of faith; trips down a road in which awful baseball was at every turn. The Rizzo’s and Castro’s got us through, along with the steady stream of promising stats coming out of our farm system. The videos of Kris Bryant hitting 400 foot bombs in Iowa were a big help too. They felt kind of like when you were 5 and your Mom had her hand on your shoulder saying, “Everything will be OK, don’t worry.”

When people would rib me for being a diehard Cubs fan, a team synonymous with losing (stupid me, apparently) I always had an arsenal at my fingertips:

Postseason appearances in 06, 07, 08, 10, 18, 29, 32, 35, 38, 45, 84, 89, 98, 03 and 07.

The franchise has over 8700 wins, 10 pennants, and 16 playoff appearances.

40 hall of famers played with the Cubs more than any other team.

Mark Grace had the most hits of the 90s, dude.

So losers? Hell no. And @#% you for thinking so.

Especially now that we have a team that looks like it’s getting better and better, game by game. They may not win the World Series this year, but the Cubs are 100% lovable and 0% loser.

So now that we’re good, let’s all band together and vow to say goodbye to those old tags, those old goats, the Cubbie occurrences and black cats and folk legends and tales of baseball past, the things that have held us fans down for so long. Let’s turn “next year” into “this year” every year.

Numerous bloggers and baseball writers have said it: This feels different. But it’s going to take some getting used to. After the 8-1 loss to the Pirates on Wednesday i have to admit the old Cubs fan in me said “uh-oh.” But then I looked again, at the middle of our lineup, at the genius of Joe Maddon and our current record and that feeling quickly went away.

So let’s get out there and get a win today, shall we?

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