The 2015 Cubs: Red Sox 2.0

The 2015 Cubs: Red Sox 2.0

We know orange is the new black, but it also seems that red may be the new blue when it comes to baseball. It’s been great to see the different players the Cubs have acquired since the end of the 2014 season, but have you realized how many are former Red Sox players? I would speculate that Theo Epstein, and former Red Sox president, is eager to secure his former players and that the players are eager to sign back with the baseball mastermind who brought Boston its first World Series in 86 years back in 2004. If Epstein could break the ‘curse’ in Boston, imagine the reaction if he could build a team to win in Chicago as well.

Let’s take a look at just how many players the Cubs organization currently has that used to be on the Red Sox:

Jon Lester (Obviously)

David Ross

Jonathan Herrera

Drake Britton

Anthony Rizzo (Yes, remember Rizzo was originally drafted by the Red Sox)

There has also a handful of former Red Sox wearing Cubbie blue this spring that were designated for assignment:

Ryan Sweeney

Felix Doubront

Anthony Varvaro

The players aren’t the only ones trading in red for blue. And let’s not forget Manny Ramirez, now a hitting coach for the Cubs, and Kevin Youkilis a scout for the Northsiders. Ryan Dempster, a former pitcher to both the Cubs and Red Sox, is now an assistant in the Cubs’ front office.

While I appreciate to effort Epstein is putting into making the Cubs a winning team, I could do without adding the plethora of former Red Sox players and prospects. Don’t get me wrong, the Red Sox are a fantastic organization, and I think they could probably relate to the Cubs up until 2004, but I would rather see the Cubs be their own team and not achieve success through another team’s former players.

If Epstein continues to build this Cubs franchise with past Red Sox players, let’s just keep our fingers crossed he stays away from their pitchers. We have enough pitching problems as it is.

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