Kris Bryant Is Crushing It

Kris Bryant Is Crushing It

Hanley Ramirez hit ten home runs in April. Bryce Harper has hit nine home runs so far in May. Giancarlo Stanton actually hit a home run out of Dodger Stadium last week.

It took the infamous Kris Bryant a month to get his first Major League home run, but he hit four in just five days last week, three of them landing in Wrigley Field’s newly renovated bleachers.

But just because it’s taken longer than many expected for Bryant to collect his first big league homer doesn’t mean he hasn’t been contributing offensively. Take a look at Bryant’s stats for the last seven days:

5 runs

8 hits

1 triple

4 home runs

11 RBIs

5 walks

.296 batting average

.394 on base percentage

These stats play a crucial part in the Cubs’ ability to get on base and score this season with Bryant being a key player. Keep in mind that the third baseman is only 23-years-old, has only played in 27 Major Leauge games and has extremely high expectations to meet from baseball fans not only in Chicago, but around the country. It’s really not a bad start for a rookie that has many pitchers afraid of him.

As Bryant continues to develop and grow his skills as a player, imagine the things he’ll be able to do in a few years. Hopefully we’ll see him having multi-homer games, as well as setting and breaking records.

Who knows? With some more time and growth in the majors, Bryant may have Ramirez, Harper, Stanton and the rest of baseball mesmerized with his ability to launch those “Bryant bombs” on a regular basis.

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  • I'm shamelessly man-crushing on Bryant at this point. And the Rizzo-Bryant spot in the order is just a flat out beautiful thing.

  • In reply to Jared Wyllys:

    Ah, yes. Follow those two with a crushing Soler...*wipes tears*

  • In reply to rickmonday:

    Almost too much to take at that point.

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