Crazy for Kris: Bryant Called Up to Cubs

Crazy for Kris: Bryant Called Up to Cubs

The hot corner is about to get a lot hotter this weekend: Kris Bryant has finally been called up by the Chicago Cubs.

You may have heard of this Bryant guy Cubs fans are going crazy over. How can you not when you take a look at his piercing blue eyes that make women swoon, that gorgeous smile, dark messy hair…oh yeah, he’s a pretty good baseball player. Like, really good.

We lost our minds during Spring Training when the 23-year-old third baseman cranked out nine (yes, NINE!) home runs. Remember when he was benched during a game in Las Vegas due to a sore shoulder but was later put in to pinch hit? HOME RUN. This guy must be exhausted from constantly running the bases.

We screamed. We cheered. We rejoiced. We were ready for him even though the Cubs weren’t, as they regretfully the No. 2 overall prospect back to triple-A Iowa for a few weeks.

But Bryant’s time is up in triple-A. Maybe he caused too much damage to the stadium from his powerful home runs, or maybe the time is finally right with his contract to be called to the big leagues with Mike Olt on the disabled list.

I would go with the latter, but that’s just me.

It’s time to put away the negativity of Bryant’s contract issues and embrace the fact that he will finally be playing at Wrigley Field this weekend, hopefully making the Padres pitching rotation cower in fear of Chicago’s prodigal son.

The wait is over, Cubs fans. Here comes Kris Bryant and the Chicago Cubs, ready and eager to prove to the rest of baseball that they’re serious contenders this year for the NL Central.

So stock up on those baseballs, MLB. Bryant is ready to send them sailing out of the park.



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