Why AHA?

By now you have read both of my reasons for running for the American Heart Association

I thought I'd share some information about the American Heart Association.

First, here is what the American Heart Association can do with...

$1,000: Reaches 500 women with our Go Red movement. Provides our red
dress pin, cholesterol/blood pressure/weight tracker and other tools to
help them take charge of their heart-health

$5,000: Provides our cultural health program, Search Your Heart,
to 10 African- American or Hispanic/Latino places of worship, reaching
3,000 people with heart disease and stroke prevention information

$7,500: Bring 5 heart disease or stroke survivors to our annual
Heart and Stroke Lobby days in Washington D.C., to educate
decision-makers about issues that affect our nation's cardiovascular

$10,000: Provides an educational workshop, ongoing training,
resources, consultation and support to help area hospitals implement
our Get With the Guidelines program, which helps improve care of heart
and stroke patients through adherence to proven treatment guidelines.

$25,000: Funds a 1 year Predoctoral Fellowship Grant to help a medical student begin a career in heart or stroke research

Some people have asked about how the American Heart Association uses funds for children's cardiology specifically, read this.

For information on home you can get active, check out the Start Walking website!  For more info on getting active with Start Walking, read this!  To get involved and raise funds, check out the Start Heart Walk website and join a Heart Walk!