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Training update: Friday, 11.11.11

Here I am, 100 days to go until the Austin Marathon! Eeeek! This week hasn’t been too bad training wise…yet. All my runs have been slow, zone 1 runs. The gym was a bit intense on Tuesday, but nothing horrible. ChicagoNow is holding a blogger discussion thing downtown tomorrow morning. Instead of attending that tomorrow... Read more »

No-Weigh Challenge update

A couple of weeks ago I started the No-weigh challenge with Steve and invited readers to join in on the fun. The rules are simple, we weighed in on the 12th and won’t or shouldn’t weigh in again until November 24th! We’re doing this on the honor system. So if  one of us caves and... Read more »

The No-weigh challenge

On a recent run with Steve we both talked about how we let our respective scales somewhat rule our lives. Either by letting the number dictate our mood, by obsessing over the number we get or constantly checking and weighing in. After some thought, we came up with a possible solution. Starting today, after our... Read more »

My wedding ring...

Those who know me know that I’m a sentimental guy. Those who are close also know my wedding ring doesn’t fit anymore. I’ve been wearing it on my middle finger since last August. Pam and I have joked that it’s like saying I’m married, eff yeah! But now it’s even getting loose on that finger.... Read more »

Long run recap and my "rest" day...

Friday night I felt ready for my run on Saturday. Coach Jen had me down for 2:45:00. I got up at 5am and my stomach had other ideas. I was queasy. I’m not sure what it was…didn’t really feel nervous, just not right. I had my typical pre long run breakfast. Oatmeal made with unsweetened... Read more »

Guest post: Meet Colleen, The Fit Bee!

One of the things I love most about the last year and a half has been meeting so many new people. From runners to triathletes to people who share a similar journey! I met Colleen, The Fit Bee, a few months ago and she too is a newer runner who has lost over 100lbs! Take... Read more »

Pink shirt!

Yes, it's pink, and it's a large!
I’m glad I switched my run to Sunday and had Saturday as a rest day. It was effing hot out! Sunday I headed out to Arlington Heights and ran with Steve. We even swung by Runners High n Tri to see Mark and Pom! It was a fun run despite the temps! After the run... Read more »

My comfort zone...

This weekend I came to a realization. I’ve been hanging on to and wearing some clothes for no real reason other than they’re comfortable. As in, they feel safe. The problem…they’re too big now. The shorts in the picture are my oldest pair of running shorts. And as you can see, they’re effing HUGE! I... Read more »

Awesome day!

Awesome day!
So yesterday was pretty awesome. Though I did learn that double workout days are really tough. I hit the gym with Ashley at noon for strength training and then headed to the Puma Store on State Street for the fun run with Bart Yasso! I got to the Puma store early with Tom, a fellow... Read more »

A little extra motivation...

I need to buy pants again. The size 38″ shorts I bought a couple weeks ago mark a 16″ loss around the waist since October 2009. I am in between that size and the next one down. When I go, I’m also going to buy them in the next size down. I’m also going to... Read more »