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Training update: 111 days until the Austin Marathon, weekly recap...

Last week went well I think. My legs feel fresh and I feel decent over all. I ended up logging 22.85 miles running, 7.5 spinning and got an hour or strength training in. I feel like I’m hitting the groove, with fitting everything in, which is nice. This week, my long run will actually be... Read more »

My 2011 Chicago Marathon race recap, part 2

While I shared race details yesterday, I couldn’t call my recap finished without thanking some people; not just for Sunday, but for the past year. I’ve had a lot of help, a lot of love and a lot of support from many people as I tackled my goals. I mentioned in Part 1 that for... Read more »

My 2011 Chicago Marathon race recap, part 1

Never give up. Three simple words that I chose months ago as my personal mantra. Little did I know how important they really would be yesterday. I set a lofty goal for this year’s Chicago Marathon. I wanted to run a sub 5 hour marathon. After last year’s lofty goals, I believed I could do... Read more »

Taper time...a quick update

I was scarce last week because I was laying low, fighting off being sick. I thought I had it beat on Friday night and was planning for my long run on Saturday morning. But after a long night, when I finally got up, I felt queasy. So I decided to move the run to yesterday.... Read more »

On my run this morning I thought about who I'm thankful for...

Before I get to far into this I want to say I know I’m not the first person to make lifestyle changes, to lose weight and get healthy and I certainly won’t be the last. When people tell me that what I’m doing inspires them a part of me has a hard time processing or... Read more »

Race recap: Lifetime Chicago Triathlon Relay Recap

At some point over the next day or two, you’ll see three Lifetime Chicago Triathlon recaps here on ChicagoNow. All three will share some vital information, what all three members of the Fast Action Response Team call “how not to participate in a triathlon”. My first tip…Tip #1: Make sure you follow directions, read everything... Read more »

Long run recap and my "rest" day...

Friday night I felt ready for my run on Saturday. Coach Jen had me down for 2:45:00. I got up at 5am and my stomach had other ideas. I was queasy. I’m not sure what it was…didn’t really feel nervous, just not right. I had my typical pre long run breakfast. Oatmeal made with unsweetened... Read more »

Healthy Hump Day- things I've learned along the way.

Healthy Hump Day- things I've learned along the way.
Coach Jen shared my post yesterday and someone posted a comment, asking if I’d do a post on nutrition, some things I’ve learned or things that work for me. I thought it was a good idea to share some things I’ve learned, so here we go! Over the last year and a half I’ve learned... Read more »

My weight loss through pictures...

My weight loss through pictures...
Looking back, I probably could have kept better track of my weight loss progress with pics along the way. The first “official” progress pics Pam and I took were in January 2010. I was down 60lbs at that point. I’ve been thinking about posting another progress pic, but have been busy with everything going on.... Read more »

Healthy Hump Day- Recovery Week...

With my first half marathon of the year in the books, this week the focus is on recovery! Monday I had a short bike ride, gym yesterday and a 45:00 slow run later today. I’m surprised at how not sore I am. Outside of my back, that is. I’ve been foam rolling like a mad... Read more »