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My experience with Spirit in Sport Myofascial and Trigger Point Therapy

After the marathon I emailed Coach Jen and asked for a recommendation for a post race massage. She immediately emailed back and said I should contact Spirit in Sport Myofascial and Trigger Point Therapy and talk to Nathalie Banfield. I emailed Nathalie and we set up an appointment for yesterday. Having had only 1 massage... Read more »

My 2011 Chicago Marathon race recap, part 1

Never give up. Three simple words that I chose months ago as my personal mantra. Little did I know how important they really would be yesterday. I set a lofty goal for this year’s Chicago Marathon. I wanted to run a sub 5 hour marathon. After last year’s lofty goals, I believed I could do... Read more »

Be careful: The story about that one time I fell down the stairs before my long run.

My fellow runners, fellow marathoners and soon to be new marathoners…learn from my lesson. I’m klutzy. I try to be careful, I swear. But it doesn’t always work out for the best. Sometimes I’m rushing, other times I just lose a slap fight with gravity.Like the time in high school where a group of us... Read more »

Race recap: Lifetime Chicago Triathlon Relay Recap

At some point over the next day or two, you’ll see three Lifetime Chicago Triathlon recaps here on ChicagoNow. All three will share some vital information, what all three members of the Fast Action Response Team call “how not to participate in a triathlon”. My first tip…Tip #1: Make sure you follow directions, read everything... Read more »

My thoughts on the Lifetime Chicago Triathlon: Sprint Triathlon relay

Sunday morning marks my entry, OK, toe dip into triathlon. I will be running the 5K as a part of a relay team comprised of myself, Phil Castello (Going the Distance) and Dave Wallach (Pace of Chicago). We’ve tossed around a couple of team names and I think we’re going with the ChicagoNow (I don’t... Read more »

Long run recap, Door County edition...

My last run in Door County happened to be my long run today. I decided to go all out and run through Peninsula State Park. I shared my planned route yesterday, and after driving it I emailed Coach Jen to see if she wanted me to tackle the hills. She did, so I prepared mentally.... Read more »

Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon race recap, a new PR!

Just after mile 6, running on Jackson I passed by my office. I waved and shouted, “see you in a week! I’m on vacation!” I smiled, pressed on and thought, now THIS is how you start a vacation! I wasn’t sure where to start this recap, so I jumped in the middle of the race... Read more »

Race week: 2011 Rock n Roll Chicago 1/2 edition

What has two thumbs and is excited? This guy! Why? Because it’s race week! It’s race week! Not only is this rest week, it’s “let’s cram as much as possible and see how well Dan manages to stay sane” week! Before looking ahead, let’s review the weekend. So I wasn’t able to make it the... Read more »

How do you prepare mentally for a big race?

It’s gorgeous out today. This morning’s run was cool and fun; definitely a nice change from the last couple of weeks. I can’t wait for cooler temps. I’ve talked about it with runner friends. Some have said that the hot temps now mean it will be cool in October. I don’t buy it and I’m... Read more »

It's hot out, oogah boogah!

Ever since the marathon last year, and the heat fest…OK, long before that; I’ve feared running in the heat. I struggled last summer; including a time or two where I pushed too hard, puked, and had a couple of bad experiences. Every hot run since then I get anxious, hell down right scared. I assume... Read more »