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Training update: Friday, 11.11.11

Here I am, 100 days to go until the Austin Marathon! Eeeek! This week hasn’t been too bad training wise…yet. All my runs have been slow, zone 1 runs. The gym was a bit intense on Tuesday, but nothing horrible. ChicagoNow is holding a blogger discussion thing downtown tomorrow morning. Instead of attending that tomorrow... Read more »

Live chat recap: Talking Nutrition, training and healthy living!

If you missed the chat, you can check out the “replay” below! Thanks for those who participated. And a special thanks to Beth Shutt for being my special guest! We’ll do this again, soon! Have an awesome weekend! More later!

Live chat: nutrition and healthy living with special guest, Beth Shutt, RD, LDN, CNSC, CSSD

Join me at 1pm on Friday for a live chat on nutrition and healthy living. See you then!

Tuesday Hot Links...

Time for some hot links from around the interwebs… Markemmanuel has been gathering some great marathon recaps! Go check them out! Runners High n Tri will be holding a couple more Biomechanics classes. This is for me, I need to call and get signed up for one of them! Coach Jen talks about her recent... Read more »

Austin Marathon training has officially begun.

I was finally able to get out for a run this morning which means training for Austin has officially begun! I’m all kinds of excited for this race in February! One, it will be my first out of state race; two, it’s down by my dad and step mom and three, Pam, the girls and... Read more »

Training update: 127 days until the Austin Marathon

While I’ve posted a lot of info the last few days, I haven’t talked much about what’s next. That was intentional, as I wanted to take more time to digest last Sunday and take a break. After more time to think, to step back, I am happy with Sunday. I was disappointed with the result... Read more »

The No-weigh challenge

On a recent run with Steve we both talked about how we let our respective scales somewhat rule our lives. Either by letting the number dictate our mood, by obsessing over the number we get or constantly checking and weighing in. After some thought, we came up with a possible solution. Starting today, after our... Read more »

On my run this morning I thought about who I'm thankful for...

Before I get to far into this I want to say I know I’m not the first person to make lifestyle changes, to lose weight and get healthy and I certainly won’t be the last. When people tell me that what I’m doing inspires them a part of me has a hard time processing or... Read more »

Race week: 2011 Rock n Roll Chicago 1/2 edition

What has two thumbs and is excited? This guy! Why? Because it’s race week! It’s race week! Not only is this rest week, it’s “let’s cram as much as possible and see how well Dan manages to stay sane” week! Before looking ahead, let’s review the weekend. So I wasn’t able to make it the... Read more »

Awesome day!

Awesome day!
So yesterday was pretty awesome. Though I did learn that double workout days are really tough. I hit the gym with Ashley at noon for strength training and then headed to the Puma Store on State Street for the fun run with Bart Yasso! I got to the Puma store early with Tom, a fellow... Read more »