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Training update: 111 days until the Austin Marathon, weekly recap...

Last week went well I think. My legs feel fresh and I feel decent over all. I ended up logging 22.85 miles running, 7.5 spinning and got an hour or strength training in. I feel like I’m hitting the groove, with fitting everything in, which is nice. This week, my long run will actually be... Read more »

Chicago marathon race day updates!

Check here for race day updates streaming in from twitter… Dan will tweet a time or two prerace before handing his phone off to his dad, so he can tweet updates from around the course! Pam may tweet some updates too! If you see Dan on the course, feel free to tweet an update using... Read more »

I run the marathon for...

It’s Chicago Marathon eve. In the morning I’ll join the 45,00o participants as we take to the streets of Chicago. This will be marathon number two for me. I will run for Pam, Kae and Penny. I will think of them when I struggle and smile. I will run for my dad; I’m glad he’s... Read more »

T-minus 3 days and counting until the Chicago Marathon

I’m not nervous, but I am anxious today. Actually, my mind is racing a bit. So bear with me as this post will jump around a bit. I woke up early and got my run in, 40:00 easy, zone 1. I got back around 5:15ish, crawled back into bed and fell asleep! Ha! Luckily I... Read more »

6 days out from the Chicago Marathon and I'm amped up...

This will be random and scattered today…it’s just where my mind is at right now. I’ll keep it brief. I was up early this morning, I couldn’t sleep. I got out for a run to stretch my legs and it helped a bit, but I’m still antsy. I’m ready to run NOW. I don’t want... Read more »

My thoughts on the Lifetime Chicago Triathlon: Sprint Triathlon relay

Sunday morning marks my entry, OK, toe dip into triathlon. I will be running the 5K as a part of a relay team comprised of myself, Phil Castello (Going the Distance) and Dave Wallach (Pace of Chicago). We’ve tossed around a couple of team names and I think we’re going with the ChicagoNow (I don’t... Read more »

What is my deal?

This week is off to a rocky start; I’m stressed out and up until didn’t know why. I assumed it was due to the marathon being a mere 46 days away- at least in part. Yes, I’m getting a little antsy. I had a mini freak out yesterday, after my first marathon related dream Sunday... Read more »

Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon race recap, a new PR!

Just after mile 6, running on Jackson I passed by my office. I waved and shouted, “see you in a week! I’m on vacation!” I smiled, pressed on and thought, now THIS is how you start a vacation! I wasn’t sure where to start this recap, so I jumped in the middle of the race... Read more »

Rock n Roll Chicago Race Expo, quick recap...

OK, OK…I promised this yesterday, I know. I ran out of time. The Rock n Roll Chicago race expo was pretty cool! I wanted to snap a lot of pictures, but after a while I grew tired of that and decided to chat with folks and see what each vendor had going on. I ran... Read more »

Race week update: Rock n Roll Chicago, it's race expo day!

Two days and counting! Woo and hoo! Two things stand out today- it’s a rest day and it’s race expo day. A tricky mix of checking out everything at the expo and laying low. I’m actually excited for Sunday. I’m sure the nerves will kick in tomorrow evening and Sunday morning…but for now, I feel... Read more »