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Hot Chocolate 15K Race Recap: Pam's take...

As Pam and I ran the Hot chocolate 15K together, I thought it would be fun to to have a he said/ she said type of recap. You can read my recap…here! Take it away, Pam! So, I had this harebrained idea back in the spring that this year I would run the Hot Chocolate... Read more »

Chicago marathon race day updates!

Check here for race day updates streaming in from twitter… Dan will tweet a time or two prerace before handing his phone off to his dad, so he can tweet updates from around the course! Pam may tweet some updates too! If you see Dan on the course, feel free to tweet an update using... Read more »

I run the marathon for...

It’s Chicago Marathon eve. In the morning I’ll join the 45,00o participants as we take to the streets of Chicago. This will be marathon number two for me. I will run for Pam, Kae and Penny. I will think of them when I struggle and smile. I will run for my dad; I’m glad he’s... Read more »

T-minus 3 days and counting until the Chicago Marathon

I’m not nervous, but I am anxious today. Actually, my mind is racing a bit. So bear with me as this post will jump around a bit. I woke up early and got my run in, 40:00 easy, zone 1. I got back around 5:15ish, crawled back into bed and fell asleep! Ha! Luckily I... Read more »

Things I know this year before the marathon that I didn't know last year

Last year, ignorance was bliss. I’ve talked about it. I knew last year it would be hard. But I didn’t really know. A time or two this year I’ve caught myself cringing a little, because I know how hard running a marathon can be. As I sit here 10 days before my second marathon, I... Read more »

Taper time...a quick update

I was scarce last week because I was laying low, fighting off being sick. I thought I had it beat on Friday night and was planning for my long run on Saturday morning. But after a long night, when I finally got up, I felt queasy. So I decided to move the run to yesterday.... Read more »

Long run recap, Door County edition...

My last run in Door County happened to be my long run today. I decided to go all out and run through Peninsula State Park. I shared my planned route yesterday, and after driving it I emailed Coach Jen to see if she wanted me to tackle the hills. She did, so I prepared mentally.... Read more »

Checking in from Door County, plan for my long run...

Day 4 of vacation, and we’re winding down the clock on our time away. It’s been an awesome time so far, and I’m definitely relaxed. Coach Jen has me down for my long run tomorrow, as we’ll be driving back home on Saturday. My plan is simple, run an out and back around Peninsula State... Read more »

Ah, vacation...I've missed you.

I haven’t had an actual vacation in some 5 years. Last time we were able to get away, it was just Pam, K and I; we traveled up to Door County for a week and had a lot of fun! We’re back in Door County this week and have PG and my father-in-law along for... Read more »

Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon race recap, a new PR!

Just after mile 6, running on Jackson I passed by my office. I waved and shouted, “see you in a week! I’m on vacation!” I smiled, pressed on and thought, now THIS is how you start a vacation! I wasn’t sure where to start this recap, so I jumped in the middle of the race... Read more »