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Dads Who Run: Meet Scott Tremaine

This is the next installment of Dads Who Run here on cubicle dad runs. Working parents have a lot on their plate. And as a working dad, I think we sometimes get taken for granted. It’s tough to balance work, family and life in general. Now add in endurance sports? You’re upping the ante a... Read more »

Hot Links: 11/8/11

Here are today’s Hot Links, things I’ve seen around the interwebs and thought I’d share! As it’s dark more here are some Tips for Running in the Dark F My Injury loves the F^3Lake Half Marathon, go read why The Austin Marathon is my next big goal. Loving the Run talks about how you can... Read more »

Hot Chocolate 15K Race Recap: Pam's take...

As Pam and I ran the Hot chocolate 15K together, I thought it would be fun to to have a he said/ she said type of recap. You can read my recap…here! Take it away, Pam! So, I had this harebrained idea back in the spring that this year I would run the Hot Chocolate... Read more »

Hot Chocolate 15K Race Recap, my take...

Saturday I had the chance to run the Hot Chocolate 15K with my wife, Pam! So I thought it would be fun to do this recap a little differently; sort of a he said/ she said kind of thing. We’ll see how it goes. As I’m waiting for Pam to send me her part of... Read more »

No-Weigh Challenge update

A couple of weeks ago I started the No-weigh challenge with Steve and invited readers to join in on the fun. The rules are simple, we weighed in on the 12th and won’t or shouldn’t weigh in again until November 24th! We’re doing this on the honor system. So if  one of us caves and... Read more »

Training update: 111 days until the Austin Marathon, weekly recap...

Last week went well I think. My legs feel fresh and I feel decent over all. I ended up logging 22.85 miles running, 7.5 spinning and got an hour or strength training in. I feel like I’m hitting the groove, with fitting everything in, which is nice. This week, my long run will actually be... Read more »

Training update: 117 days until the Austin Marathon

Last week was an easy toe dip in the water way to get back into things. Most of the week, Coach Jen made my runs short and slow. I ended up running just over 19 miles, and hit the gym on Tuesday with Ashley Bond. Saturday, before my session at Spirit in Sport Myofascial and... Read more »

Enter to win a FREE entry to the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K!

I’m excited about this race! I ran the 5K last year with my wife, it was her first! Actually, I ran with 5 first timers and had a blast. Sure I shared some of the criticisms of last year’s event. But earlier this year I heard RAM Racing was revamping the whole event, and my... Read more »

Training update: 127 days until the Austin Marathon

While I’ve posted a lot of info the last few days, I haven’t talked much about what’s next. That was intentional, as I wanted to take more time to digest last Sunday and take a break. After more time to think, to step back, I am happy with Sunday. I was disappointed with the result... Read more »

The No-weigh challenge

On a recent run with Steve we both talked about how we let our respective scales somewhat rule our lives. Either by letting the number dictate our mood, by obsessing over the number we get or constantly checking and weighing in. After some thought, we came up with a possible solution. Starting today, after our... Read more »