I'm Dan, a working father of 2 awesome daughters ages 6 and 2, with a fabulous Doctor of Pharmacy wife.  Over the past 2 years I've lost over 115lbs while training for and running the last two Chicago Marathons.  Yeah, I did that...it happened. You can read through older posts or look at the slideshow to the right.

It started with an email to Dave Wallach on October 14, 2009...by that night I had a mentor, Dave; a kick-ass coach, Jen Harrison; a charity to run for, the American Heart Association (you can make a donation here) and a running store sponsor, Runners High n Tri.  I set my goals and I started working with Coach Jen and I couldn't run five minutes when I started.  On October 24, 2009 I ran(ok I more walked) my first 5k, the Halloween Hustle.

I've learned one of if not the biggest lessons of endurance athletes, "how do I train and...". I realized juggling everything would be difficult.  I also realized I liked running fairly early on.

I'll continue to share my story so stick around and follow along!  With some new found confidence, a shrinking waistline and a whole lot of heart...I'll continue to share my story...the ups, the downs, the successes and stumbles.  Let's DO this!