Training update: Friday, 11.11.11

Here I am, 100 days to go until the Austin Marathon! Eeeek!

This week hasn’t been too bad training wise…yet. All my runs have been slow, zone 1 runs. The gym was a bit intense on Tuesday, but nothing horrible.

ChicagoNow is holding a blogger discussion thing downtown tomorrow morning. Instead of attending that tomorrow morning, I’m heading to “the hill” aka Willowhill Golf Course, to run hill repeats.

View “the hill” in a larger map

I haven’t run here in quite a while and I’m looking forward to it actually. Austin is hilly, and I need to log a lot of my training miles on hilly terrain. Kicking it off with some hill repeats will be fun! I’m meeting a few folks there t 8am, at the top of the hill. If anyone is interested, come on out and join the fun!

Next week the intensity picks up. Coach Jen is turning up the intensity and my mid week runs will be more intense and I have a 1:45:00 long run scheduled. I am thinking of heading to Waterfall Glen to run there. I’ve heard it’s hilly and I’m up for a new place to run!

For both runs I’ll be using my new Garmin Forerunner 610! I love this thing. I have my “initial thoughts” review started and hope to have that done and posted this weekend.

I’ve also started my food log again and am determined to keep doing it. I’ve talked with Beth about a follow up or two (or more) and I’ve admitted I’ve done really well when I log for a follow up but I tend to ease up and not log stuff and I can go off the reservation easily. So I’m logging everything and Beth is going to drop in and check how things are going from time to time…like a dietitian ninja! I think it’s going to help a lot!

More later…including an announcement! Have an awesome weekend!

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