Thank you ChicagoNow

Hello, announcement time. I’m moving my running blog, cubicle dad runs, off of ChicagoNow. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and decided that I still want to share my story, I just want to do it my way- my design, my terms, my rules.

I want to thank Jimmy and ChicagoNow for the chance to share my story here. I’m grateful for the opportunity. and have had fun. I’m not mad at anyone and I have nothing against ChicagoNow. I like it here, and in fact, I’m hoping I can stay on as a ChicagoNow blogger. I’m fleshing out an idea and hope to have something started soon. It’ll be more of a dad-centric blog…not just about me, but about dads in general.

Since becoming a dad I get frustrated with being called “Mr. Mom”, frustrated that “parenting” magazines aren’t geared towards moms AND dads and that dads are portrayed as inept. Do we do everything right? Nope. Do I? Hell no! But neither do moms. I don’t think I’m alone; dads need to stick together and take a stand. So…yeah. It’s a rough idea, or a rough outline of an idea.

Anyway, for those who would like to continue to read cubicle dad runs, you can find it at Thank you for reading!





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  • Wishing you the best on your new path!

  • Thanks! I'll still be around on CN, I hope! :D Thanks for reading!

  • Best of luck to you!

  • Coming from a Dad that raised two daughters, I hope you're on to something with your new idea and many wishes of good luck.

  • Wow, I just found your blog and you're leaving! Was it something I said? (JK)
    With your track record of running, losing weight and conquering the marathon I know your new site will rock just like you do!

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