Training update: 127 days until the Austin Marathon

While I’ve posted a lot of info the last few days, I haven’t talked much about what’s next. That was intentional, as I wanted to take more time to digest last Sunday and take a break.

After more time to think, to step back, I am happy with Sunday. I was disappointed with the result at first, but looking back at the day made me realize you can only plan for so much. You can plan for “what if” scenarios, but when multiple things go wrong, all early on in the race, there’s not much you can do. You can either call it a day or push on. I kept going, whether my goal at the time was to finish or not, I didn’t quit. That takes heart and I’m proud of the result on Sunday.

But it’s time to move on. I have another marathon to get ready for! I haven’t set a specific goal for it yet. Coach Jen and I will talk about it and figure it out.

I am relieved about my knee. I’ve been worried all week, honestly, longer than that. It’s felt “off” for a while now, like wobbly, every now and then but never really any pain. Falling and tweaking it at the marathon freaked me out. I promised Pam and my dad I’d get it checked. This is the knee that I had issues with in high school. I dislocated it twice and had surgery to realign the patella and clean up the joint after the second dislocation. I’ve favored it ever since. Working with Ashley this last year, I can definitely see how much weaker my right leg is than my left as a result. We’ve made a lot of progress with it, which is awesome.

I went and saw Dr. Cohen at the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute yesterday. First off, he’s a runner and really cool. We chatted a while and after 30-seconds of looking my knee over, he said he knew what was going on. I went for x-rays to confirm what Dr. Cohen expected…chondromalacia patellae or softening of the cartilage behind the patella.

He said that putting pressure on the patella causes pain, so things like kneeling on it or falling on it while running a marathon tend to cause pain.Dr. Cohen said there isn’t any damage, and the knee looks structurally sound. HUGE relief, seriously.

He prescribed an anti inflammatory to help bring any pain down over the next few weeks. He said I can get back to running easy. And Coach Jen has me down for an easy 3 miles on Monday! Woo hoo! Dr. Cohen also said to be careful with strength training. Things like squats, can put pressure on the patella. No full squats, he said to do shallow or short squats.

Finally, if the pain comes back, persists or gets worse I should call him and the next step would probably be a cortisone shot. So it looks like this might be a reoccurring thing for a while. Hopefully I won’t need to go that route and it will be fine. Dr. Cohen though didn’t really answer my question on how many marathons I could plan on running. He said we’d see how it went. That sounds like a plan, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’m excited to get back to running next week! Though I have enjoyed the down time this week- getting to sleep in some, hang out more with Pam and the girls and just not thinking about training has been nice. This morning I woke up wanting to run. I’ll take that as a good sign!

In case you missed either this week, go read about the No-weigh challenge and join in the fun! I admit, I have been fighting the urge to jump on the scale a few times. So far I’ve managed to not. Hopefully I can keep that up! And if you like races, go sign up for a FREE entry to the Halloween Hustle! I’ll draw a winner on Friday morning!

Finally, next Friday at 1pm I’ll be hosting a live chat on nutrition/ healthy eating with Beth Shutt, RD, LDN, CNSC, CSSD; she’ll be on hand to answer your questions.

More later!





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  • Just started reading your blog a week or two ago -- I'm running Austin, too! I'm a marathon vet (I've done 3), but this will be my first since having my daughter. Looking forward to comparing notes about hill-training in Chicago!

  • In reply to Dani Brzozowski:

    Hey Dani! Austin will be my third, and first out of state! I'm excited and maybe a little anxious of the hills. One hill I run is up by Willowhill Golf's a nice, .6 mile trip down and .6 back up! Or Coach Jen has a hill in Wheaton that's a beast!

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