Training update: 117 days until the Austin Marathon

Last week was an easy toe dip in the water way to get back into things. Most of the week, Coach Jen made my runs short and slow. I ended up running just over 19 miles, and hit the gym on Tuesday with Ashley Bond. Saturday, before my session at Spirit in Sport Myofascial and Trigger Point Therapy, I got out for a 5 mile run, zones 1 and 2 only and felt good. I hit the trail, where i haven’t been in a couple of weeks. It was a clear, cold and crisp morning- I loved it.

This morning I woke up at 4am, no alarm. I figured it was a sign I was ready to run. So I did. I ran 4 miles, with some zone 3 pick ups mixed in. I felt great! And this was my first run in my new running glasses. I went and ordered new glasses last week; while at the store I found out they were having a buy one get one free sale. So I got a pair of Nike frames to wear on my runs. This morning they felt good, no issues. We’ll see if that trend continues!

This week it looks like we’re picking the intensity up a bit for the weekday runs and keeping Saturday’s long run about the same! Jen has the schedule up through the Hot Chocolate 15K, which is cool. I’m tempted to email her and ask when I’m getting a hill run in. Maybe I should be patient…yeah, I’ll go with that.

More later!


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  • This is a total shot in the dark, but your mention of the glasses made me think of it. Have you ever considered that some of your dizziness, nausea, and vomiting might be due to your eyesight/presciption/etc.? If people moving in cars get motion sickness, could the same be true for a person running, especially as you put in extra effort for longer and/or faster runs? Just a thought.

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    That's actually a theory my doctor and I have. I have worn contacts for the last two years, but my prescription changed and I got new contacts. My doctor thinks it may be something. Hence why I got glasses to try out. I'm hoping that's it, or a part of it and this is a fix.

  • In reply to cubicledad:

    It makes sense to me. I hope this is it for you! Good luck with your training!

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